I'm here to give thanks. I want to take a moment to just be thankful. Be joyous for everything I have. I want to inspire you as well. We need it. The world needs it. Hopefully, there are some things on this list that you are thankful for too.

1. Being alive 
2. Oxygen for making all life possible 
3. Blossoming flowers in spring 
4. Puppies, kitties, baby animals of any kind 
5. Food when you're hungry 
6. Music 
7. Shoes on your feet & clothes in the closet 
8. Good health 
9. TV, literature, & film 
10. Opportunity to get an education 
11. Comfort when you're feeling down 
12. Seeing friends & family you haven't seen in ages 
13. Cold water on a hot summer's day 
14. Sleeping in 
15. Fresh cut flowers 
16. Cell phones for being able to reach people with ease 
17. The ability to read 
18. Sun, moon, stars, & everything beyond
19. Taking off your shoes after a long day 
20. Receiving a handwritten letter in the mail 
21. Dark chocolate 
22. Access to the internet & technology 
23. Knowing true love 
24. Gravity & breathing, that which we have no control over 
25. Caller ID 
26. Wisdom that comes with age 
27. Pizza 
28. Freedom to vote 
29. Enough money to pay rent 
30. Kindness of strangers 
31. Sense of smell to smell mum's cooking or fresh bread 
32. Sense of sight to see the sunset or your baby's first steps 
33. Sense of touch to hug others with love or feel the rain on your cheeks 
34. Sense of hearing to listen to thunder or your favorite song 
35. Sense of taste to enjoy a warm meal or cold ice cream 
36. Holding hands 
37. The love & support of friends & family 
38. A long night of sleep 
39. Sales 
40. Cozying up on winter's night 
41. Sound of a baby's laughter 
42. The last piece of anything (pie, pizza, candy, etc.) 
43. How the leaves change color & fall in autumn 
44. Travel 
45. Sunshine to brighten the day 
46. Advancement of technology & medicine 
47. That first cup of tea or coffee in the morning 
48. Pool & beach days in summer 
49. Clean drinking water 
50. Holiday traditions 

Let's spread thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation, & kindness. Don't spread racism, hate, lies, or bad thoughts on others. We don't need any more fighting or death or darkness. Take the time to be thankful, genuinely. Don't do it to do it. Go out of your way to be grateful or do something kind. Lord knows the world needs more love. 

Any plans for today? This is my first Thanksgiving away from my family (they are visiting my sister up in Berkeley). I will be spending the day with my boyfriend's family. Should be interesting. Now time to prep this vegetarian bake! :] 

What are you thankful for? Anything from this list? What are your Thanksgiving plans? Does your family have any special traditions? 

That's it from me on the blog today. :]
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