San Diego's craft beer scene began in the 1990s, expanding from a handful of breweries to 125+ (& growing). With the #SDBeer scene well established, grab your passport & let's head to Tijuana, Baja California for a delicious array of beer at an affordable price. 

Cheers from Tres Fuegos Cervecería!

Watch out for the growing craft beer scene in Tijuana, a border city in Mexico, just south of San Diego. Craft beers range in price, but cost around $4 on average, a bargain to the $7+ craft beers of San Diego. I checked out a few local breweries during my Tijuana travels. Here are my findings!

The flight board from Donkey Punch Brewing Co.

Donkey Punch Brewing Co.

Located on Paseo de los Héroes, Donkey Punch offers a good range of beers like blonde ale, imperial stout, or coffee porter. They have a flight board in the shape of a donkey ear - pretty cool!

Border Psycho Brewery

Try the Imperial Psycho Ale or La Perversa (double IPA). Better yet, order a flight. Take a peek at their tap handles while you're at it. Spoiler alert: they're dildos.  

Insurgente has an eye for design & packaging.  I tried Cervecería Insurgente while visiting Festival Plaza in Rosarito, Mexico. The La Lupulosa is an American-style IPA with 7.3% ABV (alcohol by volume). 

A recently revamped Pasaje Rodríguez

Mamut Brewery Co.

Don't miss Mamut Brewery Co. inside Pasaje Rodríguez, an arts & culture alleyway. Pasaje Rodríguez used to be an arcade for tourists in the 1950s but relaunched in 2010. Mamut offers India Pale Ales, stout, amber, & more.

A look at Teorema/Lúdica Co. Tasting Room

Teorema/Lúdica Co. Tasting Room

This sleek tasting room allows you to sip inside or people-watch Avenida Revolución from the patio. I loved the minimalist look & convenient location to downtown Tijuana.

Tres Fuegos Cervecería

Browse the murals & art throughout the brewery, then grab a table near the balcony. They usually have three house-brewed beers, with the rest being guest. We stopped by for a pint one night but they invited me back to taste some of their vegetarian cuisine options.  A yummy bonus!

Vibra Tap Room

Stop by Vibra if you enjoy unique flavors like the Hu La La... (peanut butter cinnamon milk porter) or Aloha (fruit beer with tangerine & peach), among others. Grab your beer & head to the second story balcony to enjoy the view/sunset/nightlife.

By the time you're done reading this, another brewery popped up in Tijuana, Mexico! Tijuana's craft beer scene continues to grow, so what are you waiting for? Pack your passport & get hopped up on North Baja California's breweries & taprooms. See you there. Cheers! ¡Salud!

When in Tijuana, make sure to stop by Playas de Tijuana, Mexico.