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 Who is IT'S CARMEN?

Why hello! I'm Carmen. But I'm pretty sure you figured out my name by now. :]

I'm a lifestyle blogger, digital influencer, & blogging + social media coach based in sunny San Diego, California. My goal is to share thoughtful, honest posts on blogging, travel, food, beauty, & everything that makes life the grand adventure it is.

I've been blogging for six years! It all started my junior year of university with the occasional poem or short story. Now my blog is read globally with readers in 108 countries - that's only within the last 30 days! 

I quit my full-time corporate job in June 2017 to pursue my dream of blogging, coaching, & working remotely for myself. I worked as a social media professional for 4 years before making the leap to entrepreneurship.

Fred, my boyfriend of 5 years, is a freelance writer who creates content for some pretty cool websites. He blogs occasionally too.

My heart is filled with wanderlust. In 2017 I visited FranceMexico, England, Nevada, Arizona, & various cities throughout my beautiful state of California. I always keep an eye out for good flight deals, so maybe there's another trip on the horizon. You never know, right?!

I've been vegetarian for 12 years. I like to binge watch shows on Netflix (currently making my way through Grey's Anatomy for the first time). I have an ever-growing collection of mugs; my favorite is a cat one from my grandma. I love chocolate covered marzipan & Earl Grey tea.

Now I'm working as a full-time entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, & blogging + social media consultant. Follow me through my journey! I'm glad you're here. :]

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