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❋ February Foods ❋

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I love food! Food is what keeps me going. Literally. You know, because the calories are energy to make your body move & be able to function. I'm a nearly 10-year vegetarian, so I thought I would share what I eat in a month. This is not an all inclusive post by any means; I definitely don't have any pictures of any fruits or vegetables. That's my fault because now it looks like I eat bread & cheese all day & night. That's simply not true. I just eat it all day. ;] Here's a little look into a vegetarian's favorite meals for the month.

vegetarian enchiladas
Vegetarian enchiladas topped with queso fresco, lettuce, tomato, & radishes

lost abby brewery
Dank & Sticky beers from Lost Abbey

Orange juice, mug of ice water, homemade hash browns & red bell pepper scramble

stumblefoot brewing
Flight of tasters from Stumblefoot Brewing Co.

decadent desserts
Decadent desserts: mango dome, chocolate cheesecake pop, pistachio macaroon, pistachio ball

tomato pesto pizza
Tomato pesto pizza

perks coffee house
Brie cheese, apple, & fig jam sandwich on toasted baguette from Perks Coffee House

mac and cheese
Green veggie macaroni & cheese

My boyfriend is Mexican so I often get to eat homemade, genuine Mexican cuisine whenever I visit his family. Now I'm spoiled. When I go to Mexican restaurants they just don't do it how his mom does. Next time I'll capture some of my healthier meals so it doesn't look like I eat carbs all day.

Which dish looks the tastiest to you? What foods do you make regularly? Do you eat any ethnic food or foods you weren't raised on? :]

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That Horrific Moment When You Crack Your Phone

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I write this post hoping that the majority of you have had this experience: that wave of horror when you drop your phone, reach down to pick it up only to find it shattered. Shattered very much like my hopes & dreams & wishes.

crack your phone

I'd had my iPhone 5S for a little over a year before I finally cracked it. I recently switched my iPhone case which I purchased at the dollar store. Note: my previous case was also from the dollar store, so you can buy some really good products from there. The case in question had a really cool green cassette tape design, which many people complimented. They usually followed up the compliment asking if I even knew what a cassette tape is. DUH! 

crack your phone

When I'm driving I often have my iPhone charging & sitting in my lap; I usually need to follow the map for directions because I'm the worst at geography. Which way is west? How do I get home from here? I stepped out of the car only to have my iPhone crash onto the hard, black asphalt. 

It was night time so it was quite dark. I didn't even notice the cracks until I got inside. Terror washed over me. What was I going to do? How will I survive? Is there anything worse in the world? Then I realized that people have real problems, such as figuring out how to pay rent, trying to determine who will watch their kids when they go to work or the struggle of balancing university & a job. 

crack your phone

Yes, at first shattering my phone was the worst thing to happen; then I realized this is not even a real problem. I can fix it. There are worse things in the world than breaking your phone. At least you have one -- you have access to technology. Some aren't so lucky. That said, it was a learning lesson on not taking things for granted. Don't do it (easier said than done) or correct yourself if you do.

Have you cracked your phone? I can't be the only one, can I? How did you feel at the time of the horrific incident? What's another instance that made you feel thankful for all that you have? :]

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Supposedly Winter // OOTD

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

There's nothing like a bright & sunny day. It's even better when it's supposed to be winter. The key is to find balance. It may be perfectly nice when you're in the heat of the sun but once you step in the shade you're in for a chilly surprise. That's why it's always ideal to layer up, which is something I covered in what to wear on a California winter's day.

winter ootd

winter ootd

winter ootd

I found that lately I'm not as comfortable wearing jeans & pants. Maybe I need to find the perfect pair? Maybe I need to lay off the carbs? My current trend of choice is tights &/or leggings with shorts. It's warm. It's cozy. It's perfect to keep goosebumps at bay. Who needs those anyway?

