Shopping for people you care about doesn't have to be an extremely expensive, daunting task. Businesses are making it easier than ever to find options that work for you: delivery, pick up, gift cards. Things have changed in the past year and are often more accessible and easy to use. Once you have an idea of what a person values or enjoys, it's so much easier to find some sort of gift that could be applicable to them. 

Take a look at these budding small businesses ready to make your day with the gift of cookies and goodies galore, sugar alternatives, hemp tea, and more! 

Flour & Branch

Flour and Branch Small Business Gift Guide Carmen Varner cookies

Sending a corporate gift or a birthday gift to a client? Want to surprise someone with some fabulously decadent munchies or enjoy them for yourself? Flour & Branch is one of those things that will make anyone who receives it smile with delight. Order the F & B Bakes’ Cookie Collection if you want one of each cookie: PB & J Stuffy, Nutella Stuffy, The Chipper, The Salty Sombitch, The Brookie, The Birthday Cake, and The Nutty Butter. Flour & Branch also has their massive marshmallow bars named Captain Fruity Monster Mallow and Captain Mocha Monster Mallow. 

The PB & J Stuffy with its blend of creamy peanut butter and mixed berry preserves topped with all-natural rainbow sprinkles is a fan favorite for a reason - so good. The Salty Sombitch, The Brookie, & The Birthday Cake are top faves for me. Oh & don't forget to warm up your cookie for maximum deliciousness. They are legitimately scrumptious and perfect for a sweets lover.


Shop Small Business Gift Guide Sukrin Carmen Varner travel lifestyle blogger

As a health brand, Sukrin is popular in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, making its way into the US market. Sukrin USA carries a range of all-natural, zero-calorie, low-carb sugar alternatives, naturally gluten-free and fat-reduced flours, low-carb, sugar, and gluten-free bake mixes and sugar-free chocolates. Buy the Best of Sukrin set if you want to try three of their bestsellers in one package: Sukrin Gold 500g, Sukrin Monk, Sukrin Syrup Gold. I like to use Sukrin Gold, which is an alternative to brown sugar, in my baking. Sukrin would make a great gift for someone who might be tracking their macros, people who love to cook and bake, and people looking for keto-friendly options.

For Joy

Shop Small Business Gift Guide For Joy hemp tea Carmen Varner travel lifestyle blogger

For Joy is a hemp-infused iced tea that offers a nifty spin on the classic iced tea. Crack open a bottle, sit on your noisy patio by a busy road, and enjoy as the chaos around you quiets down with each soothing sip. For Joy offers three options including the OG Hint of Sweet, Meyer Lemon Ginger, & Strawberry Mint. They're tasty (tas-tea!!) without tons of sugar. The OG Hint of Sweet is for perfect summer sipping. To shop these teas, visit the For Joy website

The Scottish Grocer

The Scottish Grocer

I love to travel and go to grocery stores; it's not only one of my favorite parts of travel, but of life itself. I thrive off of trying new-to-me foods. 
The Scottish Grocer imports fine, authentic foods, fabrics and clothing from Scotland. The ship to the US & Canada. The Stockans Thick Oatcakes (Red Pack) are super tasty, almost Triscuit-esque. I like to eat them with a touch of Mrs. Bridge's cherry preserves. Drool. Can't wait to travel to Scotland but until then a taste of Scotland will suffice. Check out what they sell on Amazon.

Agua Bucha by Mother Kombucha

Agua Bucha by Mother Kombucha small business gift guide Carmen Varner San Diego Blogger food drink beverage

There's nothing like the sound of that fresh crisp crack of a can. From the makers of Mother KombuchaAgua Bucha is a refreshing line of sparkling water infused with kombucha. It comes in flavors such as meyer lemon, grapefruit, and key lime while incorporating naturally occurring organic acids and B vitamins from the booch. These are so refreshing! I love popping one open as a daily ritual as the sun sets on my patio!

Searching for a tasty gift to give someone in your life? There are so many options out there that allow you to give the gift something delicious without ever even having to leave your home. You can shop all of these products with ease online!