You're sick & tired of having a blog or social media account but not making any progress. You ask yourself: "How do I even start a blog? What does it take to increase my page views? How can I grow my Instagram following? Which social media platform is best for my business?"

You consult Google to no avail. There are too many options out there, too many answers. Nothing applies to you. Everything applies to you. Nothing works. Nothing fits. What now? 

That's where I come in! I'm a blogging + social media coach, which means I assist people one-on-one to unlock & achieve their blogging + social media goals. Who am I & what do I know? Glad you asked.

I'm a blogger with 6 years of experience, almost 1 million page views, & a global readership across 107 countries & 1,800+ cities. I've created content in partnership with popular brands like Target & Clos du Bois; I've built a community of over 30,000 readers + followers who want to build their best, most authentic life.

I'm social media professional with 4 years of experience working directly with bloggers, real estate agents, business coaches, stylists, nutritionists, & more to help them better their social media presence, increase their followers/engagement, enhance their profiles, & more.

One-At-A-Time Sessions

Sessions begin at $75 for a 30-minute session; $111 for a 45-minute session; & $145 for a 60-minute session. From planning your session to customizing each follow up, each session takes around 3 hours to craft.

Here's how it works:
1. Discovery Questionnaire - If you're a first-time client, we start off with a Discovery Questionnaire. This helps me assess your goals, questions, & fears. Then you send the Questionnaire back to me.
2. Session Synopsis - I use your Questionnaire answers to create a unique session synopsis, basically a brief summary of the content we'd talk about during our session. You may to approve or request changes if you think my synopsis doesn't include what you really need help with.
3. Schedule the Session - Now that you've approved the synopsis. Time to schedule your session. I am relatively flexible in order to fit into your schedule & timezone.
4. Session Planning - Before our actual session, I spend 45 - 60 minutes looking at your blog/social media accounts, establishing discussion topics, goals, & lesson planning.
5. Our 30 - 60 Minute Video Session - Now time for our video session/call!
6. The Follow Up - The day after our session, I take about 30 - 45 minutes to create & craft a customized Action Item list (aka homework) for you to do after our session.
7. The One-Week Follow Up - I'll follow up week after our session to see how you're doing, if you completed the tasks, & if you'd like to schedule an upcoming session.


What's in it for you:

1. One-on-one help.
2. Sessions created solely for you.
3. Actionable tasks to complete after our session.
4. Someone to help you identify your personal &/or professional goals.
5. Someone who will listen to you.
6. Someone who will believe in you.
7. Someone who is committed to your success.
8. Someone who offers fresh perspectives.
9. Someone who acknowledges your wins.
10. Someone who has the experience & ability to help with your blog + social media channels.

This is about progress. This is about potential. Contact me if you're tired of waiting, tired of doing things alone, tired of doing things the hard way. Contact me if you're ready to launch your blog, increase your reach, your blog views, your social media following. I'm here & I'm ready to help you.

Contact me if you're ready to move forward.

What My Coaching Clients Say...

"Carmen helped me prioritize my goals for my blog and my brand as a whole. She has provided me with skills to improve my decision making in everything from blog topics, gauging my audience, and making my personality really shine through in my work. I feel so much more prepared to really bring my brand to life thanks to Carmen! I’m so excited to see what else we can accomplish together!" - K.C., United States

"I reached out to Carmen a few months ago. She helped guide me by helping me find my voice and direction. She is an amazing mentor and friend. If you want to start a social media presence she is a good person to have in your corner." - D.W., South Korea

"You gave great tips to stay consistent and to help find my voice. I actually enjoy writing when I write about something I am passionate about." - C.F., United States

"Just finished my first session with Carmen. I normally don't want to pay for things, as I have trust issues. I am like, how hard is it to figure these things out myself ? But Carmen works in social media and has experience. I found out things I didn't know. Seriously, thank you!" - E.J., Australia

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