I'm a travel blogger, digital influencer, & blogging + social media coach based in sunny San Diego, California

Why hello! I'm Carmen. :]

I'm a travel blogger, food writer, & social media consultant based in sunny San Diego, California. 
On this website, I share thoughtful articles about travel, food, and little bits in between. You can find me published in LOCALE Magazine, Chickpea Quarterly Magazine, Parade Magazine, and more. You can find my Foodie Instagram here.

If you're a tourism board or marketing firm, please contact me for upcoming events, etc.

My Writing Background

I've been a San Diego travel writer and lifestyle blogger for many years. It all started in 2011 with the occasional poem or short story. Now my website is read globally with readers in 108 countries - that's just within the last 30 days! I focus on well-researched, SEO-optimized posts, usually around food and travel.

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My Career Background

I do social media marketing for spiritualists, therapists, financial advisors, realtors, and small businesses. I've been freelancing and working remotely since 2017. Prior to that, I worked as a social media professional in corporate and agency offices for years before making the leap to freelance writing. 

My Travel Background

As a travel and food writer, I love experiencing the nooks and crannies, tasting the nibbles and crumbs, and sharing it however I can. I've visited 22 countries & 12 U.S. statesI've worked with tourism boards throughout the U.S. on various press trips/FAM tours. Part of being a travel writer/blogger means traveling frequently! 

In 2022, I've been grateful to travel and attend events. I saw Mission Bay San Diego with Discover Mission Bay and Mesa, Arizona with Visit Mesa. I went to Rombauer Vineyards Blue Party in San Diego which you can check out on my Instagram Reel.

As a blog + social media consultant, I also work with travel brands & travel influencers to manage their online presence. I always keep an eye out for good flight deals. Google Flights is my favorite way to save hundreds of dollars on a flight.

I'm currently rewatching Schitt's Creek. Let me know if you have Disney+/Hulu/Netflix recommendations! I am obsessed with drinking fresh mint tea. I'm left-handed. I dye my hair with henna. I like rainy days which is weird for a San Diego lifestyle blogger. As a San Diego blogger, you might find me exploring the different areas in North County as well as San Diego! I've written blog posts about Encinitas, Oceanside, & North County things to do.

Now I'm working full-time as a social media manager, travel influencer, & blogging coach. Follow me through my journey! I'm glad you're here. :]