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Social Media Basics: 10 Reasons Why You're Losing Followers

Monday, March 30, 2015

Nobody said blogging was easy, but there are some very obvious reasons why you may be losing readers & followers. You might need to mix things up a bit. Check out these 10 reasons why you're losing followers on your blog & social media platforms. Identify which (if any) apply to you. Make the change; it's simple! Your readers will thank you. :]

social media basics

1. You post generic content - If you're posting the same content as everyone else ask yourself: why would someone want to read about the best Academy Award dresses if it's the 45th post of the identical subject they've seen that day? It's important to post about relevant content but put your own spin to it. 

2. Your font is too small/hard to read - If your readers can hardly even read your blog they're not going to want to come back. Your font should be a good size & a dark enough color for people to see. Obviously you want to make it aesthetically pleasing, but just know that not everyone's eyes work the same.

3. Your background is distracting - Going along with the previous tip, make sure that your background isn't distracting for your readers. Keep it simple. You want your followers to come back without having to decipher your words from your leopard print tiled background.

4. Your personality is missing - Be yourself. Have personality. You want readers to come to your blog & immediately recognize your voice, your tone. Often times people only see text on a webpage. Your text ought to speak volumes for yourself.

5. You don't engage with readers - This is a mistake I see time & time again. If your readers take time to leave a comment, take time to respond to them. You don't have to respond to every single person every single time, especially if your blog is growing. But don't leave your readers hanging. They want to know more about you.

6. You have too many ads/sponsored posts - The readers don't like scrolling past an eternity of ads to finally reach your new blog post. They also don't like seeing a sponsored post time & time again. It's totally cool to do it once in a while. Be sure to integrate some fun, useful, relevant content to keep your readers hooked.

7. You don't post regularly - Readers become disappointed when they search for your blog & see that nothing has been updated for two weeks. And then they start checking in less. You definitely don't want that.

8. You post too much - On the totally other side of the spectrum is when your readers come to view your new content but are overwhelmed to see 12 new posts since last week. They just can't keep up. They come back less. 

9. Your readers don't relate - It's imperative to figure out who your readers are & who you're trying to reach. If your readers are 16-year-olds but you're posting all about your Chanel pumps & your Valentino gown, they probably not going to relate to it. Know your reader. 

10. Your blog loads too slow - Imagine your followers land on your page but it takes one minute before your pictures even load. Ain't nobody got time for that. Resize your photos to keep loading time down.

Well, how did you do? Blogging & social media require patience to master, but as with everything practice makes progress. It's not fair to yourself to expect massive amounts of views & engagement after your very first post. Keep trying. Did any of theses reasons apply to you? What's a reason why you stopped reading somebody's blog? :]

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Don't Stop Exploring: Finding Adventure in the Every Day

Friday, March 27, 2015

We are humans & humans are creatures of habit. We tend to find a routine that works for us & stick to it. That's great but it doesn't challenge you or get you out of your comfort zone. We go to work, have class, meet up with girlfriends Friday evening for girl's night, go to date night with the boyfriend once a month. Everything is set to a schedule, a certain time, place or specific day to do things.

Then I realized that's kind of boring. For example, my girlfriend & I meet up every Tuesday. Most of the time we end up going to a brewery, if not the same exact brewery which we frequent. Tuesday isn't the boring part. What's boring is this rigid routine we created for ourselves. Same time, same place. 

Somehow I got it into my head that maybe we should do something different. Maybe we should attend a movie or try that new Thai restaurant. Go mini golfing. I've never done paint ball. That sounds interesting. Anything other than "the usual" which is an actual phrase that we use. 

don't stop exploring

Granted we meet in the afternoon so options are limited, but there are so many ideas we aren't even aware of. All we need to do is open our eyes & explore. This week we switched it up & went to a movie: Cinderella. It's the first time we went to a film together. Normally we sit around watching Netflix.

However, going out gave us more memories. We went to dinner, sat at the bar, & BOOM! ended up getting a drink on the house. That would never have happened if we just did "the usual." We went to the theatre & saw it was totally empty. We started hooting & hollering about our own private viewing. That is until a couple of girls walked in & we embarrassingly speed walked all the way up the stairs toward the top of the theatre. That would never have happened if we just did "the usual."

Break free. Break free from your comfort zone. Do something new. Here's to those little adventures we create, those memories that you'll eventually longingly look back on. My questions to you are:
1.  Do you find yourself having a routine? Doing the same things every day? 
2. What are some ideas for me & other readers on different things to do? How can we mix it up?

