I'm writing this post in Reno, Nevada. I see a view of the mountains from the floor to ceiling window of the hotel room. Fred & I are literally in fluffy white robes, working on our laptops. I'm sitting on a king size bed with four pillows placed behind me. 

The Travel Channel plays quietly on the television in the background.  There's even a telephone & TV in the bathroom. I hear Fred typing & the subtle noise of muffled music coming from his earbuds.

My phone & camera rest beside me. My laptop sits, as per its namesake, in my lap. I'm working on a post right now. Three actually. I Air Drop a couple photos from my phone to my computer. I respond to some emails. I take a swig of coffee. 

This is what I had in mind when I thought of being a blogger, digital influencer, digital nomad, blogging + social media coach, whatever you want to call me. However, this is not my every day. After nearly 3 weeks of entrepreneurship, I'm usually at home in athleisure wear, messy hair, no make up on. 

View from the Campsite

I'm normally hunched over my laptop with a sexy view of my apartment parking lot. I adore being spoiled & traveling & enjoying afternoon hors d'oeuvres, but it's not my every day. I think it's important to say that. 

As a digital-focused society, we tend to see bits & bobs of someone's life, not knowing what happens the rest of the time. We don't often witness someone's four-day-old greasy hair or their brand new batch of pimples or their stress of negotiating with brands.

The cozy white slippers & the tasty pillow mints are super awesome & utterly appreciated. Just yesterday I was packing up my camping gear. We camped in the desert. We tossed & turned in the evening heat, then tossed & turned some more in the cool morning air.

Just yesterday there was no TV in the bathroom. There was no bathroom at all, except the portable unit about a 10-minute walk away. Just nature. Just birds chirping. Just you & the world. No pillow mints. No robes. No hors d'oeuvres. Just a browning banana, lukewarm water, & some melted chocolate granola.

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Yesterday? Yesterday I was melting in the desert with a few fresh pimples, wearing the same clothes two days in a row. Today? Today I'm in a fluffy white robe on a king bed in an air-conditioned hotel room. Tomorrow? Well, who knows what tomorrow will bring? 

Blogging can be glamorous. Blogging can be monotonous. Blogging can be relaxing. Blogging can be stressful. Blogging can be difficult. Blogging can give you purpose. Blogging ranges day to day. That's the reality of being a blogger. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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How does the reality of being a blogger sound to you? :]