If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, you might have always wondered where is Stars Hollow? Where was Gilmore Girls filmed? Can you visit the set or go on a Stars Hollow tour? I answer all of these questions & more. Scroll down to find your question & the answer to it!

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Visiting the Gilmore Girls Location: Where Was Gilmore Girls Filmed? Where Is Stars Hollow? Lunch at Lorelai's
I ate lunch & explored the Gilmore Girls filming location in Burbank, CA.

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I've been watching the Gilmore Girls series, written & created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, for over half of my life at this point. I remember being a tween pipsqueak when it first came out & I aged with Rory. In fact, I was partly inspired to study journalism because of Rory's career choice. The show ended in 2017, just as I finished up sending my college applications. I remember siding with Rory & my mom always sided with Emily, thinking Lorelai was too rash. As I age, I realize they all have their flaws, just like every human being on earth. Learn more about me here. You can also follow me on Instagram.

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Visiting the Gilmore Girls Location: Where Was Gilmore Girls Filmed? Where Is Stars Hollow? Stars Hollow sign
The Stars Hollow sign.

Where Is Real Stars Hollow?

Where is the real Stars Hollow?! Stars Hollow is a fictional town; it's supposed to be located in Connecticut in the United States. Unfortunately, there is not a real life small town Stars Hollow that you can visit. Although you can't walk around the town square to watch the ballet dancers practicing at Miss Pattie's & you certainly can't stop by for coffee at Luke's diner, you can see where the magic happened by exploring the Gilmore Girls filming location. It feels like a small town. If your first question is where is Stars Hollow? then the next question would be where was Gilmore Girls filmed? On a backlot in Burbank, California! Book your tickets for the Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood Tour.

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Lunch at Lorelai's Gilmore Girls filming location jeep
Lorelai Gilmore's Jeep & mailbox in Stars Hollow.

Where Was Gilmore Girls Filmed?

The Gilmore Girls series filming location is based in Burbank, California at the Warner Brothers Studios. Many popular films & TV shows are filmed here including Friends, Pretty Little Liars, Blade Runner,  & even the famous kiss between Spider-Man & Mary Jane. Yup, it was all filmed at the WB Studios in Burbank, California. That means Rory & Lorelai all our favorite Gilmore Girls characters walked around the set too. Buy a ticket for the Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood Tour.

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The iconic gazebo in Stars Hollow Where Was Gilmore Girls Filmed? Where Is Stars Hollow?
Gilmore Girls location: The iconic gazebo in Stars Hollow.

Amy Sherman-Palladino is the writer & creator of the show. Where was Gilmore Girls filmed? The pilot episode of Gilmore Girls series was filmed in Unionville, Ontario but everything else was filmed at the Warner Brothers Studios, including Gilmore Gils: A Year in the Life.

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I smell snow Lorelai Gilmore quote Stars Hollow filming location
I smell snow sign at Lorelai Gilmore's house.

Everything was filmed here, from the Dragonfly Inn to Lorelai & Rory Gilmore's cozy home to Sookie St. James and Jackson Belleville's house & everything in between. Even Luke's diner! Now when you visit the Warner Bros Studio Your everything is reused, so you might have seen Luke's diner in a different movie or show. They completely alter the set each time with paint, props, & other cool tricks of the trade.  It was so fun to explore the Gilmore Girls series filming location! Click here learn more about the Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood Tour.

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A Gilmore Girls Christmas: Holiday Lunch at Lorelai's

I visited during the Gilmore Girls Christmas & winter festivities. In 2018/2019, the event was called "Lunch at Lorelai's." In 2019/2020, they're calling it "Holiday Lunch at Lorelai's." They had a whole set up at Lorelai's house where you could enjoy your meal outside. I noshed on a veggie burger while sitting outside of Lorelai Gilmore's house. They also sold Poptarts & coffee. They had Gilmore Girls merchandise which I was very excited to look at but was disappointed that most items were gone & there was hardly anything in my size. Lots of smalls though!

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Visiting the Gilmore Girls Location: Where Was Gilmore Girls Filmed? Where Is Stars Hollow? Lunch at Lorelai Burbank  Warner Bros Hollywood Tour
Exploring the Stars Hollow set at Warner Bros Hollywood Tour.

I ate lunch in the small town of Stars Hollow. I stepped inside the iconic Gilmore Girls gazebo in the town square. So many good moments happen in the town square as they walk around. I saw Lorelai's beige Jeep & saw Rory's college admissions letters in the Gilmore mailbox. I took a photo in front of the Stars Hollow sign. It's an experience I won't forget.

This particular Gilmore Girls Christmas moment isn't always available; it's a seasonal offering & I just had to buy a ticket when I heard about the Lunch at Lorelai's house festivities. If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, then you have to experience this at least once. Now if only you could stroll through Chilton school. It's worth the money to have the memories, to have the photos, & to see some behind-the-scenes of a television series that I spent so much time watching over the years. Book your tickets for Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood Tour & make sure to tell your guide you're a Gilmore Girls series fan!

While there isn't a specific Stars Hollow tour, you can always tell your guide that you're a Gilmore Girls fan & they will tailor the tour toward what people like. They'll share filming behind-the-scenes, show you Gilmore Girls filming locations, maybe tell you something about the cast of Gilmore Girls. If you're a Friends fan, you can also visit Central Perk.

Warner Bros Hollywood Tour Lorelai Gilmore and Rory's house in Stars Hollow
Lorelai Gilmore and Rory's house in Stars Hollow.

More Information on Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Warner Brothers Studio Tours are offered in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin. ASL interpreted tours also available upon advance request. Click here to buy a ticket for Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood Tour. They tell you a bit about the Gilmore Girls cast. There were even acceptance letters fromYale & Harvard in the mail box.

If you want to delve deeper into the Gilmore Girls world, read Lauren Graham's book Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between).

Warner Bros Hollywood Tour Lorelai Gilmore and Rory's house in Stars Hollow
Where was Gilmore Girls filmed? In Burbank, California at Warner Bros. Studios.

Comment your favorite Gilmore Girls quote. I'd love to hear it! Have you visited the Warner Bros. studio? What are your favorite episodes? Did this answer your question about where was Gilmore Girls filmed?

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