Rain or shine, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you and the kids busy throughout the year. Take a look at this list of over 100 things to do outside to ensure you'll stay entertained no matter what. Most of these great ideas can be customized for adults, little kids, or for the family. Some of these are nature-based, while others are some of the best outdoor activities. 

There are many fun things to do outside for all ages, from hosting an outdoor movie night to a water balloon fight in the local park.

Many of these activities for the great outdoors are free (outdoor dance party, scavenger hunt, etc.), but some require payment, such as miniature golfing. Many of these can be done with items you likely already have at home, like making DIY bubbles. See how many of these you can do in a day or during summer vacation.

100 Things to Do Outside Carmen Varner writer blogger

100 Things to Do Outside 

  1. Make an obstacle course in the backyard or front yard 
  2. Spend the afternoon at an amusement park 
  3. Make a fairy garden 
  4. Play hide and seek 
  5. Walk around to see how much street art and graffiti you can find
  6. Do a nature scavenger hunt 
  7. Plan an outdoor movie night (you can get an outdoor projector screen or simply watch it on your phone or laptop)
  8. Make or play with slime outdoors
  9. Go to a local outdoor concert 
  10. When life hands you lemons, make a lemonade stand 
  11. Head over to your local farmers market for fresh air and produce 
  12. Calm down with outdoor yoga 
  13. Visit a dog park 
  14. Stroll your local botanic garden 
  15. Go geocaching 
  16. Play basketball 
  17. Play tennis
  18. Spend the afternoon cloud-watching
  19. Go stargazing
  20. Pull weeds from the backyard
  21. Paint a shower curtain (try a clear shower curtain or liner for this)
  22. Make a sensory bin
  23. Play with Legos or blocks
  24. Go horseback riding 
  25. Get binoculars to go bird watching (you can get a bird watching book and binoculars to better spot the wildlife)
  26. Take photos
  27. Plan a trip to a national park 
  28. Take a bike ride 
  29. Attend a basketball or baseball game
  30. Build an outdoor fort  
  31. Find a quiet spot in a park to read a book or listen to a podcast 
  32. Play frisbee golf 
  33. Play freeze tag
  34. Go to an outdoor ice skating rink 
  35. Spend time at a state park 
  36. Build a mud kitchen 
  37. Get artistic and draw on the pavement with sidewalk chalk (buy sidewalk chalk online here)
  38. Visit a pumpkin patch 
  39. Play board games outside 
  40. Go kayaking or conoeing
  41. Run through the sprinklers on a hot day
  42. Play or build a treehouse 
  43. Paint pet rocks 
  44. Do an outdoor workout
  45. Create a playlist and listen to it outside 
  46. Grill burgers or veggies outside
  47. Get the whole family to do an outdoor dance party
  48. Go on a walk to see if you can identify the nature around you (plants, flowers, trees, etc.)
  49. Tie dye shirts or beach towels outside so you don't stain anything (you can get a tie dye kit and pick color themes like neon colors, etc) 
  50. Get vitamin D and take a long walk on the beach 
  51. Wash your car inside and out 
  52. Hike local trails
  53. Go to a water park
  54. People watch outside
  55. Go swimming at a local pool, lake, beach, etc.
  56. Go surfing
  57. Run through the sprinklers 
  58. Cool off in the splash pad (there are splash pads for different ages, so you can keep this in mind)
  59. Look for bugs
  60. Watch the sunset or sunrise
  61. Try your hand at paddle boarding
  62. Try out your green thumb and plant a garden in your backyard 
  63. Fly a kite 
  64. Pitch a tent in the yard and camp there
  65. Explore your local park, beach, or forest 
  66. Write in your journal in a park 
  67. Go rock climbing
  68. Play a game of tug of war 
  69. Do a puzzle outside 
  70. Eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner outside
  71. Give your patio, balcony, or welcome mat a good wash 
  72. Paint rocks in fun shapes like fruits or vegetables 
  73. Hug a tree 
  74. Make s'mores (there are electric flameless s'mores kits if you don't have access to a fire)
  75. Go camping 
  76. Have a picnic in nature 
  77. Take an outdoor nap 
  78. Check out a book from the local library and read it outside
  79. Eat homemade popsicles in your backyard 
  80. Hula hoop (buy hula hoops online or at the store)
  81. Play hopscotch
  82. Climb a tree
  83. Make a bird feeder
  84. Walk the dog
  85. Lay in a hammock 
  86. Play capture the flag 
  87. Grab old magazine and make a collage outside
  88. Meditate in the great outdoors
  89. Play hopscotch 
  90. Build a fairy garden
  91. Head to a zoo or petting zoo
  92. Play catch
  93. Build an obstacle course
  94. Make DIY chalk paint 
  95. Make DIY bubbles (but you could go fancy with a bubble gun or bubble machine)
  96. Feel the grass on your skin on a sunny day 
  97. Attend an estate sale or garage sale
  98. Host a garden party
  99. Cool off with a water balloon fight (they also have reusable water balloons)
  100. Play mini golf
  101. Go fishing

100 Things to Do Outside Carmen Varner writer blogger

There are many fun things to do in the great outdoors. If you can't think of anything, refer back to this list. This is a fantastic way for kids to stay occupied during school breaks or vacations. 

When you're trying to think of a fun way to spend the day outside, you have to figure out what type of activities you like to do first. Do you prefer being active, like doing outdoor yoga or a bike ride? Do you like leisure activities like bird watching or strolling around a garage sale? Do you just want to do something minimal and be outside, such as reading? Figuring this out will help you find your favorite things to do for yourself, your family, and your kids.