The City of Oceanside feels relaxed while simultaneously evolving toward a metropolitan city in San Diego County. I remember riding the train into Oceanside on my way down south from Orange County. It was a casual beach town, not quite as pricy as other San Diego County beach towns like Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar, La Jolla, or Pacific Beach. It was known for its laidback, lowkey vibes like the rock n roll hairstylist dude. Have fun in Oceanside CA North County with lots of family-friendly and fun things to do. Go to Oceanside Harbor, Tyson Street Beach, The Oceanside Museum of Art, Harbor Beach, the Surf Museum, Sunset Market on Pier View Way, Heritage Park Village, and Museum. It's a great place year-round.

Oceanside, California has museums, art, biking, and sightseeing spots. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take in the great views and many ways to relax, whether you want to watch the sunset or swim at the beach.

Top destinations include Oceanside Harbor, Oceanside Pier, Guajome Regional Park, & more. There's a bit of something for everyone, from surfing & sea lions to live music. You might also want to check out Things to Do in North County San Diego, California as well as 8 Things to Do in Encinitas, Ca. Only an hour from San Diego, Oceanside is an exciting city to visit, full of things to do and fun places to enjoy. Have you visited or lived in Oceanside California? What is your favorite restaurant, surf spots, sandy beach location, nightlife spot, nearby town?

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Artist's Alley  Things to Do in Oceanside California Restaurants Coffee Shops Downtown  Restaurants, Coffee Shops, What to See
Take a look at the murals at Artist's Alley in Downtown Oceanside, California.

History of Oceanside California

O'side has a long history! Its history begins in San Luis Rey Valley, which was rich in agriculture-rich. It was first explored by the Spanish Explorer Portola in 1769. By 1882, they laid a railroad from Los Angeles to San Diego through Colton, Temecula, Fallbrook, and down the coast. Oceanside is about 45 minutes away from Downtown San Diego. 

Downtown Oceanside

Oh, Oceanside CA. I used to walk along Downtown Oceanside to the beach from my social media internship office. There was an acupuncture place, a health food store, a burrito shop. They're all still there. Now the city of Oceanside feels as though it's geared to become the next hotspot for tourists and San Diego bloggers to get content. A new oceanview apartment pops up blocking the view of previous apartments. There's a coworking destination. A tequileria replaces a craft beer gastropub that wasn't even 4 years old. Oceanside CA is growing.

Whether you're looking for Oceanside restaurants, coffee shops, outdoor activities, or a unique activity, you'll find many things to do in Oceanside CA as it becomes a bustling part of North County San Diego.

Jalapeno & cauliflower mac & cheese from Local Tap House & Kitchen, Oceanside restaurants to try.  Things to Do in Oceanside, California: Restaurants, Coffee Shops, What to See
Jalapeno & cauliflower mac & cheese from Local Tap House & Kitchen, Oceanside restaurants to try.

Visit the Top Gun House

You can learn more about the Top Gun House here!

Downtown Oceanside Restaurants 

One of the top things to Do in Oceanside CA is to eat with a view of the shoreline. Take notes for some of my favorite downtown Oceanside restaurants. Oceanside CA has no shortage of food options and wine tasting. Adventures galore await in Oceanside, from day trips to San Diego to craft beers to cultural events. You can find paid parking and free parking, depending on where you're at. This coastal town features stunning views throughout the year, from summer to winter. 

Beach Break Cafe (
Beach Break Café) Beach Break Cafe's coffee cake is next level, bonkers delicious.

Masters Kitchen and Cocktail - Spice up your Mondays; Masters Kitchen and Cocktail has happy hour all Monday!

Local Tap House & Kitchen - The jalapeno & cauliflower mac & cheese from Local Tap House & Kitchen (also known as LTH) tastes incredible.

Panca Peruvian Cuisine & Rotisserie *now closed) - Fred & I went to Panca Peruvian Cuisine & Rotisserie years ago when I worked nearby by during my first social media job.

Other eateries include Hello Betty Fish House, Naegi, and more.

There's no shortage of Oceanside restaurants and dinner options. Browse Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Google if you have specific needs: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, etc.

Oceanside Coffee Shops

These are some of my personal favorite Oceanside coffee shops but there are even more that I haven't listed.

Banana Dang CoffeeBanana Dang Coffee has coffee, a solid smoothie bar, & Wi-Fi so you can sip n work.

Revolution Roasters Revolution Roasters is one of the most popular of the Oceanside coffee shops; the steady arrival & departure of people feels regular like an airport. Good coffee, tasty pastries, nice space.

Breweries and Craft Beer

A trip to Oceanside wouldn't be complete without a pint of craft beer. There are over 200 breweries in  San Diego County. In the city of Oceanside, there's Black Plague Brewing, Belching Beaver Oceanside, Oceanside Brewing Company, Legacy Brewing Company, Craft Coast. If you head to Tijuana, Mexico, read my mini-guide to Tijuana's breweries. What your favorite brewery in Oceanside CA?

Oceanside Sunset Market and Oceanside Farmer's Market

Farmer's markets are one of life's simple joys. The Oceanside Sunset Market takes place Thursday evenings from 5 pm - 9 pm. It's the destination to be. You'll find food, shopping, entertainment. The place gets packed. People bring their babies, kids, strollers, dogs. Teens hang out amongst friends. Couples walk around on a date night. It's one of the most quintessential things to do in Oceanside CA. There's also the Oceanside Farmers Market (Oceanside Farmer's Market) which happens in the day time!