winter ootd

winter ootd

winter ootd

I'd been avoiding most jewelry as of late due to some sort of weird allergic reaction I had to wearing cheap costume jewelry. I'm excited to be back in the accessorizing game. My rings read: Carmen & Fred. I am Carmen & my boyfriend is Fred. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned his name, but now there's no going back. :p

winter ootd

winter ootd

winter ootd

Shirt: Charlotte Russe // Shorts: Forever 21 // Leggings: Forever 21 // Boots: from my grandma's closet // Cat ear ring: Claire's (similar) // Infinity ring: Dog Eared Jewelry // Name rings: Fiverr // Bracelet: Buddhist temple

There's something so thrilling about switching up your routine. I rarely do anything with my hair, so even a small clip makes me feel like a new person. Wearing old jewelry that's been lying around for years feels like I bought something fresh. It's basically a good reminder to try something different. Do you feel the same way? What little changes do you make to your daily routine? What do you think of this outfit? :]

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Mug is All You Need

Monday, February 23, 2015

I love a good mug. Perhaps I got this trait from my mom. I'm often drinking hot tea & you need a lovely little mug to sip it out of. Obviously. My mom surprised me with this nice gift -- a Kate Spade monogram mug. Too cute.

kate spade mug

kate spade mug
My name is Carmen (duh), so my letter of choice is C. This mug kind of reminds me of Minnie Mouse, which I'm not ashamed to represent in my 20s. The white polka dots on the red background are refreshing & whimsical. I love the additional stripes inside the mug. A perfect little surprise after you've had a few sips. 

kate spade mug

kate spade mug

kate spade mug
Plus it's only $15 with a lifetime Lenox Breakage Replacement Program which means that if you break it you can get a new mug for half off the retail price. Now that's pretty good considering my reputation with mugs. Eek.

What do you think of this Kate Spade mug? Are you a mug person? What's your drink of choice? :]

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What to Wear on a California Winter's Day

Friday, February 20, 2015

What do you wear on a California winter's day? The sun is shining. The breeze is a little brisk. The clouds sometimes hide Mr. Sun & his warm rays from our pale skin. Don't get me wrong California is a huge state.

Northern California can actually get hella cold (that's NorCal lingo if you didn't know). I live in Southern California -- sunny San Diego -- which is basically a vacation year round. I have no concept of a true winter, but I do know how to dress for a California winter day!

* Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links.

Layer up & layer down - Layers are vital. Make sure you bring a cardigan, coat, jacket, leggings, pants, etc. in case it starts to get chilly. You may take it off in case the sun decides to start scorching or you can add a layer if it begins to cool off.

Tights & leggings are your friends - They are easy & comfortable to wear. You're not bogged down by heavy fabric, but you're still warm. Leggings are versatile & you can style them with sneakers or layer them in an infinite amount of ways.

Always bring a jacket at night - Bring a jacket just in case. Leave it in your car. It may be in the 70s during the day, but once the sun starts to set you'll see those goosebumps come into play. You won't regret it!

california winters day

These three looks give you a range of how to style your look for a winter day in Cali. A dress with tights & flats paired with a versatile jacket can give you enough warmth during the day & keep you going at night. You may want to change into thicker leggings vs. thin tights as this point.

A comfortable yet oh so chic button-up with flared jeans & wedge heels is the perfect outfit to wear to work, shopping with friends or brunch by the beach. The flared pant with heels gives your legs a long, lean look. Who doesn't want that?

My last look is something that I rock very often which is shorts & leggings. What? That sounds weird. Well it's not. I rock them here & here. It's comfortable, easy -- the ideal California girl vibe. Wear a long sleeve & you're good to go.

Which of these looks best suits your style? What do you wear on a winter day where you live? It's so interesting that over here it's literally 70 degrees & over in say New York, there are blizzards. :]

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The Importance of Transparency When Blogging

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Being transparent a.k.a. open & honest when it comes to blogging is absolutely imperative in order for your readers to trust you & keep coming back. Recently I was reading a post someone wrote about a protein shake diet. I commented & asked: "how did you feel after the 7 days of trying the shake?" They responded that they hadn't tried the diet. Sooo... Was it sponsored? Did they just want to give people information? Was this an affiliate link? Was this a fad they were in trying? Was it an MLM? Either way, it left me confused.

