Live every day. Take note of it. Because those little moments matter. I did this My Month from A - Z series from January to July of 2017 as a way to chronicle my life. I fizzled out, but I'm back at it again in 2018. I challenge you to write your own My Month from A-Z post too! Leave a comment if you write one! 

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Argan oil - I've been using argan oil to moisturize my face during the winter. It keeps my skin fresh & it smells heavenly too. I mention it a lot on my Instagram Stories! :]

Boxing -  Find a physical activity you genuinely enjoy. It'll make working out so much easier. I started boxing at Title Boxing Club once a week with my friend, Christina. It's empowering! Have you boxed before?

Chlorophyll -  Chlorophyll is what makes plants green. I pour a few drops of liquid chlorophyll into my water, turning it a deep, dark green, almost black. It love it! Chlorophyll may increase red blood cells, reduce inflammation & altitude sickness, & it might even help manage body odor.

Earl Grey - My love of Earl Grey is nothing new, but I love the coconut-y spin in this Earl Grey Crème from Good Earth Tea.

Facial - I got a facial at Browology & it was such a cool experience. I even took a photo in front of their live plant wall.

Girls Night - Need I say more? Sometimes a girls night is necessary.

Hikes - Fred & I had our fair share of January hiking adventures. We always keep a lookout for a peaceful place to walk, enjoy nature, & simply breathe.

Invites - I customized some invitations for my sponsored post with Basic Invite (read my blog post here). My favorite? This Gracias from Carmen & Fred one. It's too stinking cute.

January - 2018 is all about finding happiness in the everyday. January was like my childhood summer's off from school. Long, fun, eventful, freeing.

Knowledge - Taking time each week to reflect & go over the top things I learned that week & how I can apply it to the next week.

Library work days - The library has Wi-Fi. There are outlets to plug in our electronics. It's quiet, making it the perfect spot to get some work done for a few hours. Bonus: we started checking out books & reading more often.

Make It Happen planner - Mini. Undated. Fill it in as you go. I'm digging the metallic copper planner from GalisonClick here to get a planner for yourself; they have other colors too.

National City - San Diego is a huge county with multiple cities within it. We spent the day in National City. I loved the matcha milk tea from Sweet Bar Cafe. Just take a look at how beautiful it is! Fred got the Vietnamese Coffee & it's jam-packed with caffeine!

Openness - Working on being more open, aware, vulnerable. It's making me a better human.

Paulina y Malinali Fashion Show - The Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego & Tijuana Innnovadora presented the Paulina y Malinali Fashion Show & photographic expo at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park. The fashion show aimed to recognize the rich traditions of Mexican indigenous artisans. Such an exciting experience!

Quinoaplex - If you follow me on Instagram & Insta Stories, you might've seen my press package unboxings. The Quinoplex R3 by ONC is supposed to help build damaged & thinning hair. I haven't noticed any difference but the quinoa aspect is certainly intriguing.

Red Lentil Pasta - This red lentil pasta from Trader Joe's is made solely from red lentil flour. High in protein, low on ingredients, this pasta comes with a learning curve/acquired taste. The first time I made it, I ruined it. On my third try with this pasta, I made macaroni & cheese with broccoli. Bliss! Have you tried this pasta?

Spirulina - This freshwater plant is used worldwide as both superfood & dietary supplement. Initial studies show that spirulina could help in the production of antibodies, infection-fighting proteins, & cells that improve immunity. Read my post about spirulina. Click here to shop for spirulina.

The Dip by Seth Godin - An easy, short, thoughtful read for when you're feeling a bit stuck.

Utama Spice - The temple sticks from Utama Spice are dreamy. They're dipped in a unique blend of fragrant essential oils with NO chemical or man-made components.

Versace - I got a Versace Classic skirt for $6 whilst thrift shopping. Thrifting is the bestttttt. There was even a Salvatore Ferragamo blouse, but they marked it up to $80. Not a thrift store price (more like a consignment store).

Whatever Forever Beanie - Spent the day in North Park (a really cool part of San Diego) & found this rad hat.


Youtube Video - Published my first Youtube vlog!


I challenge you to write your own My Month from A-Z post too! Leave a comment if you write one! :]