Located in North County San Diego, Oceanside is a beautiful city with plenty of things to do, beaches to visit, and restaurants to eat at. It's a beachy spot with sun, surfers, seagulls, and sandy toes. Whether you're looking for beach amenities or how many beaches Oceanside has, scroll down to find out.

Oceanside Beaches: Best Beaches in Oceanside, CA
Best Beaches in Oceanside, CA

Oceanside Beaches

Oceanside beaches get even busier in the summer months, but that's to be expected. You'll usually find surfers, people walking around, etc. Each beach has many amenities such as picnic tables, shops, nearby restaurants,  snack bar, etc. There are plenty of cool beach spots, picnic areas, and hidden gems in the San Diego area.

  • Tyson Street Beach: 121 S Pacific St, Oceanside, CA 92054

Also known as Tyson Street Park, this beach is within walking distance of the Oceanside Pier. Tyson Street Beach is a popular beach since it has amenities such as metered parking, a parking lot, handicapped parking, restrooms and showers, a lifeguard tower, and picnic tables.

  • Buccaneer Beach: 1500 S Pacific St, Oceanside 

Buccaneer Beach is the smallest beach in Oceanside. Located near Lifeguard Tower 11 and Buccaneer Park, this small beach still has amenities such as free parking, Buccaneer Café, a gazebo, picnic tables, jungle gym, a basketball court, as well as the Loma Alta Marsh Footpath,

  • Wisconsin Street Beach 

Located at Wisconsin Street and The Strand, this Oceanside beach disappears at high tide, so keep that in mind if you want to walk the beach. You'll know you're in the right spot once you see Lifeguard Tower 7. 

  • Oceanside Boulevard Beach 

Located in front of Tower 9,  Oceanside Boulevard Beach is ideal for beachgoers, body boarders, etc. since it is closed for surfing during the summer months. 

  • Breakwater Way Beach

This Oceanside beach, located south of Oceanside Harbor, is the perfect place to visit if you want to barbeque and hang out. There is even a volleyball court for aspiring volleyball players out there. Enjoy the sun and sand then walk the jetty which is where the San Luis Rey River goes into the ocean.

  • Pier View South Beach: 200 The Strand North, Oceanside

Located south of Oceanside Pier, Pier View South has restrooms, showers, covered picnic tables, benches, and barbeques. This Oceanside beach is pretty popular for surfers, body boarders, and even some swimmers. However, you have to stay within the flagged area and can't swim or surfer within 100 feet of the pier.

  • Pier View North Beach

Pier View North is located north of the pier. It has paid parking, bathrooms, food and drink vendors to grab a bite to eat, bike rentals, the Junior Seau Beach Community Center, and more. While there is paid parking close by, this particular Oceanside city beach gets extremely busy during summer, so you might have better luck finding parking on Mission Avenue and Myers Street, or perhaps on Surfrider Way which is east of Pacific Street.

  • Harbor Beach

Harbor Beach is Oceanside's largest beach, which you can find by seeking out Lifeguard Towers 12, 14, and 16. Amenities include both free and paid parking, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, fire pits, and more. There's also the Clapping Circle, the Harbor Village, and the Love Lock Sculpture.

Oceanside Pier

The pier is worth visiting if you love ocean views and beach and park access. Learn more about the Oceanside Pier: Restaurants, Fishing, Parking hereCatch a performance at Oceanside Pier Plaza Amphitheatre or just watch people as they practice skating or dancing. It's also a good spot to just sit down and hang out. There is paid and free parking in the area.

Oceanside Harbor

Walk around Oceanside Harbor Village and enjoy the view. Find out about the Oceanside Harbor Restaurants here.

These Oceanside beaches provide easy access to Southern California's beauty. Whether you want a beach to surf at with rolling waves or someplace to BBQ with friends and family, there are plenty of beaches in the area to pick from.