Let me start off by saying: we all poop. Okay now we got that out of the way, have you ever walked into a bathroom & breathed in a heinous scent? Your mouth twitches & immediately turns into a cringe. You plug your nose & frantically drag a breath through your mouth. That my friend is poop. You could use a bathroom freshener or potpourri spray. Toilet sprays are almost a necessity in a full household or busy office.

There are so many on the market these days. There are popular brands like the Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Sprays as well as plenty of other brands. Find particular scents, brands, sizes based on your household needs.

Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray 10 ml Original Citrus 10 ml Lavender Vanilla 10 ml Tropical Hibiscus 10 ml Lavender Peppermint & 10 ml Vanilla Mint, 5 Count. Shop it on Amazon. 

Muse Bath Apothecary Flush Ritual - Aromatic & Refreshing Toilet Spray, Use Before You Go, 8 oz, Infused with Natural Essential Oils - Aloe + Eucalyptus + Lavender, 2 Pack. Shop it on Amazon.

toilet bowl freshener

You ask yourself if it's worth it to stay in this box of fumes or if you should exit immediately. There are some cool products on the market like a toilet air freshener that may assist with this dilemma. I was at the store & was immediately drawn to beautiful pink rose packaging. The bottle was colorful, whimsical, & romantic. I saw the word rosewater & got closer. What is it?  is a bathroom freshener.

You can find other rose sprays that aren't necessarily marketing specifically for bathroom use. There's the Positive Essence Rose Linen and Room Spray, which is a natural pillow spray made with pure pose essential oils. You can use it as a home fragrance or as a toilet spray. It's multifunctional. Shop it on Amazon.

toilet bowl freshener

As I got a closer look I realized this is no room spray or body spray, but was, in fact, a toilet bowl air freshener also known as a poop spray. What in the world? I open it up & smelled it. It was true to its name & smelled like a delightful rose. You could use spray it generally as a bathroom freshener.

The Poop Culture "Before You Go" Toilet Spray Bathroom Freshener Poop and Smell the Roses packaging suggests spraying about four potpourri sprays directly in the toilet water prior to pooping &/or after. Definitely an easy-to-use toilet air freshener & the best poop spray or best bathroom spray for the price. 

toilet bowl freshener

What's the best poop spray bathroom freshener or best bathroom spray? I must say this works quite well. PoopCulture Collection/Poop Culture's Poop and Smell the Roses toilet bowl freshener is perfect to use at home with a significant other, family, or roommates. It could genuinely help out, especially if everyone understands how to use it. Although it would be even more applicable in larger bathrooms like an office or a public restroom, it's not really feasible to explain to everyone how this works.

toilet bowl freshener

True Story: My roommate exited the restroom & I went in to wash my face. The room smelled like fresh roses. I immediately knew that business had been done but at least the smell was quite pleasant. It was the toilet air freshener. Simply use the potpourri spray.

It's the best poop spray bathroom freshener for the price. This toilet air freshener tames any poop scent, giving off a lovely rose aroma. I've heard stories of people going on first dates, where they didn't feel comfortable pooping at their date's house. This would be a lifesaver. Yes, this is a superfluous & unnecessary purchase but it's fun, the scent is spot on, & I enjoy the PoopCulture Poop and Smell the Roses toilet bowl freshener packaging.

What do you think of a toilet bowl freshenerWhat's the best poop spray or best bathroom spray:]

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