Here are 5 options. Keep the list going in the comment section :]
1. Feed birds at a lake
2. Workout with a friend at the gym
3. See a movie at the theatre
4. Go to a local coffee shop & try a weird drink
5. Have a picnic

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Coachella, I Love You

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Coachella! Coachella! Coachella! The countdown to Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is approaching faster than I want it to (April 10 - 12). Somewhere in between deciding what to wear & packing for 3 nights of car camping, I've become a bit overwhelmed. But that's how life works, doesn't it? It's a mix of excitement & anticipation & everything that still needs to get done.

But in the end it'll be worth it. I get to spend my birthday with my boyfriend, the love of my life. We'll be camping in Indio, CA & going to our first festival of the year. I love to count down to an event. But then there's that sad moment when the countdown ends & it's back to real life. Ever experience that?

coachella wristband

Right now we're slowly acquiring all the camping & Coachella essentials needed to survive in the desert, where it's brutally burning during the day & quite cold during the night. It doesn't help that neither my boyfriend nor I haven't gone camping in a good 10+ years.

We are religiously Googling camping checklists & Coachella Valley checklists because I don't want one of those experiences when you get there & you realize you forgot your undies. (This actually happened to me on a Girls Scout trip; I'll never forget it).

Do you have any festival plans for 2015? Whats your #1 camping essential? Take a look at the Coachella lineup & let me know who you wish you could see live! :]

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Splurge or Save: Denim Skirt

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Denim is a huge trend for spring. Denim on denim is even huger. Be it a cool chambray shirt with some jeans or a denim crop with a fun jean skirt, it's trending. Big time. What I want is a sexy & versatile denim skirt. I found these fantastic snap front skirts but one of them is not like the other. In fact, one of these skirts is $500 cheaper than the other. Can you guess which one is which? Take a look at these skirts & make a guess....
denim skirts

Did you make your assumption? Are you ready for the answer? The Stella McCartney denim A-line mini skirt runs for $565 while the H&M denim skirt costs a seemingly measly $45. 

Stella's $565 skirt is on the left; H&M's $45 skirt is on the right.

To be honest, I prefer the look of the Stella McCartney denim skirt; the pockets would be ever so useful. But there's no justifiable reason to purchase it when there's a nearly identical jean skirt for $500+ cheaper. Overall, I really love the look of both. H&M's skirt is perfect because it has just a little bit more flare at the hem to give you a slimmer look.

Which skirt did you think was more expensive? Which one do you prefer in general? :]

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Bell's Cherry Stout | Bell's Brewery, Inc.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

When it comes to beer, I often like a nice, dark stout. It's rich & tastes somewhat like coffee. Today's craft beer is a refreshing mixture of that classic stout mixed with tart cherry. Bell's Cherry Stout is an American stout brewed with cherry juice & bottled by Bell's Brewery, Inc. Yum!

cherry stout

cherry stout

On the bottle it says "A mysterious dance of tart Michigan cherries with the dark, roasted malts of a big and bold stout." And that's pretty much how it tastes. The cherry tastes natural without the artificial flavor that some cherry products leave you with. Slightly sour, totally tasty. With 7% alcohol by volume (ABV), Bell's Cherry Stout will leave you feeling pretty good.

cherry stout

cherry stout

The beer itself is extremely dark with a mild head (foam). Initially it's quite tart due the cherries but when swallowed, the aftertaste is smooth & rich similar to any good stout (at least if you enjoy stouts). This retails at around $16.99 for a 6-pack, which isn't the most economical price for beer. However, if you want to splurge, I absolutely suggest trying this. We purchased this for my boyfriend's birthday & we didn't regret it.

cherry stout

The Cherry Stout is pretty heavy & not something you want to drink on a hot & sunny day, but perhaps something to slowly sip on in winter. Actually, it's only available in the winter, so that makes sense. This has a shelf life of 12 months.

I'd likely repurchase this again but sparingly due to the price. The taste is unique & also for that reason, I'd drink this only occasionally. Have you ever had a cherry stout before? Is it something you're interested in? What's your beverage of choice? :]

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Mixing Brights // OOTD

Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's warming up over here in San Diego. Really warming up. More like scorching up. It's been incredibly hot lately that I regret not getting started on my bikini body sooner. This look is all about that laid back California vibe. You never know whether you're going to head to a walk on the beach or a traipse beneath the palm trees.

mixing brights

I am a fan of colors & could never find a way to wear this stretched skeleton shirt. I bought it at the end of summer last year, figuring I could wear it to a festival with a bralet or something. It was too open to sport in my day-to-day life. But goodness gracious, it was so hot I had to come up with a use for it.

mixing brights
Tank: Forever 21 // Shirt: Rue 21 // Shorts: Nordstrom Rack // Boots: H&M
You've probably seen these black velvet boots before; I pretty much wear them year round & they're one of my absolute favorite pairs. You can see them in Get a Clue, Bart Simpson is my alter ego,  Winter & the New Year, Tropico, & more. Sometimes they get a little toasty. I wore them to a festival once & it was a sweat fest.


