August Blogger & Influencer Challenge - 23 Days of Coaching

I created the August Blogger & Influencer Challenge as a way to cover some of the information in my private coaching but make it affordable & accessible to more people. 

Every weekday in August you’ll receive content straight to your inbox geared for badass bloggers & influencers looking to increase their social media reach, following, opportunities, & income. If you’re ready to learn some pro tips & want to make an impact in 2018, register now! 

Grab the $29.99 Challenge Price includes:

  1. 23 Days of Information, Knowledge, Tips, Strategies, Personal Stories
  2. Access to a secret Facebook group for Bloggers, Influencers, & Entrepreneurs
  3. I will never package all this information like this again. :]

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Some information you'll receive:
  1. What Is a Social Media Brand Mention?
  2. My 4 Step Formula: How to Create a Powerful Social Brand Mention 
  3. What Do Brands Look for Before Working with a Blogger? (7 key factors that brands look at prior working with a blogger 
  4. A Fill-in-the-Blank Pitch Template to Send to PR Contacts to Get Added to Media + Press Lists
  5. What's It Like to Be a Professional Blogger? SOME REAL TALK HERE! 
  6. Is the Blog Market Too Saturated? CONCERN vs. REALITY 
  7. Goal Setting Tips: How to Create Clear, Effective, & Manageable Goals
  8. Finding Your Audience: Who the HELL Am I Talking to?
  9. How I Increased My Page Views By Posting LESS
  10. Time-Management Tips for Bloggers
  11. My Blogging Mistakes & How YOU Can Avoid Them
  12. & MORE!!!

My August challenge includes insider tips, personal experiences, motivational quotes, behind-the-scenes information, & exclusive details on how to be a blogger & influencer in this digital age.

Who is this blogger & influencer challenge for?
This is geared for badass bloggers & influencers looking to launch, increase their social media reach, following, opportunities, & income. Struggling to launch your blog or profile? Want to establish a readership? Not sure who you're even talking to? Having problems working with brands? Want to earn your first dollars? This email challenge might help you!

Every weekday all through August.

Each day is different, meant to stimulate & challenge you to become your best blogger & influencer.

You can access the information via your own email inbox! Please feel free to email me with any questions about this challenge. The amount of time, effort information, & value is estimated at over $500.

Grab the $29.99 price. I will never package all this information like this again. :]

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