In the United States it's required by law that you disclose whenever you are being sponsored or receive money or free items in exchange for posting. If you want to read up on the .com Disclosures, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a whole guide concerning the use of endorsements & testimonials in advertising, which basically addresses endorsements by consumers, experts, organizations, celebrities, & bloggers.

social media basics

Disclosing isn't shameful

Bloggers need to support themselves somehow. However, the reader needs to be able to know whether you received something for free or you were compensated in some manner to write about a specific brand. It needs to be clear from the get go. There's nothing shameful about admitting that you were paid or received the item for free. Think of it this way: a brand wants to work with YOU because your blog rocks & fits their market! 

Disclose before & after

All too often do we read an enormous, positive, glowing review only to see that there's an asterisk at the bottom disclosing it was a paid post. There's nothing wrong with being sponsored or receiving products, but your readers should understand that you are being clear & conspicuous. It's recommended to mention something at the beginning of the post & then once again at the end. 

Respect your brand

Tell readers in the beginning of the post "This is a sponsored collaboration between myself & *X Brand*" & then have your disclosure once more at the end. If you want to be taken seriously, you must be open about where you're getting your products, whether you paid for it or you got it for free. It's better to respect the integrity of your brand rather than losing readers who don't come back because they're not sure if you're a reliable source.

Be transparent

If your makeup haul sounds like a giant ad with no disclosure, readers may be less inclined to stop by your blog again. Can readers trust you? Can they discern whether or not you're being truthful? If you genuinely love a brand, that's awesome. If you're writing a review because a company gave you product & you tell readers that you received money, that's awesome. If readers can't figure out whether you're being paid or got it for free, that's fishy. Be transparent.

Use certain words/phrases

Using words like "I bought" vs. "I received" can help your fans easily understand how you obtained your products. In my, Bath & Body Works Wallflower Review, I use words like "I spent" & "I scored a really good deal" so you can establish I paid for them myself. In my Aroma Naturals Review, I said "I received" early on, so you can immediately figure out it's not an item I personally paid for; I also add a disclaimer at the end of the post for clarity. Best practice is to disclose at the beginning & end of your blog post. Here's an example.

Questions to ask yourself:
1. Do readers understand the nature of my relationship with this brand?
2. What can I do to make my relationship more clear?
3. Do I have a disclosure included on the post?
4. Can I disclose at the beginning or in the top fold of my blog post?
5. Do I have a disclosure page so readers can learn more about the different types of for-profit options on my blog?

Readers love reviews, hauls, & knowing more about brands you enjoy. Just be truthful & your readers will love you & come back for more. Disclosing is something I've learned with time & I'm still working on perfecting it. Have you ever had/seen a questionable disclosure incident? What are your thoughts on blogger disclosures (or lack thereof)? :]

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How to Make Any Color Lip Gloss

Monday, February 16, 2015

Make your own lip gloss colors with items you already have at home! I've been experimenting with lip colors recently. I don't necessarily want to invest in a $20 lipstick when I'm not sure about the color selection. I took matters into my own hands. I had this enormous eyeshadow palette with 80 colors & so many different types of lip balms. I thought I could combine the two & create my own lip glosses...& I did!

Obviously, make sure your eye shadow is non toxic. You don't want to be putting something on your mouth that you may possibly ingest on the small-scale if it's toxic or unhealthy for you. I haven't died yet, so I'll take that as a good sign. ;D

diy lip gloss

diy lip gloss

Here's what you need:
+ eyeshadow 
+ lip balm 
+ lip brush

1. This is a relatively simple procedure. Just acquire your lip brush. Add a dab of your lip balm. Place it onto your hand or some sort of surface where you can mix it. I like using the back of my hand because the warmth helps the colors mix together effectively.

