Success is a Series of Small Wins

Hey you, 

I know you're a little stressed out lately. I know you've been feeling overworked & overwhelmed. I know you feel like your life is passing by & you're not really sure if you're doing what's best for your mind, body, spirit.

You wake up to the sound of the alarm & dread the rest of the day up until the moment you can come back home again. Then deep inside you still kind of dread it because you know you have to do the same thing again tomorrow. 

Success is a series of small wins. Things don't happen overnight; make sure you chip away at it day by day. 

If your goal is to quit your job by the end of the year, what is something small you can do today to benefit yourself? Maybe it's updating your resume. Maybe it's putting $50 in savings. Maybe it's taking an online class. Maybe it's getting a certification. Maybe it's spending an hour reading. 

If your goal is to lose 10 lbs by November, what can you do today to help with that? Maybe it's planning out your meals for tomorrow. Maybe it's spending 10 minutes doing yoga. Maybe it's going for a walk outside. Maybe it's opting for tea with friends instead of mimosas. 

If your goal is to travel the world, what small step can you accomplish today? Maybe writing down a list of your top destinations. Maybe it's browsing flight deal options in the coming months. Maybe it's sending in your passport application. Maybe it's setting aside $20 each week to build your travel fund.

Remember: success is a series of small wins. Figure out your goal & move forward every day toward it. It may feel frustrating at times, almost like you're not making any progress at all. But just you wait & see.

Do something each day, even if it feels so ridiculously small. Because after a year of daily effort, 365 small things is actually quite enormous.

You can do this.

Your friend, 


  1. Thank you for this. I started reading this and I honestly believe you were talking to me ha! I agree, every night I go to bed thinking of what I have to do, think is time to think on what I did.
    Really lovely post, it meant a lot really.
    To Read with Tea

  2. Thank you sooo much for this post. it came at the right time for me. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and It's all in the process of achieving success. Now I am certain every little step counts. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Carmen!! This advice seems so obvious but I tend to get lost in the big picture when it comes to the future. One small step a day is totally reasonable.

  4. Ooh this was really well written Carmen! Success is definitely a series of small wins, the little things always add up to create the big things. Thanks for this reminder :)
    Coco Bella Blog

  5. love this, such a motivating post. Small wins are definitely worth it!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. Good advice, it's important to remember that baby steps are important.

  7. These are great tips because there's so many things I want to try but I don't set enough time aside for them, so I need to try to do atleast something small each day x

    Velvet Blush

  8. Small gorals, FTW! I think we can definitely overwhelm ourselves when we look at the big/end goal!

  9. This is so good! Baby steps are so key!

  10. This post has come at the right time! My goal is to change my job in a year's time so I've got a plan as to what I want to achieve in a year: save a certain amount, redo CV, liaise with careers service etc. Sometimes there are setbacks and frustrations, but I stay motivated by remembering what my goal is.

  11. Such a positive thinking post! Loved all of it. Thanks for sharing xx Imogen

  12. Yes you must have actions in order to succeed.

  13. Thank you for this. What a great reminder. I do what I can to chip away at my goals each day, and it's been working! Just gotta have patience :)

  14. I feel lie I really needed to read this post. It is such a positive way of thinking and it something that I need to work on.

  15. This is so true. Every success is made by little actions. Sometimes we set goals that appear too big and we put ourselves down thinking we could never achieve them. What if we really split these goals into smaller pieces... wouldn't be easier? This is something I should also learn myself.
    Your post is very simple and for this simplicity, it is motivating. Thanks

  16. This is such a motivating post. Thank you for spreading positivity!

    -Viridianna |

  17. This was such a short and sweet post that really uplifted my spirits! I couldn't agree more, each step may look small but added together they are what bring us to our goals! I'm really looking to make steps towards my career as a teacher, and to really take my blogging to the next level and so I know each step is an important one! Thanks for the post lovely xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  18. Oh how so true. Thank you for this. It encourages me at the moment and it's giving me a pat on my shoulder, saying I'm doing just fine.

  19. I love this - sometimes we focus on these huge wins and accomplishments, but you're right. Small wins are so much more manageable, and put together they can accomplish huge feats!

  20. Great reminder....thank you! Every seemingly small action accumulates over time to reach one's goals. My personal mantra is "bite-size pieces".


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