Due to the heat, this is a no makeup look. It would just melt off my face anyway. Casual. Easy. Ready to party. Rock on friends. Now I need to work on my tan. Probably with self-tanner though. Hehe. What's the weather like where you're at? What do you think of this bright & relaxed look? :]

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How to Deal with Losing Friends

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Friends make the world go round. Friends are the people who know your deepest, darkest secrets, most embarrassing moments. Friends are the people who've seen you at your worst & they still continue to associate with you. Friends are the family that you choose.

It's difficult when you lose some of your friends. There is a range of reasons why we lose friends from growing apart to toxic friends or fake friends to death. Hopefully these words can help you if you feel like you're losing friends. Just know that you're not alone.

Growing Apart

Aging, moving, & having different hobbies is a part of life & it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's hard to let go. You think of the old days when you met (in preschool, high school, college, yoga class, etc.) & how simple it was back then. Now you have completely separate lives; instead of closeness, you feel the weight of distance. Eventually the situation isn't the same. You can't spend the same amount of time with them or things simply aren't how they used to be.

When I moved back to San Diego after going to university in Orange County, I lost friends after a couple years. We lost contact save for the occasional Facebook like. Our interests, jobs, schedules, time zones, kids, pets, travel, changed over time. Just remember that some will grow apart, but some will grow even closer! Losing friends is hard.

How to deal with losing friends and fake friends

Toxic Friends 

The next friend we tend to lose is the toxic or negative friend. This is the friend who makes you feel bad about yourself. This friend gets you into trouble. This might be a fake friend. Perhaps this friend came with lies, betrayals, & hurt. It may be hard to let them go but do it for yourself. Friends don't treat friends like crap. Remember: friends are the ones who know you at your worst times & try to help you, they don't stomp you down when you're on the ground. Let the toxic friend go.


Death is an absolutely horrific way to lose a friend because there's a lasting pain in your heart, much like a splinter that you can't get out. Remember the good times you had -- the memories, the photos that you can look back on, the songs that remind you of them, their favorite perfume or the way they laugh. 

Mourn them. Love them. Think of them often. Tell their story. Enjoy life. I like to take solace knowing that the reason why they left so soon is because their duties on earth have been fulfilled. I may not know it at the time, but one day I'll understand why, & it'll make so much sense.

Final Thoughts

Remember those friends who've stuck by you through thick & thin. Those are the only friends you need. Some friends you see all the time. Some friends you see every few years. Some friends you talk to daily. Some friends you can pick up where you left off, even if it's been months or years. Sometimes you only need to have one genuine friend. Yes, losing friends can be excruciating. If you have fake friends, it can feel so isolating, but it can often lead to something better, to closer friendships. Have you ever lost a friend? Which one of these scenarios most applies to you? How did you deal with it? 

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Gift Idea & Current Obsession: Podlings

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great day! :] I wanted to take some time to showcase my new & cute obsession: Podlings. My sister's birthday was a few weeks ago & I was trying to figure out what to get her (she turned 19). I wanted to find something personal & meaningful rather than just going to Forever 21 to buy her yet another circle skirt. I was browsing the handmade gift section on Fiverr (a site where all items, services, etc. start at $5) & came across these beautiful, handmade Podlings. 


They start at the base of $5 each -- depending on what you want, the intricacy, certain types of yarn -- but it may be a little bit higher. I decided to get two because that way the shipping was cheaper. I had her design a bunny to replicate my friend's pet rabbit, Ceasar, & I also got a Totoro made for my sister, who is a huge fan of My Neighbor Totoro & pretty much all Hayao Miyazaki films.


These are completely handcrafted & made to order. Podlings are made with new non-toxic, non-wool materials. I'm seriously so in love with them that I would easily go back & buy more for some reason or another. I just wanted to highlight these in case this is something that you would want yourself or to give to others. Nancy knits them from scratch. 


