If you're a Charmed fan you've seen a lot of Halliwell Manor over the seasons. In the TV show, the Victorian-style manor is based in San Francisco, but that's not where the series was filmed. 

Where did the Halliwell sisters live on the tv series “Charmed”?

The witches lived in San Francisco. The Halliwell family went through a lot of tribulations & jubilations in that house in San Francisco. And plenty of magic! It was passed down over the generations. The Book of Shadows played an important part up in their attic of those witch sisters, Piper, Prue Phoebe and Paige. 

The Warren line of witches is powerful. For the most part, we saw the women inside their home with shots of the outside of the Halliwell house more seen during transitions for scenes. The manor stayed in the Warren family line for four generations. Where was this filmed? If you were ever wondering about the Halliwell manor Charmed houses, this post has the information you're looking for. 

Halliwell Manor: Where is the Charmed House? Where was Charmed Filmed?  1329 Carroll Avenue in Los Angeles, California Charmed house San Francisco
Doing some external maintenance on the Charmed House/Halliwell house in LA.

Where Is Halliwell Manor in real life? The house used for Charmed is a real house that real people live at. There are no tours. It is a neighborhood with people please be respectful. The address is 1329 Carroll Ave Los Angeles, CA 90026. The whole street is historic!

If you're in the LA area you need to check out the Halliwell manor near the Echo Park neighborhood. Where is Charmed filmed? You can actually find the Charmed house location in Los Angeles. Can you believe it? I suppose it's not the biggest surprise considering Hollywood & Los Angeles is well-known for being a big part of the movie industry. That said, the tv show takes place in San Francisco so it is a bit of a shock to find out that's not where it was shot. 500 Hidden Secrets in LA.


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Plan a trip! The address is 1329 Carroll Ave Los Angeles, CA 90026. The entire street is lined with remarkable, unique homes that you won't want to miss. The home's estimated value as of August 2020 is just over $1,100,000, & it has only gotten more popular with time. These days people have easy access to watching the Charmed TV show snuggled in their pajamas tucked in bed as they watch Netflix. It's certainly having its revival in popularity.

If you like to travel, add this location to your bucket list if you are a big fan. Not only is it a beautiful house but the street is lined with remarkable Victorian-style manors. Read 111 Places in Los Angeles that you can't miss!

“Our powers are not toys.” - Prue Halliwell: Season 1, Episode 2 

You can find the original structure of the house on 1329 Carroll Ave Los Angeles, CA 90026, along with a bunch of other beautiful houses on the same street, such as the Heim House which is at 1320 Carroll Avenue. The Victorian mansions are worth a visit since you're already in the area. They filmed loads of outside shots of Halliwell house for the show, so it's easily recognizable. Walk around the neighborhood to get the full scope of the Victorian-style manor, architecture, windows, even the door!

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Whether you're a new Charmed fan or you've seen every episode 100 times & can quote every line, no matter what - you are welcome here on my blog!

Los Angeles has literally thousands of things you can potentially do, so this is just something to do if you have extra time or are a Charmed fan. Surprisingly, it's not very well known that the Charmed manor is actually in LA. I found it on accident as I was looking at the map, it just showed up. Carroll Avenue is located in Los Angeles near Echo Park. The neighborhood is beautiful.

Is the Halliwell Manor a Real House?

Oh yes! It's definitely a real house & a stunning one at that, well from what I've seen at least since you can't tour it. However, the exterior of the house is different than the set they used for the inside of the house. The furniture on TV is not the same as the actual interior of the house. When I visited they were doing construction on the exterior of the house. It looked like they were just doing standard maintenance to make it look refreshed. It's an old Victorian house after all. Explore the area, there are other gorgeous houses to see.

People live in the home so it's not available for tours or anything tour options I know of. Where did the Halliwell sisters live on the tv series “Charmed”? In the tv show, the home is supposed to be on 1329 Prescott Street, San Francisco. But there's no location to tour in San Francisco!

“We kick evil’s ass every day.” “Sometimes twice a day.” - Paige Matthews and Piper Halliwell: Season, 4, Episode 15

Is the Charmed House Los Angeles Historic?