diy lip gloss

2. Figure out which color(s) you'd like to use. For this particular look, I mixed a couple shades of purple with one shade of pink. It turned into nice berry purple. I don't own any sort of purple lipstick so it's fun for me to mix & match & create my own customizable color.

diy lip gloss

3. Blend the lip balm & the eyeshadow color(s) onto your hand until you get your desired hue. Carefully apply the product onto your lips and & revel at your masterpiece.

diy lip gloss

This gloss is not long lasting, but it's great to use in a jiffy. I found that this lasts me maybe a couple hours if I don't eat or drink. This homemade lip gloss is definitely not a long-lasting, high-quality, high pigmented color, but this is wonderful for those of us who want to have a rainbow of colors at our fingertips without spending so much money to achieve the look.

diy lip gloss

diy lip gloss

I've created colors from an icy blue that perhaps Elsa from Frozen would like to represent to a warm berry color to a nice bubblegum pink. The options are limitless. Now it's your turn. Would you ever try this? Do you like the color I'm wearing? It's so easy!

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Ocean || A poem

Saturday, February 14, 2015

california ocean

Ocean || A poem by Carmen Varner

Have you ever wanted something so bad
so so bad
that it brought you to tears?
I don't mean those crying tears.
I'm talking about those tears of passion
& rage
& hope
& yearning.
The tears that mean the most.
The water droplets that fall from my eyes
in moments of pure admiration of the future,
in moments of wonder,
in moments of hopefulness
in moments of stress.
These moments come by stampede,
crushing my hatred
& taking over my soul.
I am not sad.
I am not crying.
These are tears.
These drops fell from my heart
& into reality.
I will try
& then I'll try again.
Then I'll try once more
until I become the ocean
my tears created
& the tide will bring me home.

By Carmen Varner

Try. Try. Try. Until one day you DO. This poem is for those of us who have a vision & want to achieve it. This poem is for those of us who have no idea where they are or where they're going. This poem is for those of us who are trying every single day regardless of everything that sets us back. You can do it. We can do it. Nobody knows how far you've come.

What are your thoughts about Ocean? Do you have any passion(s) that bring you to tears? Tell me a little bit about yourself. What are your goals? :]

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Bath & Body Works Wallflower Review

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Candles. Incense. Sprays. I love a good scent. I went to Bath & Body Works after Christmas for their sales, as per usual, & I spotted a sale I couldn't pass up. I've seen the Wallflowers for as long as I can remember but never wanted to pay full price for them. Victory is mine! I scored a really good deal.

* This post may contain affiliate links

bath & body works wallflower review

I spent about $32: got 10 Wallflower refills & one fragrance plug in. I tried to choose the least holiday-related plug in. They only had a pumpkin, snowman, or fir tree. I went for the tree. Hey, I like nature. Looking at their non-holiday fragrance plugs, I really love their pineapple nightlight, the palm leaf or the parrot.

bath & body works wallflower review

bath & body works wallflower reviewbath & body works wallflower review

Everything was on sale. The scent refills are normally $6.50 a pop; I spent only $2.50 each. The tree Wallflower plug is normally $9.50; it was half off for $4.75. I bought these after Christmas & have been using mine for about six weeks, so I have a good gauge of how they work. The associate said each Wallflower refill lasts about 4-6 weeks. I would say that's accurate, leaning more toward the 4-week mark. You can tell it's getting low when the liquid starts to disappear.

bath & body works wallflower reviewbath & body works wallflower review

How it works: Buy the plug, remove cap from fragrance, twist in the Wallflower fragrance refill, then plug it in. The Wallflower leaves a lingering scent throughout the room. Mine is located in the bedroom. Basically anytime you walk in you have a nice whiff of the scent. There are dozens of fragrance refills. Some of mine include Sparkling Amber, Be Daring Spiced Saffron Redwood, & Smoked Berries & Incense. 

bath & body works wallflower review

The Wallflowers are perfect for those of us who like a good smelling room. I recommend putting this in a smaller area because the scent will not be as strong. I'm pretty pleased with my $32 purchase; I think it will last me most of the year. Well, it'll last until the next big sale I hope! 