This is not a sponsored post. I purchased these myself. This is me sharing something I am genuinely obsessed with. If you have any interest in getting a Podling made or want to find out more, go check out Nancy's Fivver page. You can see more Podlings & get an idea of what a range she has.

Have you ever used Fiverr before? What do you think of these Podlings? I am so obsessed! :]

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Coachella Outfit Ideas

Friday, March 13, 2015

Coachella is rapidly approaching. It's less than a month away! Have you started packing your Coachella outfits yet? I assembled 3 Coachella outfit ideas for you to sport at any upcoming music festivals this year. One is a fairy bohemian look with a maxi skirt, one is a simple & comfy look with a t-shirt dress, & lastly, one is an easy, chic look with shorts. Which one fits your style?

coachella outfit ideas

I'm a sucker for lavender so the pastel purple chiffon maxi skirt is ideal to look cute but stay cool throughout the day. A sequin top is sexy & detailed; the perfect top to spend your day in the hot Coachella temperatures. A grey t-shirt dress is simple to style; it's one of my favorite kinds of dresses to wear because of its versatility. Pair it with your favorite sneakers to keep your feet feeling happy. Check out my Coachella Outfit Essentials to see the basics of what to wear.

Style tips to keep in mind:
+ Avoid black clothes (it's hot)
+ Avoid pants/jeans (once again, it's hot)
+ Always wear comfortable, close-toed shoes (crushed toes? no thanks)
+ Always protect yourself from the sun! (sunburn? skin cancer?!)
+ Use lockers & bring a pair of pants for nighttime (it gets cold)

Which of these Coachella outfit ideas best fits your style? Are you heading to Coachella or any music festivals this year? What's your #1 style tip when it comes to surviving a festival? :]

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Deviant Body Jewelry Review

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What's a girl to do when she needs body jewelry & a body jewelry company reaches out to her asking if she'd like to try some product? She says "Yes! Yes! Yes! A million times yes!!" When Deviant Body Jewelry* contacted me inquiring if I'd like to do a review on their products, specifically nose rings & belly rings, I was immediately intrigued. 

deviant body jewelry
Apparently they'd read my blog & thought I was a good fit based on my lifestyle, so I totally said yes. I chose a few items, but they sent me some extra which was a welcomed surprise. Here's what I got & here's what I thought:

deviant body jewelry

deviant body jewelry

First off, I was impressed with the packaging. The boxes are sleek, chic, & padded to keep all jewels safe. Everything comes in a black cardboard box. Within each box are three jewels/containers. The plastic cases are padded as well & the lids come off really easily.

deviant body jewelry

Belly button dangles: (left to right) With All My Hearts, Summer Splendor, A Gift from the Heart.

The belly button dangles are by far my favorite. I am a dangle fanatic, the danglier the better. It's jewelry for your stomach; I like the accessorizing & adornment. My friend really loved the Summer Splendor butterfly one; she even said she'd be down to get a belly piercing because of it! You can't go wrong with any of these. I love them all & have worn them all. They are extremely shiny & I can't wait to show them off at Coachella. The gems pictured range from $20-$29.

deviant body jewelry

Belly button non-dangles: (left to right) Rainbow Single Bottom Gem Navel Ring, Crystal Navel Ring, Blue Single Bottom Gem Navel Ring.

I'm not the biggest non-dangle belly ring fan, but the Crystal Navel Ring is my favorite. When I first got my piercing I had a similar one. However, the jewels were on the outside & kept falling off which left it looking pretty sad. This gorgeous one from Deviant has the crystal stones under a clear epoxy coating to keep it looking fab long term. No lost crystals here! The gems pictured range from $12.50 - $30.

deviant body jewelry

Nose hoops: (clockwise) Purple, Black, & Steel Nose Hoops.

These nose hoops are simple & modest. Some nose hoops take forever to place but this slides right in. Although these are made from surgical steel, I'd likely opt for a cheaper alternative. I tend to lose nose rings pretty easily. The gems pictured are $11.25 each. 

deviant body jewelry

Nose screws: (left to right) Clear Steel Nose Screw With Press-Fit Gem Tip, Aurora Borealis Steel Nose Screw With Press-Fit Gem Tip, Clear Steel Nose Screw With Prong-Set Gem Tip, Aqua Steel Nose Screw With Prong-Set Gem Tip.

