You're sick & tired of having a blog, brand, business, or social media channels but not making any progress. You ask yourself: "How can I work with brands? Is it possible for me to do a media stay? When can I start making money on Instagram? How can I increase my reach on Facebook so more people see my posts? What does it take to grow my blog views?"

You consult Google to no avail. There are too many options out there, too many answers. Nothing applies to you. Everything applies to you. Nothing works. Where do you begin?

That's where I come in. I'm a blogger & social media professional with 4 years of experience. I offer coaching for people wanting to get their blogs & social media accounts in order. You can call me a coach. You can call me a teacher, guru, tutor, whatever makes you feel better. I'm hear to help YOU.

Starter Session

Not sure about this whole process? Start off with one session. This session is $50 & lasts 30 minutes via Skype. I will create a tailored session to suit your needs & will send a follow up email the day after our session with additional resources & tasks to keep you going. I'll check in with you 1 week after our session to see how you're doing & if you're interested in getting a Package or continuing with one-off sessions! Book a starter session.


If you want to start off small... Click here to find out more about the Let's Do This! package.

If you are Ready For Change! & want to really get into it...

If you're busy but you're committed to making progress...


Ask a question about sessions or packages.

What's in it for you:

1. One on one help 
2. Sessions created & tailored solely for you
3. Actionable tasks to complete after our session
4. Knowledge
5. Achieving your goals

Who I can help:

1. Bloggers looking to earn their first dollars
2. Bloggers who want to expand their reach & online presence
3. Brands who want to enhance & grow their social media channels
4. People looking for quick, one-off help with blogging/social media
5. People looking for long-term assistance with their blogs/social media

This is about progress. This is about potential. Contact me if you're tired of waiting, tired of doing things alone, tired of doing things the hard way. Contact me if you're ready to increase your reach, your blog views, your social media following. I'm here & I'm ready to help you.

Contact me if you're ready to move forward.


"Carmen has helped me prioritize my goals for my blog and my brand as a whole. In addition she has provided me with skills to improve my decision making in everything from blog topics, gauging my audience, and making my personality really shine through in my work. I feel so much more prepared to really bring my brand to life thanks to Carmen! I’m so excited to see what else we can accomplish together!" - Kait C.

"I reached out to Carmen a few months ago. She helped guide me by helping me find my voice and direction. She is an amazing mentor and friend. If you want to start a social media presence she is a good person to have in your corner." - Drea W.

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