About Me


Why hello! I'm Carmen. But I'm pretty sure you figured out my name by now. :]

I'm a lifestyle blogger, digital influencer, & social media coach based in sunny San Diego, California. My goal is to share thoughtful, honest posts on style, food, music, travel, entertainment, social media, & everything that makes life an adventure.

I've been blogging for six years! It all started my junior year of university with the occasional poem or short story.

I just quit my job to pursue my dream of blogging, coaching, & working remotely for myself. I worked as a social media professional for 4 years & found the corporate office environment suffocating, so I decided to make a change.

My heart is filled with wanderlust. This year I've seen Paris, France in the spring & Reno, Nevada in the summer. Next up is London in winter. I always keep an eye out for good flight deals, so maybe there's another trip on the horizon. You never know, right?!

I've been vegetarian for 11 years. I like to binge watch shows on Netflix. I have an ever-growing collection of mugs; my favorite is a cat one from my grandma. I love chocolate covered marzipan & Earl Grey tea.

I believe: aging is a gift we should accept with open arms, macaroni & cheese always should include a side of broccoli, & tea tree oil can cure practically anything.

Now I'm working as a full time entrepreneur. Follow me through my journey! I'm glad you're here. :]


© Carmen Varner // Lifestyle Blogger and Social Media/Blogging Coach
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