How To Be A Local Influencer & Get Invited to Events as a Blogger

In a world where bloggers are everywhere, how can you stand out? How can an influencer reach new people? The first step is to narrow your reach. Sounds counterproductive, doesn't it? In truth, you'll end up reaching exactly the right people. I went to an @midnight taping a couple years ago in Los Angeles & wrote about my experience. I never knew what an impact it would have on my blog.

Every day people search for @midnight related content, which leads them directly to my blog. Some of those people come to be regular readers. If you're wondering how to be a local influencer & how to get invited to events as a blogger, you've come to the right place. These are my insider tips to moving up that blogging ladder.

1. Check the Calendar

Look at the calendar of events in your area. What's going on? Are there any fashion shows? What about music concerts? Are there any grand openings for restaurants or cafés? Localizing your content will help you reach a new range of readers. Eventbrite is a great place browse for events; you can check for local conferences, festivals, tournaments, & more.

2. Browse The City's Official Website

Search for your city's official tourism website. Use keywords such as "San Diego Tourism," "San Diego Chamber of Commerce," or "Visit San Diego." Obviously, you want to replace San Diego with your own city. Once you access the various official websites, check back often & stay tuned for updates or events in the area.

3. Find PR Contacts

After you access your city's webpage, look for contact information or a "Contact Us" page. Shoot the PR or marketing person an email. Your email can be as simple as "Hello. My name is Carmen. I'm a local San Diego blogger. I found your email address on the San Diego tourism website & would love to be added to your publicity list. Feel free to contact me if you're looking for press coverage for future events." Since I've attended events, I'm now added to various publicity lists for music promotions, Los Angeles & San Diego happenings, grand openings, etc. It builds as you go.

4. Understand Your Demographics

In order to be invited to certain events, a third party has to understand your demographics. If you're solely a fashion blogger, don't expect to be invited to a foodie festival. The same thought process applies if you're the one reaching out to the PR contact. Make sure that your blog & brand is a good match.

5. Enhance Your Social Media Presence

It's not enough to have a nice blog anymore. Brands want exposure on various social media outlets. I went to an event that didn't even require a blog post, it simply wanted three Instagram posts with branded hashtags. Update your social channels regularly, but remember that each outlet is different. Look at your last five updates to get a feel for what others see when they first browse your profile.

6. Mention Brands

Do you love any brands? Mention them! It's important to begin mentioning & tagging brands that you genuinely enjoy & purchase. Your readers will take you more seriously when they know that you're writing about brands that you love in addition to the ones that are sponsored. For example, I bought some probiotic flax milk & tagged the brand with my comments about the yummy taste. Not only did the brand see & like the update, but someone tweeted back at me saying they would definitely have to try the product. Mentioning & tagging brands is beneficial for everyone.

7. Be Patient

Becoming an influencer doesn't happen over night. Results don't happen instantaneously. You'd never expect to lose 20 pounds in one day, so don't be disappointed if you're not invited to events right away. Keep at it & remain positive. These things take time.

8. Blog Regularly

Update often. Include quality photos. Continuing with the weight loss analogy, blogging takes consistent effort over time. You won't see immediate results. You'll look back in six months or a year & that's when you'll notice how far you've come. Figure out a blogging schedule that works for you & commit to it. I recommend updating 2 - 3 times per week.

9. Blog With Love

One of the most important things to remember is that you need to blog with love. Blog because you love it, not because you want free stuff. Blog because it's your genuine passion. Don't blog with the sole thought of making money, receiving fame, or getting free products. Life doesn't work that way.

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  1. Great advices especially for me as a new blogger. I live in Denmark unfortunately but I was thinking that maybe it's time for me to get out there with my blog. Would you recommend I have some business cards with me?

  2. Such a lovely & helpful post! I´ve never thought about searching/contacting the local PR person but it sounds like something that I could definitely do!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  3. loving these tips! I had not thought about contacting pr before, definitely worth a shot!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. I love the idea of checking local events for networking opportunities! I never thought of that!

  5. These are all great tips and I like how you focused the post about how to grow your blog locally because a lot of bloggers skip this step and try to gain an international base first.

  6. Cool, thanks for sharing some useful tips! :)

  7. These are great tips and points. I love eventbrite. There are so many events on there, and it really was fun finding fun activities and events when I first moved to LA. Reaching out and being proactive is really key in getting invites.


  8. Great tips, Carmen! Staying active in your local community is a must. Also it's good to network and meet new people, reach out to the ones that organize the events etc.

  9. This was such a great post packed full with useful tips! Forming connections with PR contacts is important and I love how mention blogging both regularly and with love :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  10. Totally agree with your advice :) It's kinda like if you speak to everyone, you speak to no one :)
    I def. need to up my social media game :)
    #stress #somuchwork


  11. This is a great post!! Great tips :)

  12. Thank you for those tips, they are great and very helpful <3

  13. These are all great tips! Thank you for sharing. Xo, Ellese


  14. Awesome tips! Especially about being patient, blogging is a lot of work and the success that comes from it takes time <3

    Green Fashionista

  15. Thank you for your help sweetie!!

  16. These are great tips! I have to agree with patience for sure!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

  17. This is such a great post! Cool tips, thanks for sharing!

  18. it is indeed very useful. I will actually try reaching out to PR companies. Thank you so much.
    xo, christianne

  19. These are amazing tips indeed. You are so right , everything takes time, nothing is going to happen overnight.
    Nina's Style Blog _ enter to win $60 Giveaway

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    Patricia // Patricia Stelmach

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    Thank you for the wisdom girl and have a fab christmas xx

  25. Great suggestions. Being genuine is key.

  26. Hi Carmen! Thanks for sharing all of these goodies! I am about to write down all of the information that you listed under finding local PR contacts in my planner, and then read this blog post again!

  27. OMG I didn't know anything about contacting PR. That is so interesting. I'm taking notes for sure. -Jocelyne from

  28. Really helpful tips. Thanks for sharing <3

  29. Definitely. Speak from your heart & understand who you're trying to reach. :]

  30. Thanks Gabrielle. Creating authentic connections with PR contacts is key. :]

  31. Definitely. One's own city can hold a lot of potential if one were to open their eyes & look. :]

  32. To each their own, but starting in your own neighborhood is a great place to begin. :]

  33. I've attended some cool events because of that. :]

  34. Contacting PR has given me some amazing opportunities. :]

  35. Try it out! Works really well & PR contacts appreciate finding new contacts/influencers. :]

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    Great info!
    xoxo Olivia

  41. I love your weight loss analogy. I feel like my blog has been growing soo slowly but you're right, it takes time! Thanks for all your tips!

    Simply Lovebirds

  42. I love this. I'm from Boston but they don't have a huge parent niche. It's almost like they're secret. I'm in year two. I'm starting to blend and finally get included and invited to other events in this niche etc.

  43. Late to the party but this post is right on time for me. I'm moving to a new city and would love to gain a new local readership and partner with new businesses. It is like starting over in a way. New contacts, new partnerships etc. Good reminders here!


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