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A Word of Encouragement from Someone 8 Months into Their Blogging & Entrepreneurial Journey

Hi friends!

Thank you so much for reading my blog & following my story.

It's been 8 months since I quit my corporate job. I decided to quit while I was traveling in Paris. I remember exploring the beauty of Paris, answering emails, working on a paid campaign, eating Parisian meals, & thinking: "I'm ready to quit my corporate job for something better." It was in Paris, France that I decided to put all my effort into my blog, my coaching, my writing, my creative journey, my travels. Read the blog post.

Once I got back from my Paris trip & remained at my job for a few weeks as I sorted through my life. Do I have the finances for this? Can I do this? Do I have a set plan? Can I do this? Can I do this? Can I do this? 

But hey, you never know if you're going to be successful, but that's part of taking the leap. None of my best moments in life were easy moments. None of them. That's when I wrote I'm quitting my corporate job to pursue my dream.

It's been a whirlwind ever since.

I quit my job in June 2017.

I created content for a paid campaign with Sapporo.

I worked with Magnum Ice Cream.

I talked about what it's like to be a professional blogger. I wrote it from my luxury hotel room as part of a press trip n Reno, Nevada. As a digital-focused society, we tend to see bits & bobs of someone's life, not knowing what happens the rest of the time. We don't often witness someone's four day old greasy hair or their brand new batch of pimples or their stress of negotiating with brands.

I did a press trip to Reno, Nevada.

I opened up & talked more about why I quit my corporate job.

I did paid campaigns with prAna & Absolut.

I created a sponsored blog post for Aroma Outfitters. 

I took some time off to travel to London during Christmastime & it was absolutely magnificent! 

I traveled to Palo Alto, California for a press trip with The Clement Hotel.

I worked with Grocery Outlet, a brand I am soooo obsessed with.

I had highs & lows. I had days where money came to me in abundance & days where I wasn't sure if any money would come in at all. I write this post for myself & for everyone working to make their dreams, goals, & visions happen. Some days it feels like nothing is happening, like you made no progress. But here's what I always try to remember: success is a series of small wins.  Do something each day, even if it feels so ridiculously small. Because after a year of daily effort, 365 small things is actually quite enormous. 

I'd love to hear your story. Who are you? What are you working on? What are your goals? Leave a comment! :]


  1. It' sounds like you have had a busy year! I happen to love Magnum Ice cream! YUM! :)

  2. Wow, what a busy year filled with ups and downs, not to mention so many accomplishments! Good for you for pursuing your dreams and for quitting your job to do what you love. It's so inspiring to see you push through and continue to pour yourself into this blog xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

  3. So fun reading your journey! Congrats on your success!
    Your last line is everything. When you look at a bunch of small efforts over the course of a year, they all add up. It's important to keep that in mind when we feel like we aren't making progress. (Also, not sure your contact form is working? I emailed you via the form a couple of months ago...)

  4. I am currently in the exact same position you started out in, I have been living in Paris since September! Isn't it the best place in the world? I have no idea how I am going to cope with leaving… x

  5. Love this post! Holy moly is your story/journey so inspiring! Can't wait to read more posts!


  6. Paris is spectacular. When do you leave? Leaving/Coming home can be really jarring & hard to get back in the swing of things. Use it as inspiration! Also helps to start planning a next trip! That's what helps me anyway!! :]

  7. I'm glad you followed up - I found your message! I'll email you. :]

    And absolutely! Sometimes I feel like I'm making no progress, but it's all about perspective - stepping back & taking a look at everything it takes to make progress. It's not immediate & it's not always noticeable! :]

  8. Hi Diana! Yes!! My year was one for the books, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you so much. I feel like we often tend to look for an end goal, but it's all about the journey! :]

  9. Definitely a busy year - but only when I reflect on it. Sometimes I feel frustrated at myself but then I have to take a step back & be like "girl look at all you did!!!" Magnum Ice Cream is soooOoo rich & delicious.

  10. I finish at the end of June, I'm doing an internship! I've got a trip booked as soon as I get home to help with those inevitable post Paris blues haha

  11. i just graduate from polytechnic........don't know whether i should continue study in university or work..... kind of lost because i don't know what i want..... 😅

  12. I 100% needed to read this. I just took the leap last month and finished up the last few weeks at my job and now I'm on my own & I gotta say, it's such a weird feeling! In my first day, there has already been some highs & lows. This was a great reminder that with every day, 365x a year, small steps can really manifest into something rad. Congrats to all you've already accomplished in the past 8 months! That is HUGE! xx Shannon || www.champagneatshannons.com


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