A day like this

by Carmen Varner

It's a day like this
 that makes me want to stay inside. 
The rain pours 
and the skies are grey.
I wouldn't want to leave the house anyway.
I wish I could stay in bed, 
under the covers, 
warm and sheltered from the tears of the atmosphere.
It's a day like this
I feel more confused about my existence than ever.
It's so perplexing how the weather
and our moods
can be so easily swayed.
It's a day like this
I'm reminded of how small I am.
Nothing revolves around me;
I revolve around the sun.
And when I feel down,
I realize the skies don't lie.
They're up there,
up so high.
It's a day like this
I understand I must journey on,
even if heaven cries.
The world won't stop for me,
so I must continue my adventure regardless.