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Diptyque candles were high on my radar for years, but I was too frugal to shovel over money when I hadn't even smelled them before. The candles are available in certain stores, but the closest store was an hour away. 50 candles are very popular. You'll see them in magazines, a celebrity must have a list, & in San Diego lifestyle blogger photos. They are chic. They are well known. But are they worth their hefty price tag? Some people don't feel comfortable spending $60 or more on a candle, while others could easily spend hundreds.

When someone told me that the Diptyque candle set was discounted for the Nordstrom Sale, I bought them immediately. I was on board for the $55 price tag, which Nordstrom says is normally a $75 value. Plus, I had a Nordstrom gift card to use. The timing couldn't be better! I haven't been able to find this type of deal again but if you ever find them on sale, it's worth a shot.

The Diptyque candle set comes with five fragrance favorites:

Baies - featuring notes of blackcurrant & Bulgarian rose
Figuier - featuring notes of the fig tree
Feu de Bois - featuring woody notes
Roses - featuring notes of changing roses
TubĂ©reuse - featuring notes of the tuberose flower

Size & Value

The 5-count set is an excellent way to test Diptyque candles without committing to the bigger, ultimately more expensive sizes. Each candle is 1.23 oz, about the size of a shot glass, so that's $11 per shot glass-sized candle. For reference, a 2.4 oz Diptyque candle retails at $35, & the 6.5 oz candle retails for $65. So, unless you find a Diptyque sale, the $55 Nordstrom Sale price is a fantastic value.

My candle care tips (for any candle brand)

The first light is the most important; be sure to keep the candle lit until the wax melts across the entire first layer. This will help you avoid the dreaded tunneling effect or memory ring. Once the ring is formed, it doesn't go away. Always burn until the entire top wax layer is melted. Always trim your wick before relighting.

The One Thing to Keep in Mind

There is no denying that Diptyque is a quality candle brand with powerful ingredients. However, don't expect these little guys to fill a big room. Because the candle surface area is small, there is less wax melting & thus, less scent to be dispersed. If I had gotten a larger candle, I believe there would be more scent emanating throughout the room.

The Verdict

The candles smell incredible. When cared for, they burn evenly. The packaging is chic. They last long. They look gorgeous in photos. They make me feel fancy. The candle set makes a thoughtful gift for a candle lover. If you value candles, this is a great value.

What do you think? Too expensive? Worth it? Have you tried Diptyque? Leave a comment! :]

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