I'm a travel blogger, digital influencer, & blogging + social media coach based in sunny San Diego, California

Why hello! I'm Carmen. :]

I'm a travel blogger, digital influencer, & blogging + social media consultant based in sunny San Diego, California. What does a blog coach do? Click here to find out more. I share thoughtful posts about travel, food, blogging, entrepreneurship, & everything that makes life the grand adventure it is.

My Blogging Background

I'm not a travel blogger. I'm not a lifestyle blogger rookie. I've been a San Diego lifestyle blogger for 8 years! It all started in 2011 with the occasional poem or short story. Now my blog is read globally with readers in 108 countries - that's just within the last 30 days! I focus on well-researched, SEO-optimized posts. 

My Career Background

I quit my full-time corporate job in 2017 to pursue my dream of blogging, coaching, & working remotely. Prior to that, I worked as a social media professional in corporate & agency offices for years before making the leap to solo entrepreneurship. I can't believe I've been self-employed for 3 years!!!

Fred, my boyfriend of 6 years, is a freelance cannabis copywriter who creates content for some pretty cool websites. He blogs occasionally too.

My Travel Background

My heart is filled with wanderlust. I've visited 22 countries & 11 U.S. states. I've worked with tourism boards throughout the US on various press trips/FAM tours. Part of being a travel influencer means traveling frequently! 

In 2019 I visited 6 countries - France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, & Mexico. I  also went on a press trip to Lompoc, California & visited Anacapa Island. At the beginning of 2020, prior to quarantine in California, I visited Mexico a couple of times. For the most part, 2020 travel is canceled.

As a blog + social media consultant, I also work with travel brands & travel influencers to manage their online presence. I always keep an eye out for good flight deals. Google Flights is my favorite way to save hundreds of dollars on a flight.

I'm currently watching Lizzie McGuire on Disney+. Let me know if you have Disney+/Hulu/Netflix recommendations! I am obsessed with drinking fresh mint tea. I'm left-handed. I dye my hair with henna. I like rainy days which is weird for a San Diego lifestyle blogger. As a San Diego blogger, you might find me exploring the different areas in North County as well as San Diego!

Now I'm working as a full-time entrepreneur, travel influencer, & blogging + social media consultant.  I work from home half the time & travel the other half. Follow me through my journey! I'm glad you're here. :]