She exhaled listlessly
& her spirit escaped.
Her body called it quits
& thus, her soul reshaped.
She began a new life
in the pale, grey moonlight.
This was a special time,
it was Halloween night.
She opened her blue eyes
Do you know what she saw?
She looked at her still self;
it was her last hurrah.
Her name was Athena,
like the goddess of war.
She dusted herself off
& arose from the floor.
Her body just lay there,
but her soul was alive.
That's when she decided
it was her time to thrive.
So she floated away
& explored somewhere new.
That's not really something
she would normally do.
Quiet & heartbroken,
cheerless, sad, & somber,
Timid & powerless,
too frightened to wander.
Fearful of everything,
she was not at all brave.
However, that all changed
when she sprung from the grave.
You're probably asking:
"Why on earth should I care?"
The reason is plain but
it may give you a scare.
She would like you to know
that life is not easy.
There are troubles to have;
it won't all be breezy.
Life is quite difficult
until the day you die.
Then you take your last breath
& mutter a goodbye.
Your body soon decays
& you become a ghost.
You'll meet with the others
& you'll all raise a toast:
Cheers to life & to death,
to the haunting we'll do,
to spooking the children,
& always yelling "BOO!" 
To tricking & treating,
to pumpkins & to pranks, 
to stealing some candy
with no need to say thanks.
To goblins & spiders,
& to the webs they weave.
Because of all of this
our souls shall never leave.
That's why it's so spooky.
No one will hear you scream.
After all, don't you know?
Tonight is Halloween.

Tonight is Halloween
A poem by Carmen Varner
halloween pumpkins

Wishing you a happy Halloween. Have fun & stay safe!

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