In 1976, the entire 1300 block of Carroll Avenue was listed as a National Register of Historic Places. (Learn more about the National Register of Historic Places.) The Carroll Avenue 1300 block contains the highest concentration of Victorian Era residences still standing in Los Angeles. The interesting homes are considered part of the Eastlake & Queen Anne style. Built by real estate developer and city councilman, Daniel Innes, the Charmed house location in real life is called the Innes House. It's one of the original homes build during the 1880s on Carroll Avenue in Angelino Heights.

These nine Victorian residences are considered Los Angeles-Historic-Cultural Monuments as they represent times long gone, a dedication to architecture, beauty, design. This house had some external work done such as a paint job & fixing the roof, but much of it remains intact. For the most part, it's still the original structure. 

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Can You Visit the Halliwell Manor?

Here's the thing: the Halliwell house is a real house & real people live there. It's a private residence and historical landmark. It's a historic home, the Innes House. The whole street is a historic site. It's not a fake house on a fake street with fake people. It's a neighborhood with humans who genuinely live there. Be considerate & respectful when you visit. Don't walk directly onto their property, keep your distance & get a shot from the sidewalk. The home is tall so you don't want to cut it out by getting too close anyway! You can't go inside but you can take photos from the outside. The real name of the house is the Innes House.

Where was Charmed Filmed?

Perhaps you're searching for the Charmed house San Francisco. For the most part, the filming location for Charmed was at Paramount Studios at 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. Exterior shots of Halliwell manor were shot at 1329 Carroll Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Despite the tv show being based in San Francisco, they didn't film there! There is no Charmed house San Francisco.

Don't Forget to Check Out the Thriller House

While you're in the area, check out the Thriller House on the same block. The address is 1345 Carroll Avenue in Angelino Heights. The home is called the Sanders House & is well-known as the place featured in Michael Jackson's Thriller music video. Check out the Thriller CD on Amazon. You'll love walking around the neighborhood known for its architecture and history.

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About Charmed

The Charmed series has eight seasons that aired from October 7, 1998, until May 21, 2006. Fans across the globe were devastated when the show was canceled but at least we can watch it now. Since the show first aired in 1998, the fashion & style really reflects the era. They have some pretty iconic outfits & cool looks. These badass witches use their powers to fend off the world of evil & other creatures & demons that come into the mix. 

The Book of Shadows is a family spellbook filled with all the essentials of witchcraft. The manor has been in the Warren line for four generations. The Book of Shadows includes spells, incantations, instructions for potions, & everything in between. There are even some Book of Shadow Replica books out there. The tv show received a cult following of people who enjoy watching the episodes to this day. Perhaps you are one of those people! I know I am. They are the Charmed ones. 

“Stop trying to predict the future, that’s my job.” - Phoebe Halliwell: Season 2, Episode 16

The main actors include Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, T.W. King, Dorian Gregory, Greg Vaughan. Karis Paige Bryant, Brian Krause, Julian McMahon, Rose McGowan, Drew Fuller, & Kaley Cuoco. The show is supposed to take place in the city of San Francisco, California: located on 1329 Prescott Street, San Francisco.

The main characters are Piper Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell, Prue Halliwell, Paige Matthews, Leo Wyatt, Darryl Morris, Cole Turner, Wyatt Halliwell, Elise Rothman, Inspector Andy Trudeau, Billie Jenkins, & a bunch more. Did you know you can buy Piper Halliwell action figure dolls online?!

Once again, find the Halliwell Manor located on 1329 Carroll Avenue in Los Angeles, California.  The street has a bunch of interesting houses. Los Angeles has rooftop bars to enjoy creative cocktails & trendy places to eat, but it also has the Halliwell Manor! The Victorian-style manor is near Echo Park, so you can spend the afternoon in the area; hang out at the park, reading a book under the cozy shade of a swaying palm tree. 

The great thing about television is that it allows you to live a different life, meet new people, take part in a world you've never been to. 

Have you visited? Please feel free to share your experience, your favorite Charmed episode, or anything. Hope you have a great day & happy watching! Do you have a favorite season or character? What's your favorite thing to do in Echo Park/Angelino Heights?

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