Paris is the type of place where you can close your eyes, spin around, walk five steps, find a cute spot, order something, & wind up with delicious food. Well, that's the case for me anyway. Whether you buy your food from a local grocery store, a bustling restaurant, or a small farmer's market, you're bound to find some tasty morsels in Paris, France.

Window shopping for fresh pastries

Almond paste candies

Pastries, pastries, pastries

I'm no stranger to the City of Light but I'm consistently surprised by how good the food is. Fred & I made it a hobby to pick a boulangerie or patisserie just to try something, anything, anything at all. We made frequent stops for an espresso here, a pain au chocolat there.

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Farmer's market veggies

Vegetarian pizza & mushroom omelet

Herb covered cheese

I found myself having a decent variety of vegetarian-friendly foods to choose from on a daily basis, whether it was at a cafe or a grocery store. Fred, the meat eater, had no trouble at all. Fruits & veggies look more colorful. You can tell food is eaten with care, made with care, & sourced with care.

Artichoke, spinach, mozzarella pasta from the supermarket

Fresh fruit tart

His & hers meals

Every corner leads you somewhere new. Make a wrong turn. Get lost. It's Paris. You'll probably end up at a tiny bakery with freshly baked bread & pastries anyway. It's nice to get uncomfortable, get away from your own city & get lost elsewhere.


Vegan soup

Farmer's market fruits

What's your favorite thing to eat in Paris? I want to know your hidden gems! Give me all the details. :]

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