I usually am a nose ring type of girl. Although I do like non-hoops if the jewel is big enough. Like I said, body jewelry is an adornment to me, so I like to show it off. Also, if the jewel is small it tends to look like a booger or pimple. My favorite is the Aqua Steel Nose Screw With Prong-Set Gem Tip. It's the perfect size. The screws may be difficult to get into your nose at first, but with practice it becomes easier. The gems pictured range from $12.50-$13.25.

deviant body jewelry

Captive bead ring: (clockwise) Steel Captive Bead Ring With Clear Press-Fit Gem Ball, Clear Black Captive Bead Ring With Press-Fit Gem Ball, Rainbow Captive Bead Ring,  Blue Black Captive Bead Ring With Press-Fit Gem Ball.

These are so pretty & come in a range of colors. Initially, getting the ball back on was pretty time-consuming. My boyfriend & I each practiced taking the ball off & on; it took about 10 minutes before he could get his back on. He had to do mine because I have butterfingers. The gems pictured range from $11.25-$12.50.

deviant body jewelry

I'm no fitness model, but here I'm sporting the With All My Hearts & A Gift from the Heart belly dangles. Most of the jewels come in different gauges, so it's important to know your size. Deviant has a size reference page to make sure you get the gauge & size you're looking for.

Overall, I genuinely enjoyed everything. My top picks would be Summer Splendor (& any of Deviant's belly dangles) & the Aqua Steel Nose Screw. My boyfriend asked me "So would you buy Deviant jewelry if you got the chance?" & I said "I've bought cheaper product, but Deviant's quality is superior, so yes." I can tell the quality of the material is top notch, unlike the junk I've bought on eBay that breaks after one week. Plus, they have a range of items & colors to choose from.

Do you have any piercings? Which of these body jewels look the most appealing to you? :]

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* Disclaimer: These products were received complimentary from Deviant Body Jewelry in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this review are 100% mine aka Carmen's. :]

The Birth of a Butterfly

Monday, March 09, 2015

One of the most beautiful things I ever did see was the birth of a monarch butterfly. There's something so magical about a little caterpillar turning into this beautiful, intricate, delicate butterfly. The caterpillar works so hard, inching along all in effort to create his cocoon. Then he metamorphosizes into a stunning monarch capable of flying wherever his heart desires.


I was on a road trip with my boyfriend. We made a stop at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco. We were in the butterfly room & came across an enclosed case with emerald green & gold looking pods. I honest-to-goodness thought they were jewelry or pendants of some kind because they are so beautiful in an unnatural way, so I thought. 

Upon closer look, I realized that they were indeed 100% natural. They were cocoons. Butterfly cocoons. I inched closer peering at the emerald & gold pods & saw the faint pattern that is so easily recognizable as the monarch butterfly. 


It's just so beautiful to see this caterpillar give birth to itself in the form of a butterfly. It's complex & perplexing how they do it, but I was so very thrilled to stand there & see it unfold. He slowly wriggled out of his little cocoon sleeping bag & opened his wings. How could he fit in there? It seemed so cramped. 

I don't know how the world works or why, but sometimes it's these little bits of nature & earth that seem so fulfilling. I look back at these photos & my mind immediately takes me to San Francisco. To witness beauty in such an innocent way is something that will last long within me.


Have you ever seen something in nature that left you speechless or happy or just made you feel some type of way? :]

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▲ February on Instagram ▲

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Oh, Instagram you're probably my favorite social media platform. People can share their most exciting moments, their most mundane moments, or just any moment in general. My Instagram style changed over time; now I focus on some selfies (it's acceptable on Insta!), some nature shots, some food, just a well-balanced range of what I see when I see it. Do you follow me on Instagram yet?!!? :]

Off the menu Twix Frappuccino from Starbucks + California = 
A Sublime-esque (the band) sun street art

Sriracha selfie!
That said, this February on Instagram I did quite a bit of exploring -- both with friends & my boyfriend. I tried new drinks such as the Starbucks Twix Frappuccino which is off the menu; you'll have to ask if they can make it. It was pretty good, but my boyfriend & I couldn't finish this  massive sugar-ridden drink. I put it in the freezer & saved it for another day. Was still good!

west coast babes
West coast babes 

santa barbara mission
Old Santa Barbara Mission 

christmas in california
Throwback photo from Christmas in California
I found some cool graffiti, saw some dazzling sunsets, & had a wonderful month in general. How about you? The California skies were particularly lovely this month. Due to "winter," we had more clouds than usual. This is a bonus if you're anything like me & enjoy taking photos of the bewitching earth.

jack daniels
A photo of a photo of Jack Daniel's Whiskey

stone brewery
Last sips at Stone Brewery

cloudy skies
Cotton candy skies
Every day is only as exciting as you make it. My amazing friend, Andrea (the one pictured in "West coast babes") & I try to meet up every Tuesday & usually some fantastic story or photo comes out of it. Every time. Maybe it's just us. Maybe it's our personalities. Maybe it's just how the world works, but we love it & it makes for some great conversation starters.