+ Smells great
+ Variety of scents & plug ins to choose from
+ Works best in small room
+ Low maintenance 

+ Somewhat expensive at full price
+ Doesn't work well in a large rooms

Have you purchased the Wallflower from Bath & Body Works? What was your experience? What's your favorite way to make your house smell lovely? On another note: any Valentine's Day plans? :]

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I'm Addicted to Carbs

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I have a confession everyone: I'm addicted to carbs! I can no longer deny this very obvious fact. Carbs come in every shape & form & size, most of which are foods I adore. Pizza, potatoes, beer, hell even an apple is a carb. Everything I love is a carbohydrate & I might as well come out & say it. I AM A CARB-O-HOLIC!

To quote Regina George from Mean Girls, "Is butter a carb?" YES! Because everything delicious is a carb. I didn't invent carbs so it's not my fault that they taste so damn delicious. That's not to say that carbs are bad; they are actually quite good for you.

everything bagel

Many fruits & veggies include carbs, which I was shocked to see when I was monitoring my food intake. I would pop everything in my food calculator, so it would break down the nutritional contents into carbs, fat, & protein. Even eating 100% clean I still ate a lot of carbohydrates. But that's nothing to be scared of. A banana has about 27 g of carbs, apple has 25 g while a piece of bread has 36 g. Yeesh.

Obviously, I would prefer the piece of bread. I love me some fries or rice or a nice craft brew. Although yes, there is a difference between complex carbs (fruits, veggies, whole grains) & simple carbs (unhealthy junk like cookies & chips). That's something to keep in mind.

Avoiding carbs is pretty much impossible, unless you want to forgo eating food altogether. That's not very healthy though. Like...we need food to survive. DUH! Therefore, that's why I chose to come forth today to express my addiction.

I am a carb-o-holic. I admit it. I'm okay with it. I will eat my carbs with joy. Are you a carb-o-holic too? What's your favorite carb? Do you have any foodie addictions? :]

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Coachella Outfit Essentials

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Coachella is notorious for its street style. The Coachella fashion varies from person to person, but overall it's got a very bohemian, hippie vibe. Last year we saw a lot of crochet, fringe, tie dye, flower crowns, frayed shorts, booties [[the shoes, not the butt]], wide brim hats, & layered jewelry. Coachella festival fashion is a world of its own.

The Coachella lineup this year is full of talented acts from Jack White to Drake to FKA Twigs to Tame Impala. The festival is located in Indio, CA, so get ready from some major heat waves. I picked a variety of on trend items as well as items I'd love to see at the fest. I'm staying away from the typical fringe & tie dye. Leave those at home. Mix & match these Coachella outfit essentials. Time to rage! :]

coachella outfit

Tops - The best way to start off any Coachella look is to wear your favorite band shirt. Take a quick look at the lineup & you'll figure out which one you want to rock. ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!?! Sorry, AC/DC reference. If you want to forgo the band shirt, you can always wear your prettiest bralet.

Bottoms - When it comes to your bottoms you want to be comfortable. It's hot, you're sweating & listening to music for hours upon hours. Go for a masterfully created embroidered or embellished pair of shorts. You can also go for a lightweight, beautifully draped skirt. It's airy & ideal for hot days but looks totally artsy.

Shoes - Wear your sneakers. They're comfortable. You don't need to be ashamed of looking too laid back because wearing your runners is the hottest trend. Not to mention, close toed shoes are vital when there are masses of people.

Accessories - Keep your accessories simple. It's going to be a sweatfest. You're going to be outside all day. Consider a sleek, edgy 5 panel snapback & a cool backpack to hold all your essentials like sunscreen & water. Always protect yourself from the sun.

For more information on when is Coachella, how to get tickets to Coachella, or how to survive camping, check out what I know about Coachella so far.

