Ocean || A poem

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Ocean || A poem by Carmen Varner

Have you ever wanted something so bad
so so bad
that it brought you to tears?
I don't mean those crying tears.
I'm talking about those tears of passion
& rage
& hope
& yearning.
The tears that mean the most.
The water droplets that fall from my eyes
in moments of pure admiration of the future,
in moments of wonder,
in moments of hopefulness
in moments of stress.
These moments come by stampede,
crushing my hatred
& taking over my soul.
I am not sad.
I am not crying.
These are tears.
These drops fell from my heart
& into reality.
I will try
& then I'll try again.
Then I'll try once more
until I become the ocean
my tears created
& the tide will bring me home.

By Carmen Varner

Try. Try. Try. Until one day you DO. This poem is for those of us who have a vision & want to achieve it. This poem is for those of us who have no idea where they are or where they're going. This poem is for those of us who are trying every single day regardless of everything that sets us back. You can do it. We can do it. Nobody knows how far you've come.

What are your thoughts about Ocean? Do you have any passion(s) that bring you to tears? Tell me a little bit about yourself. What are your goals? :]

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  1. This really is so very beautiful and I can completely understand what you mean. Some tears are so worth it because they help build you along the way. Very Powerful!

  2. Love your poem, its so fresh! I have a nice feeling after reading it! Thank you

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  3. So beautiful


  4. I love this poem so much! I've been feeling like this so often right now! I want so much in my life and I don't know if I'll ever get it!


    Records of my Troubles

    1. Just keep trying. Let that passion take over. :]

  5. Thanks for the inspiring poem!! And for me, when seeing the ocean, everything becomes easier :)


    1. Good thoughts, Rosa. Maybe because it's just so big! :]

  6. Beautiful Poem Carmen. So many profound words. Life is about living with passion and with faith and you are so right, there is nothing we can't achieve in this life. All we need to do is put our hearts and souls into whatever may be that we want to get and the rest will follow up. I clearly understand what kind of tears you are talking about in the poem you wrote; the tears of passion. Passion is everything and I feel the most passionate and inspired when I look into my daughter's eyes. That girl means everything to me. Seeing her go through life overcoming every challenge and obstacle her life purpose has brought to her is just mind blowing. She is physically challenged and her condition is very rare and unknown, but that doesn't stop her to do anything she wants. She is the most passionate human being I have ever known. She always brings me tears of hope, joy and passion:-) Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post Carmen. Have a wonderful day. XOXO, Jeannette

    1. Thank you for sharing, Jeannette. Children have such a zest for life. They've not yet been defeated by bad boyfriends, crappy jobs, etc. She sounds like her passion can get her far regardless of any challenges that will come her way. :]

  7. This is a really beautiful poem :) I agree that sometimes wanting something so much can bring us to tears. What I really want is a career in fashion journalism or marketing but no matter how hard I try, I doesn't seem to be happening

    Rachel xx

    1. Keep it up, Rachel. Every day you work toward your goal is another day someone stops trying. :]

  8. Thanks for the words of inspiration :) It's just what I needed today!


  9. Thank you for this encouraging post. You poem is amazing!

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman

  10. Trying everyday regardless of what sets us back...that's us! We're just waiting for our hard work to pay day!
    Thanks for your inspiring words! xx

    1. Exactly. If anything, we ought to look at our progress! :]

  11. This is such a moving/inspiring poem. I really related to it and believe we should keep trying until we succeed too. Much success and happy days to you!

    xo Bry

    1. Success & happiness to you as well, Bry. "Just keep swimming," as Dory would say. :]

  12. Ah, such a beautiful poem. To be completely honest, I'm not a huge fan of poetry but your words touched my soul and inspired me to try harder.
    Berry Stylish ♥  

    1. Phew, glad a non-poem liker liked my poem. Haha. :P

  13. I love this - great poem! Great share!



    My Closet Life Blog

  14. Thanks for sharing the poem and your words of inspiration and determination after the poem are truly incredible. I hope you achieve all that you want to in the future! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  15. So pretty! I love these pictures!
    Melanie @

  16. This is a really lovely poem with deep emotions that are relatable to everyone working through struggles or pursuing their dreams! Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. Thanks Prudence. This poem is directed at anyone who's felt so strongly about something that they couldn't stop. :]

  17. Amazing photo!


  18. such a beautiful and inspiring poem! You are very talented!!

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  19. You are so talented, I loved your poem. We should try and fight every day in order to make our dreams come true. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words. ;)


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