Things To Do in Torrance, California: A 24 Hour Travel Guide
Photoshoot in Old Town Torrance

Things To Do in Torrance, California

Sometimes all you need is a getaway. Sometimes all you need to get away is to go a little further than usual. Rather than explore our own county, Fred & I ventured to Torrance, California for a 24-hour trip. Torrance is in the heart of Los Angeles County's South Bay, just 15 minutes south of LAX & close to many of Southern California's most popular attractions and so much fun. Visitors and locals alike bring their families to enjoy the splendors of the city. Tour the area, check out the shops and Torrance restaurants, feel the sun on your skin in this beautiful southern California city. You won't forget your experience and the fun places you experience.

The city of Torrance is located in Los Angeles County, California, and comes with a rich and adventurous historyWhether you want to shop until you drop, head to the beach, or sample as many foods as your heart desires, Torrance has a range of things to do with families and kids. 

You can easily spend a full 24 hours or weekend in town, so you came to the right place if you're wondering about things to do in Torrance or how to spend 24 hours in Torrance.

12 PM - Let's eat

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert. Eating is definitely one of the best things to do in Torrance. Grab a quick lunch. There are a ton of delectable eateries nearby for visitors to choose from. Are you craving seafood, pasta, steak, what'll it be? Torrance has a variety of international food stops like Mitsuwa Marketplace (Japanese), Habana Vieja Cuban Cuisine & Cafe (Cuban), King Mediterrano (Greek), & plenty of ramen too. There are loads of local favorite restaurants in the city of Torrance offering a mouthwatering array of options for date night, all the family, foodies, kids, and adults alike. 

Things To Do in Torrance, California: A 24 Hour Travel Guide
Afternoon Stroll at El Prado Park

1 PM - Enjoy nature

Enjoy the exceptional Torrance weather & stay outside. There's no shortage of soothing views and beautiful things to do in Torrance. Check out El Prado Park, Los Arboles/Rocketship ParkMadrona Marsh Nature CenterWilson Park, Miramar Park, & more. The South Coast Botanic Garden is nearby & worth a trip. We particularly loved the Garden for the Senses section.

Things To Do in Torrance, California: A 24 Hour Travel Guide
Two Taster Flights at The Dudes' Brewing Company

3 PM - Quench your thirst

Torrance has a popping craft beer scene. We visited The Dudes’ Brewing Company & HopSaint Brewing. I recommend getting a flight so you can test out flavors. Get a feel for a range of a brewery's beers without committing to a whole pint. There's also Monkish BrewingSmog City Brewing, & many, many more!

Things To Do in Torrance, California: A 24 Hour Travel Guide
View of Del Amo Fashion Center

5 PM - Let's go shopping

If you want to get your shop on, visit Del Amo Fashion Center. It's absolutely enormous. Fred & I may or may not have gotten lost. Okay, we totally got lost. It's that big. It's also very pretty. I've never said a mall was pretty before, but it is. I did a mini photoshoot by a full plant wall. 

Things To Do in Torrance, California: A 24 Hour Travel Guide
Dinner & Drinks at Brio Coastal Bar

7 PM - Dinner time

Remember when I said eating is a delightful thing to do in Torrance? It still applies. After you're done shopping, explore more of the restaurants Torrance has to offer. We enjoyed a patio dinner & drinks at Brio Coastal Bar as the sunset. Pure bliss! Or go for Great Maple right next door. Other highly rated options: Ramen Yamadaya, Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, & STACKED.

Things To Do in Torrance, California: A 24 Hour Travel Guide
Residence Inn Los Angeles Torrance/Redondo Beach Lobby

8:30 PM - Play time

The night is yours. After all, you're within driving distance to many popular Southern California hot spots. Want to stay local? Browse the Torrance events to see what's happening. Watch a movie at AMC. Take an evening walk at Torrance Beach. Maybe you're tuckered out & simply want to rest in your hotel room, watching TV in bed. That's cool too!

9 AM - Bake me a cake as fast as you can

Sleep in, then enjoy some freshly baked goods. Stop by Torrance Bakery. Prepare to wait in a line & make sure you get a number! Taste something different & go for the Hawaiian Paradise Three-layer cake from King’s Hawaiian Bakery — made of guava, passion, & lime chiffon cake filled with whipped cream & topped with guava, passion & lime fruit glaze. Heavenly.

10 AM - Tea time

Wash down your sweets with a hot cup of tea at Chado Tea Room. We randomly stumbled upon it & thought it was too cute to pass up. We got a pot of Island of Mauritius, a black tea with a pop of vanilla, but they have a thick booklet of teas to choose from.

Things To Do in Torrance, California: A 24 Hour Travel Guide
Bee at South Coast Botanic Garden

11 AM - Learn a lil something new

If you're interested in history, there are museums and exhibits to expand your knowledge.  Got some time to spare before you head out? Spend a couple hours visiting the Chen Art Gallery, Western Museum of Flight, Torrance Art MuseumSouth Coast Botanic Garden, or maybe lurk around to find the film locations in Torrance. Torrance has been featured in movies like American Beauty, Bruce Almighty, & She's All That.

Things To Do in Torrance, California: A 24 Hour Travel Guide
Hawaiian Paradise Three Layer Cake from King’s Hawaiian Bakery

Fun Things To Do in Torrance, California

Whether I was munching on fresh pastries, getting lost at the Del Amo Fashion Center, or relishing in the warm temperatures, I truly had a fantastic time discovering Torrance. It has a variety of things to eat, drink, see, & experience. Are you in? Discover Torrance! Other fun things to do in Torrance are the Torrance Farmers Market, Torrance Antique Street Faire, Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Torrance Historical Society, Torrance Promenade, and much more. There are art galleries and fine art, delicious desserts, movie theater, outdoor activities. It's the place you can bring your entire family. Go on an exciting adventure in Torrance. No matter what day of the week you visit, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or perhaps sometime in the middle of the week, there is always the opportunity to escape. Other cities to check out are Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Long Beach.

Things To Do in Torrance, California: A 24 Hour Travel Guide
Enjoying Life at South Coast Botanic Garden