This post is sponsored by Nokia but the content & opinions expressed here are mine.

Health is so much more than a number on a scale. Health is taking care of your mind, body, & soul. Health is learning about yourself & what it takes to be well & feel well. Health is about you & isn't about comparing yourself to anyone else. Health is having a healthy attitude & mindset.

Over the past two years, my weight slowly crept up, up, up. I lost all sight of nutrition, fitness, wellness. As someone who minored in health promotion & disease prevention in university, it almost felt like I regressed in life — unlearning or at the very least avoiding everything I knew. 

But as of this blog post, I've officially lost over 10 pounds. YESSSSSSSS!!! 

Here's the thing: health & wellness looks different for each person. Want to know how I know this? Fred & I ate the same exact things & did the same exact workouts. He immediately lost a noticeable amount of weight whereas & mine did not budge. Do you boo. Do you. Each person's journey is different. Here are my tips!

Upgrade your scale

My swanky Nokia Body+ body composition Wi-Fi scale sets the bar for any other at-home scale because it's actually a body analyzer. Not only is it stylish, but it gives you information on your weight, bone mass, water, muscle mass, fat mass, & even the weather. Once you download the Health Mate app on iOS or Android, you can track all your information over time. Fred likes that he can gauge his muscle mass progress. It gives numbers & data, so you can get a look at what's really going on inside! Plus, the battery life lasts up to 18 months. 

Find a physical activity you genuinely enjoy

If you absolutely loathe jogging on the treadmill, chances are you will find reasons not to do it. Because not doing something you hate is much better than doing something you hate. You feel me? Find a physical activity that you truly like. I started taking a boxing class & not only does it make me sweat like a beast, but I end up feeling like an empowered badass. Exercise can be fun. I honestly never thought I would say such a thing, but it's true. You have to experiment & find something that works for you. 

Get some rad workout gear

Purchase workout clothes that you want to wear. I ditched my eight-year-old boring sports bra for a chic black & white one. It makes me feel good. You don't have to revamp your entire workout gear. Start small. I wore my baggy pajama t-shirt to boxing today, but at least my sports bra was on point, even though nobody saw it.

Nokia might've brought you your first phone but now their mission is to inspire people & their loved ones to take control of their health. Oh yeah! Using chic, connected devices makes it easier for people to understand more about what's happening inside their bodies. Other bonuses: track up to eight people, & it even has special modes for babies & pregnancy. Get your fitness on.

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on health! What's your biggest health tip?

* Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Nokia. As always, all opinions are 100% mine aka Carmen's. Learn more about my disclosure. :]