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 Who is IT'S CARMEN?

Why hello! I'm Carmen. But I'm pretty sure you figured out my name by now. :]

I'm a lifestyle blogger, digital influencer, & blogging + social media coach based in sunny San Diego, California. My goal is to share thoughtful posts about blogging, entrepreneurship, travel, food, & everything that makes life the grand adventure it is.

I've been blogging for 7 years! It all started in 2011 with the occasional poem or short story. Now my blog is read globally with readers in 108 countries - that's only within the last 30 days! 

I quit my full-time corporate job in June 2017 to pursue my dream of blogging, coaching, & working remotely for myself. I worked as a social media professional in corporate & agency offices for years before making the leap to solo entrepreneurship.

Fred, my boyfriend of 5 years, is a freelance writer who creates content for some pretty cool websites. He blogs occasionally too.

My heart is filled with wanderlust.  In 2018 I visited (Puerto Nuevo & Rosarito) Mexico, (El Paso) Texas, & manyyyyyy cities throughout California (Berkeley, San Francisco, San Diego, Encinitas, & more).  I always keep an eye out for good flight deals. I'm heading to Berlin, Germany & Barcelona, Spain in October!

I've been vegetarian for 13 years. I like to watch documentaries on Netflix. I have an ever-growing collection of mugs; my favorite is a cat one from my grandma. I love chocolate covered marzipan & Earl Grey tea. 

Now I'm working as a full-time entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, & blogging + social media consultant. Follow me through my journey! I'm glad you're here. :]

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