My goal is to live life with intention. I want to live my life — both fully & with purpose — Each.&.Every.Day. Honestly, there's no time to delay when it comes to life. We aren't granted tomorrow.

So, rather than sit in our office nook at home as per usual, Fred & I headed to Carlsbad, California to get some work done. Carlsbad is a seaside city on the Pacific coastline of northern San Diego County, about 87 miles/140 km south of Los Angeles & 35 miles/56 km north of downtown San Diego.


We set up our office of the day at Sleeping Tiger Coffees. Lately, my drink of choice has been an Americano, but this time I opted for a drip coffee. Fred tried a hammerhead (an espresso mixed with drip coffee), as per the suggestion of the barista. It was gnarly, but tasty. Sleeping Tiger Coffees is a mini coffee house espresso bar within Witch Creek Winery. Essentially, you could sip coffee while you work, then swap to wine once they begin serving at noon.

Now don't know whether it was the caffeine kicking in or whether I felt motivated by the new year, but I was pretty productive in my coffee house workspace. I answered promotional emails, responded to press emails, reached out to all my coaching clients, vlogged, wrote, documented. 

After three or so hours there, we packed up & moved on to explore the city. Fred & I checked out the Carlsbad sign as well as the diagonal crosswalk. After that it's an easy walk to Carlsbad State Beach. Sink your toes in the sand with a stroll on the beach. Or take the sidewalk for a bird's eye view. 

Even though it's winter & even though it's January, the weather in Carlsbad is remarkable. I went for a light three-quarter long sleeve paired with my super cool in palm tree embroidered shirt with buttons. It's a thrifted find. The weird thing?! It was sitting in my closet for well over a year & I'd never worn it before. 

Oh, & guess what? I'm wearing pants, Like jeans. I haven't worn jeans in maybe two or three years. That's a remarkable accomplishment on my part, but I'll give credit to the pants as well. They're super comfy & stretchy & they fit like a dream. They're the Peyton Slim Boyfriend Jeans from Liverpool Jeans

New year, new me, you know? 


I want to do more, be more, achieve more, write more, read more, travel more. I want to live everyday & take time to appreciate each day for what it is. Cheers to the new year! I feel inspired & motivated!


That's my motto for 2018. That's my blogging & entrepreneurial strategy for 2018. That's my goal.

I'd been mulling it over. I had an idea in my head, a thought, a vision. But it wasn't vibrant. I knew I wanted to focus on writing again. Focus on blogging to blog, blogging for the sheer joy of it. I knew I wanted to focus on life & living. After a couple exercises at Christina's The Power Of Vulnerability: New Beginnings gathering last night, it came to me so succinctly.


So I want to know... What's your favorite coffee beverage right now? What are your thoughts on pants? Yay or nay? What is your goal for the year? Leave a comment. :]