The days blur together when you work for yourself. It doesn't matter if it's a Saturday or Tuesday. It reminds me of school days when we had summers off. You could do anything or you could do nothing. You had blissful freedom for the summer, but eventually you had to go back to school.

But not this time. I graduated from university years ago. It took years to find my path, but that's the truth about life after university. There's no corporate job to go back to; I quit in June! I'm working to build this for the long-term. Sorry, Mom!

At first glance I looked at my July Income Report & was disappointed. For the first time in six months, my income did not increase compared to the previous month. I beat myself up about it. I was bummed out & disappointed. 

But then I truly looked at the numbers. I took out my income spreadsheet & compared everything. Every detail. Income. Expenses. Taxes. Net income. Income stream trends by month. You know what I realized? Because I paid over $300 in product purchases for June, I actually ended up earning more net income in July.

Moral of the story: Look at your results over time, not day to day. Look for trends. Diversify your income. Find both passive & active means of income. Don't beat yourself up. Learn & reflect. Move forward. 

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.


Blogging + Social Media Coaching - $1,015
Linqia Sponsored Posts - $361.80
Social Fabric Sponsored Posts - $225
Linqia Referrals - $43
Amazon Associates - $19.60
Total - $1,664.40


Facebook Ads - $24.39
PayPal Fees - $8.46
Total - $32.85


Net Total - $1,631.55

Note: I base my coaching & blogging income report on earnings that were deposited into my bank account during that month. I did a couple projects in July that have yet to be paid out, therefore I will take that into account for my August Income Report.

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Blogging + Social Media Coaching

I had an epic month for coaching. My absolute best. As a coach, I teach, listen, & empower people one-on-one to enhance their blogs, their social media presence, & their brands. I'm strategizing how I can make coaching a bigger part of my income. Learn more about my coaching & how it could help you!

Linqia Sponsored Posts

Linqia was an enormous part of my blogging income in June, the biggest to date, but July didn't see the same numbers. I received payment for Beauty, Health, & Makeup: New Products I'm Excited About, my second campaign with Grocery Outlet. I worked with Grocery Outlet in March for this post.

Social Fabric Sponsored Posts

I got final payout from my Things To Do in Torrance, California: A 24 Hour Travel Guide post, which was shared by the mayor of Torrance on his Facebook Page!

Linqia Referrals

Linqia has been a consistent part of my blogging income over the course of multiple months. I've included it on my Blogging Income Reports, so some people sign up. I receive $5 for anyone who's accepted into the Linqia network.

Amazon Associates

July was the first month earning anything from Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates is an affiliate network with Amazon. I can include links on my blog/social media to think I'm talking about; if someone buys from I can make a small commission. I earned $19 dollars in 30 days, & it takes 60 days to pay out. Not super lucrative but income is income. Everything counts & this is definitely something I'd like to finesse over time. There is potential to earn more.

Facebook Ads

I haven't done any advertising in quite a while, so I decided to boost a couple posts on my Facebook Page for an additional reach & engagement.

Sooo, that was my July. How do you earn income online? Was this blogger income report useful? Please let me know the comments! :]

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are 100% mine aka Carmen's. Learn more about my disclosure. :]

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