The Anne Frank House is a must to experience if you're in Amsterdam, Netherlands. There's no denying that. The Anne Frank House, also called the Anne Frank Huis, is a humbling reality. Anne Frank is a Jewish girl who went into hiding during World War II to escape the Nazis. You've probably heard about her journal The Diary of Anne Frank & its many other titles.

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About Anne Frank
Anne Frank is known for keeping a diary during her time in the Secret Annex. She wrote short stories, diary entries, & favorite quotes from other writers. She wanted her diary to be published as a novel after the war, which was why she attempted to rewrite it. She didn't get the opportunity to finish because her family was discovered & arrested. Anne, her family, & four others hid in the small Secret Annex for two years before being found. 

Waiting in Line
Prepare for a long queue if you want to visit the Anne Frank House. The waiting time ranges. I ended up waiting for 90 minutes, but I talked to a local who said it's not unheard of to wait up to four hours. It really varies per day & depends how long you feel like waiting in line. If you know ahead of time when you're heading to Amsterdam & the Anne Frank Huis, you may buy entrance tickets online, print them out or show them on your smart phone. It gives you a direct entrance. However, these tickets can be sold out months in advance.

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Admission & Tickets
You may purchase your tickets in advance or buy them at the door. That just means you have to wait in the queue. Adult admission prices are €9. If you're 10 - 17 years old or have a European Youth Card, it's €4.50. You can learn more about prices, admission, & hours of operation here.

Once You're Inside
Photos, videos, & using your cell phone are not allowed out of respect for other visitors & to preserve the original documents & photos. That said, I have no pictures from inside the building. That's just something you'll have to witness yourself. Once you're inside, you can see the photos that Anne hung up in her room & even the lines on the wall to mark the growth of the children. Throughout the Annex you'll see personal documents from the Frank family & even some videos with background information.

anne frank house

The Overall Experience
The Anne Frank House is a place to learn & understand the history & horror of the past. It's not a palace with enormous chandeliers & gold covered ceilings. But it most certainly is grand. It's magical. It's thought provoking. You will leave the Annex feeling changed, feeling inspired, possibly even feeling somber but grateful.  If you make it to the Netherlands & Amsterdam, absolutely take the time to go to the Anne Frank House. I recommend it to anyone.

Have you been to the Anne Frank House? Have you read her diary? I'd love to learn about your journey too! :]

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