Oceanside Fishing Pier Things to Do in Oceanside California Restaurants Coffee Shops Downtown Carmen Varner travel writer San Diego Blogger Things to Do in Oceanside, California: Restaurants, Coffee Shops, What to See
Enjoy the ocean view from the Oceanside Fishing Pier.

Oceanside Fishing Pier

You can't visit the city of Oceanside, California without walking near the historic Oceanside pier. This is one of the most classic things to do in Oceanside. You used to be able to eat at Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier; Ruby's was a 40s-style diner with American classics like fries, burgers, & milkshakes. So sad to see it close, it was such a great destination. Oceanside Pier is iconic. The Oceanside Pier is extremely popular amongst both locals & tourists. Once it opened back up after COVID, people enjoy walking & fishing on the wooden pier. The surrounding beach area also has lifeguard tower, picnic tables, and vendors like hot food booths to grab a bite.

Mission San Luis Rey

The Mission San Luis Rey has self-guided museum tours, and the San Luis Mission Rey mission gift shop. They even host workshops & retreats. The historic Mission Church is a National Historic Landmark, built in 1815. If you like missions, check out La Purisima Mission State Historic Park in Lompoc, California. Have you been to San Luis Rey Mission? You could visit the National Audubon Society as well.

Ride the Coaster or Amtrak

You can take public transportation from or to the city of Oceanside; you can also ride it down to San Diego. These are excellent modes of transportation near the pier if you don't have a car. As I mentioned earlier, I used to take the train up & down quite frequently. You can take Amtrak all the way up to San Francisco if you're looking for a trip idea. 

Things to Do in Oceanside, California: Restaurants, Coffee Shops, What to See Things to Do in Oceanside CA

City of Oceanside Street Art, Murals, & Graffiti

Both downtown & the City of Oceanside have street art, murals, & graffiti to view. While you're near town, be sure to check out Artist Alley to support local San Diego businesses & artists. Learn more Artist Alley Oceanside on their Facebook page. Pictured above is a mural by BB Bastidas at the Pour House Oceanside; there's a different mural there now. Experience some Oceanside street art, click here.

Go to the Beach

It should go without saying, but you should check out the beach & ocean views whilst visiting a city literally named Oceanside. Popular Oceanside beaches include Oceanside City Beach, Tyson Street Beach, Oceanside Harbor Beach, South Oceanside Beach. I could spend the day by Oceanside Pier, soaking in the melodic sound of the waves, reading a good book, & sticking my feet in the sand. Tyson Street Beach, also known as Tyson Street Park, is within walking distance of the Oceanside Pier. Enjoy the wildlife, cruise the sandy beaches, dine at a nearby restaurant.

Traveling to San Clemente? Learn more here for things to do in San Clemente, CA.

Oceanside Harbor Village

After Oceanside Pier, you can always head on over to Oceanside Harbor Village to get a true sense of the seaside town. You can just stroll along the harbor, browse the little shops, or even grab a bite to eat from one of the local restaurants. Obviously, fresh seafood is a good option if you're up for it. It's a small community but worth a visit if you're looking for things to do in Oceanside, California.

Buena Vista Audubon Society Nature Center

The Buena Vista Audubon Society Nature Center, located at 2202 S. Coast Highway Oceanside, CA 92054 is a popular spot. Their programs help foster knowledge and appreciation for the plants and animals that make up the natural ecosystem of our community.

Going on a trip to Lompoc, CA? Click here for things to do in Lompoc.

Other Activities and Things to Do in Oceanside, CA

The city of Oceanside contains a range of things to do. It all depends on your mood & your budget. Do you want to be outside? Are you hungry for some grub from popular Oceanside restaurants? It's your call. There are outdoor activities like whale watching tours, indoor skydiving, surf lessons. It is a destination spot! You could head to the museums such as the California Surf Museum & Oceanside Museum of Art. Oceanside CA has a lot of beach activity too. 

Other things to do in Oceanside, California include eating lunch or brunch, grabbing a drink at one of the eateries or at The Rooftop Bar, taking in the arts and culture, savoring the amazing beauty of the area, swimming at the beach, going on a hike, staying at a hotel,

Go to Oceanside Harbor, Harbor Beach, the Surf Museum, Sunset Market on Pier View Way. Drive Coast Highway (Coast Hwy). You can rent a bike and spend the morning enjoying the view of the ocean, beaches, people fishing or surfing. There are skate parks, trampoline parks, and plenty more. From wine to events to art galleries to trails to picnic views, visitors could spend a lot of time exploring Oceanside's wonder.

San Diego County is huge. What are your favorite Oceanside restaurants? Can you recommend any cool Oceanside coffee shops, either in downtown or anywhere within the city of Oceanside? What's your favorite thing to do in Oceanside CA? Leave a comment! :] Lots of family-friendly and fun things to do in North County.

There are plenty of Oceanside attractions, hotels, and fun ways to spend a weekend trip for both tourists and local residents. This coastal city does get busier, as expected, during the spring and summer months due to its beach proximity and tourist attractions. One of the best things to do in Oceanside CA is to take it easy. You could eat some tasty food for fish, enjoy the coastline or marina, stroll the farmers market, or head over to the Pacific Ocean to walk around the Oceanside Harbor. Learn about the Oceanside Harbor Restaurants here. Really, you can make your own self-guided tour filled with beach activities, art, local fun, a leisurely stroll of the coast, surfing, fishing, and plenty of places to watch the sunset views.

More recently I am constantly impressed by how this city is growing toward more metropolitan status but without losing what makes it Oceanside (and North County). What are your favorite things to do in Oceanside CA?