It was burned into my brain to go to university, get my degree, build my career, find a steady job that brings a good income & health insurance. Once I achieved all those things I looked back & thought: "For what?" 

"What is this all for? What is the point?" 

I did what I'm supposed to do. I did what society said. It felt like I was checking off someone else's to do list & I was merely surviving. I lived day by day. The alarm on my phone buzzed annoyingly every morning. I begrudgingly went to work all day. I came home in the afternoon dead tired. I blogged for as long as possible. Then I went to sleep to repeat that whole process.

I've been in the social media workforce for four years. I can't recall the exact moment of my revelation, but at some point it clicked: I realized that every day I went into work, I was building someone else's company, dream, goal, vision.

I worked every day to improve social media engagement. I sourced photos & created captions that audiences would relate to. I built authentic connections. I recognized engaged users. I spoke with them nearly every day. 

I sent in all my achievements & metrics. They usually compiled a year-end recap to send up the corporate chain. My numbers were so outstanding, increasing engagement & reach by 200% — the analytics don't lie — that I was told it made the company look bad because they weren't doing social media prior to my arrival. The numbers were never noted nor discussed again.

I finally had to ask myself: "What the hell am I doing with my life?"

I realized that I was merely aging at each of these jobs, not advancing or learning or growing. I've been working on my blog since 2011. I started my blogging + social media coaching in January 2017. I wanted to blog more, write more, create more, & make it my career. I was ready to pursue my own path.

At some point, I was invited to go to a television show premier in Los Angeles, but it was on a Tuesday afternoon. I'd have to take the day off from work or at least leave early. The problem was that I'd called out sick the week before, so it would look sketchy to do it two weeks in a row. I couldn't make it happen. I was bummed. Find out more about how to get invited to press events.

Then I was invited to do a media stay in Nevada. I had just gotten back from Paris, so I couldn't take a week off to go on this trip. I was fresh out of vacation days. But I couldn't let this opportunity go. Not this time. It could help me move forward in the pursuit of my own business & career. 

You want to know the real reason I quit my job? I was getting more opportunities, coaching queries, collaborations, sponsored posts, that it got to the point where I could no longer work full-time & blog. Something had to give. I made the decision to quit my job. That's the reason why.

I realize that my life path might be unconventional for some. There's not necessarily a sense of security. Income fluctuates from month-to-month. I'm fully in charge of growing a business with only myself to be held accountable. But it was absolutely vital to pursue my own path, despite what anyone else had to say.

The thing is, I'm the one who has to live my life & take ownership of it. Nobody else. After months of feeling unhappy at my job, I decided to take a leap, scary leap & do my own thing. I made a choice to pursue my own path, regardless of any feedback.

You have to live with your choices. What choice will you make today? Pursue your own path. Not the path your parents laid out. Not the path you thought about 10 years ago but has since changed. Not the path that you despise. Every path is different, focus on your own.

Pursue your own path. Look forward. Don't listen to the noise of others. It's a distraction. Take action.

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