Which artist would you most like to see? Which Coachella outfit essential is on your list? :]

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10 Non Cliche & Totally Not Lame Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Have a jolly time this Valentine's Day with some non cliche date ideas. Dinner & a movie. How thrilling. NOT! This year we're doing something else. Let's try something new, create a challenge for ourselves. Think outside the box with these rad date ideas. You can mix & match these totally not lame Valentine's Day date ideas to create a richer experience. Let's do this!

* This post may contain affiliate links.  I included links to some items I like & if you make a purchase, I make a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

valentine's day date

If you're single: it's okay to be bitter on Valentine's Day because it's all a bit excessive -- the abundance of pink & crappy chocolates. But don't let it get you down. Valentine's Day doesn't make anybody love anybody any more. Love is good 365 days a year. You don't need a lover to go on a date by the way. I have friend dates all the time -- dinner, drinks, a movie -- & it's fabulous. Get your gals or guys together & let live.

If you're in a relationship: Take your sweetie pie on a really awesome adventure. Don't go to a terribly cliche & overpacked restaurant for dinner. The sheer mass of people who go to restaurants on Valentine's Day was off-putting enough for me to create this post. Time for a change.

1. Build a blanket fort - This will literally impress any human being with a soul. Bring out your inner child & reminisce about how carefree life used to be by building a blanket fort with your boo. You can't go wrong.

2. Exchange mix CDs - This used to be cliche, but nobody uses CDs anymore, so this is now uncliche. Weird how the times have changed, right? Create your own Valentine's Day lovelist or just copy mine. Music is wonderful because you can tailor songs to suit the individual. Follow up the CD with a nice homemade dinner.

brewery date

3. Go to a brewery - Yes, this really is on the list. I am obsessed with breweries.  I go all the time with my boyfriend as well as other friends. It's a fun environment without the annoying club/bar atmosphere. Support your local breweries.

4. Make a simple dinner - Grilled cheese. Spaghetti. Tacos. Restaurants are incredibly busy (& cliche) on Valentine's Day. I used to be a server & I know how hectic it can get. Who wants to wait 60 minutes for a table? Not me, especially when I'm (hangry) hungry. When you think about Valentine's Day dinner you don't think "let's do burritos." That's exactly what I'm going for.

5. Host a Palentine's Day party - Palentine's Day. The day to show how much you love your pals. Ask the girls (or guys) to come over & bask in the glory of friendship. Eat, drink, & be merry. Together. These Galentine's Day decorations are adorable.

6. Give a massage - Okay, this is kind of cliche but it's divine nonetheless. A massage is the perfect way to show your date you care about them. Grab some massage oil (the Carribean Rose Love Oil from Good Clean Love is HEAVENLY!) & ask if they have any stress spots that need attention.

panoramic view

7. Take a hike -  Get out of the house & go for a walk somewhere pretty. While most people are waiting for a table at a restaurant, you are free to enjoy the beauty of nature. Head to a park or a high peak & stroll hand in hand with your cutie. Feel the brisk air on your cheeks. Doesn't it make you feel alive?

8. Rent a horror film - Or an action movie. Just don't watch a chick flick. Don't do it. How cliche is that? A romance film on Valentine's Day?!! Who would have thought? Take it upon yourself to rent something out of character & interesting. In fact, a horror movie is even more of an excuse to cuddle. Hehe. You clever minx you. Go for Stephen King's It, The Shining, or maybe Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

9. Heart shaped pizza - A heart-shaped pizza is every girl or boy's dream. Do it. They will not be let down. **please read this, babe** They even have heart-shaped pizza pans so you can make it at home.

10. Attend a comedy show - One time my boyfriend took me downtown & we had a blast at a comedy show. It was jovial & hilarious & best of all, different. We had a happy time together. What more can you ask for? Laughter is the best medicine, & perhaps the best gift.

Don't be a cliche this Valentine's Day. Do something that your partner will remember & rave about. Which of these date ideas would you love? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment & share your non cliche & totally not lame date idea! :]

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