Do you have any daily, weekly, or monthly rituals that you look forward to? What's one goal you'd like to achieve in March? Oh, & tell me which photo is your favorite!! :]

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Baby Blue, I Love You

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Baby blue is the perfect hue. Baby blue, I love you. The color is a pale azure; basically the lighter, pastel version of blue making it feminine, flirty, & fun. Symbolically, light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, & softness. You can read a little more about the symbolism of blue in my 50 shades of blue post.  :]

You can wear baby blue as a monochrome look -- just sport it head-to-toe -- or you can rock various shades of blue. It all depends on what you'd like to do. Okay, I'm done being Dr. Seuss. The LucLuc Sleeveless Denim False Two-piece Skater Dress is so gorgeous because it looks like it's a coordinate set; it's got a very chic, effortless vibe & who can resist that price?!

baby blue

The Women's Kendra Scott 'Katie' Stone Drop Earrings from Nordstrom are absolutely breathtaking. Or for half the price, opt for the 'Elle' Earrings in Blue Lace Agate & Silver. From afar they look as though they're a simple baby blue, but then you get closer & you realize it has more of an shiny, opal, psychedelic look to it.

You can always accessorize your outfit with pastel accents. Essie nail polish in Bikini So Teeny is a cornflower blue or you could go for Julep nail polish in Margaret. If you're feeling a bit more risky & frisky you can go for a bold lip or eyeshadow in baby blue. Elsa from Frozen anyone?!

To be honest, I don't own much in the pastel blue department, but I have to keep my eye out for more of this stunning shade. Is baby blue a color you could see yourself wearing? Which item from this set is your absolute favorite? Can you pick just one? What baby blue items do you already have in the closet? :]

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My 5 Favorite Glossybox Products

Monday, March 02, 2015

I've tried a few subscription boxes in my time & today is all about the great Glossybox. I opted for their 3 month package (December, January, & February) at $60 rather than $21 per month. Not much savings, but it's something. I wanted to get a feel for the box & I think I did... dun dun dun.


I won't be continuing my subscription with Glossybox simply due to the fact that I could spend my $20 elsewhere & find products I genuinely enjoy. That's not to say I didn't like the items, but I'd prefer not to have so many random products laying around. Out of the 15 items I received, these are my top 5 Glossybox picks.


Kueshi Revitalizing Face Toner. The toner claims to moisturize & rebalance skin as well as control shine in oily-prone areas & soften dry areas. I find that this toner smells absolutely incredible. It contains chamomile & calendula extract. It's not harsh at all & you can get close to the eye without any irritation. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without any dryness.


Rituals Cosmetics Foaming Shower Gel Sensation in Yogi Flow. Okay, first off, this stuff really foams. It lathers so beautifully. I squeezed out a quarter-sized amount, rubbed it around, & it turned into this! The scent is a delightful mixture of sweet almond oil & Indian rose; it leaves you & your bathroom smelling delectable.


Nuxe Masque Crème Fraîche de Beauté. Supposedly you're to generously apply this, leave for 10 minutes, then massage the unabsorbed product into the face. However, I've never needed to rub the unabsorbed masque to my skin. Perhaps I should use more product, but I don't feel the need to. I absolutely am in love with the scent. It's slightly nutty likely due to the macadamia seed oil. It leaves my skin perfectly hydrated & happy.

Nuxe Masque (left), Rituals Miracle Scrub (right)
Rituals Cosmetics Miracle Scrub in Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba. Squeeze out a pea-sized dollop of product & rub onto your hands. You can feel the grittiness getting rid of those yucky dead skin cells. It leaves my hands so smooth that I just want to rub them on my face all day. I love using this in the shower once or twice a week; it feels like a spa treatment.


Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush. This is seriously the most adorable shade of bubblegum pink. I've never owned a lip product this shade (although I've made it myself) so it's totally enjoyable to wear. Somewhat long-lasting if you don't eat or drink much. I wore it yesterday & it lasted about 6 hours. Very creamy & hydrating. After a while it does get a little caky. You may also use this as a blush!

Overall, these items are fabulous. When I use them all together it feels like I'm having a luxurious spa day. What do you think of my top Glossybox products? Have you subscribed to Glossybox or some other service? How was your experience? Share your thoughts! :]

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