From brainstorming content to shooting photos to publishing & promoting on social media, there are so many moving parts in order to run a successful blog. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is spinning around you & nothing makes sense. Sometimes it feels like the trends & algorithms keep changing & you can't keep up. Sometimes it feels like everyone is improving & you haven't made any progress at all. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

Sure, I quit my job in June to blog & coach full-time, but did you know I've been blogging for six years? It's true!

Have I had failures? Um, yeah. I've been rejected hundreds of times. I've sent hundredssss of pitches to brands. A brand asked me to create content for them, then didn't accept my submission. I've spent a countless amount of hours writing, creating, content, promoting without any foreseeable progress.

Have I had successes? Hell yeah! I recently hit 1 million total page views! I've gone on press trips. I've earned thousands of dollars from my blog. I began blogging + social media coaching as a direct result of reader interest. Now I'm figuring out other ways to expand my business & reach.

But the thing is, any success I had took time, effort, consistency, & a million other moving parts. Any success came with a failure or two. If you're feeling frustrated with your blog, read this. It comes from the heart. It comes from someone who feels the same way sometimes. 

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Do Not Compare Yourself

"Blah Blah Blogger only started two months ago & already makes $1,000 per month & has 50,000 followers on Instagram & gets thousands of daily blog views." Comparison is the thief of joy, my friend. You have no idea what's going on in their life or what they do to make it work. Maybe they're putting in 50 hours each week for their blog/social media channels. Maybe they hired a team of 8 staff members to help them take photos, edit graphics, & even write their posts. Each person is different, so different steps & actions are needed in order to receive results.

Put in the Time

It's up to you to put in the time, the effort, & the work needed to succeed, that applies to anything in life. It doesn't happen overnight. Chip away at blog tasks throughout the week, or bulk it all up in one day. Find a method that works for you. I worked full-time & I still blogged about 20 hours per week for about three, maybe four years. There was also a time where I was a full-time university student (30-40 hours) with a part-time job (15 hours) & part-time internship (15 hours), but I still blogged 15 hours per week (time-management is essential). Be patient & assess results regularly. Whether you're taking photos, editing captions, scheduling out content, responding to comments, you have to put in the hours over a period of time to build your blog & social media channels.

Experiment More

"Will this trend work?" In order to make progress, you need results that work. In order to get results that work, you need to see what doesn't work. In order to see what does & doesn't work, you need to experiment, fail, get rejected. Test different methods, vary your publishing times, publish your post on different days of the week, experiment with photo filters, then see what resonates with you or your readers. Take a look at current trends, experiment, then find a way that works best for your brand. You can understand more about what works for you, your blog, your social media channels if you try it out & then look at your results.

Evaluate Your Goals Regularly

Have you ever worked so damn hard to achieve your goal that you failed to realize it wasn't your goal anymore? It happens more often than you'd think. Take a step back. Assess, evaluate, & reevaluate your goals on a regular basis. Is this goal still relevant? Is it the same goal I had a year ago or six months ago? Has this goal changed? If so, how so? What have I learned since I first wanted to achieve this goal? How can I clarify & reach my goal in the next year? What do I need to do? Evaluate your goals regularly.

Ask For Help

Google might help, maybe a peer or coworker or friend, but maybe you need one-on-one assistance, kind of like a tutor. Some people are so used to struggling, they never even thought to ask for help. Whether you're wondering "what do I want to do with my life? or "how can I monetize my blog?" or "what content should I be producing?", it can be beneficial to chat with a coach who listens to you, believes in you, & helps you work toward your goals.

If you're feeling frustrated with your blog, please know that you're not alone. It's completely normal & it happens to me all the time, even though I do this professionally. So keep doing you & the rest will fall in place. Focus on your blog. Focus on building a community. Focus on authentic growth over a period of time. 

Did this post help you at all? Are you a new reader? Old reader? Where are you on your blogging journey? Please leave a comment. :]

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