Get some snacks, watch some movies, and get together with a bunch of your friends for a fun sleepover. This list of ideas contains more than 100 things to do at a sleepover party. You can set up the sleepover in a bedroom or living room, depending on the size of the room, the number of kids or teens at the sleepover, and the comfort level. 

100 Things to Do at a Sleepover Carmen Varner

Whether you want to invite your best friends over for a slumber party or your teen wants to invite a group of guests over for a girl's night, there are many ways to have fun and enjoy the night. And you never have to leave the house. This list will give you several ideas on how to create a night to remember as well as some sleepover games that you can play. A sleepover party for girls or boys doesn't have to be a big occasion, it could be with one close friend! 

If you are a teen or tween, be sure to ask your parents permission to do the ideas on this list like using the oven or whatever your house rules are. 

Want to host your guests for a sleepover on a budget? There are a lot of free and fun things to do too!

Fun Things to Do

  1. Play Truth or Dare.
  2. Play 20 Questions.
  3. Play Would You Rather.
  4. Play Two Truths, One Lie.
  5. Play Never Have I Ever.
  6. Play MASH.
  7. Play charades.
  8. Do a few rounds of hide and seek.
  9. Have fun and do a few rounds of I Spy.
  10. Enjoy playing a few video games.
  11. Play a funny card game like Cards Against Humanity.
  12. Use a Magic 8 Ball and ask it a bunch of questions.
  13. Pillow fight, but don't smack each other too hard you break a pillow (or a tooth!!).
  14. Play ring toss. You can use glow sticks at night to have a bit more fun.
  15. Host a themed party. Whether it's Harry Potter, old-school Hollywood stars, medieval, pick a cool theme and run with it. Everyone can dress up. You can even decorate the house.
  16. Host game night. Take turns to play your favorite game for each person.
  17. Game and movie night. This will be so much fun! Games and movies could last the entire night!
  18. Do a DIY project. You can find a craft to create on YouTube, TikTok, etc.
  19.  Watch a movie marathon. You could watch each of your favorite movie or do a series (like Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.)
  20. Watch movies none of you have ever seen before. Watching it together will be so much fun.
  21. Make popcorn and watch some TV shows or a TV series.
  22. Watch funny videos on YouTube.
  23. Have some fun with board games like Clue, Monopoly, Sorry!, chess, etc.
  24. Get a special edition Monopoly to play that the kids or teens will like. There are different ones like SpongeBob Meme Monopoly, there's a Star Wars edition, and many more.
  25. Try your hand at cards games like Go Fish or War.
  26. Sing some karaoke.
  27. Play music. You can use a recorder player, play CDs, or cassettes.
  28. Play a random Spotify playlist with each guest's favorite songs.
  29. Play top trending songs, like Top 40 or a current TikTok playlist.
  30. Do a scavenger hunt.
  31. Do a virtual museum tour.
  32. Tell scary stories in the dark.
  33. Watch scary movies.
  34. Create a pillow fort in the living room or other open space.
  35. Have a water balloon fight outside.
  36. Spa night. Put on face masks, give yourselves fresh manicures, pedicures, it can be simple and all about self-care amongst friends.
  37. Create a vision board. Bring old magazines, newspapers, glue sticks, scissors, and compile them into a vision board to bring your goals and dreams to life.
  38. Do a spa day with face masks, body scrub, etc. 
  39. Make a DIY cinnamon sugar body scrub.
  40. Make a tie-dye a shirt with bleach. Click here to learn how to make it.
  41. Host a dance party. Play your favorite songs and dance it out.
  42. Dress up and throw a costume party. Pretend to be different characters with backstories.
  43. Film a TikTok video.
  44. Learn a fun TikTok dance.
  45. Paint your nails. You could even do a different color for each nail or get creative with the designs.
  46. Draw. Draw still life, draw each other, draw random shapes. You get the idea!
  47. Paint. You can try to recreate a painting, paint each other, or get creative with it. You and your friends might create a masterpiece.
  48. Paint with your eyes closed.
  49. Paint rocks.
  50. Host a virtual Zoom party for friends who couldn't make it.
  51. Do a talent show and each person can show off a talent of theirs.
  52. Write a letter to your future selves.
  53. Solve a puzzle.
  54. Do a crossword puzzle.
  55. Solve a Sudoku puzzle.
  56. Do a few Mad Libs. They even have a Sleepover Edition of Mad Libs!
  57. Rearrange the furniture or the room to make it feel like you're in a new place.
  58. Camp in the back yard or set up your sleeping bags in the living room.
  59. Have a quiet night and each of you read a book or your favorite book.
  60. Start a book together. Each person can read a page out loud and then pass the book.
  61. Star gaze.
  62. Cloud watch.
  63. Search for four leaf clovers in the backyard or outside.
  64. Throw some hoops.
  65. Make slime.
  66. Put on a puppet show.
  67. Make puppets out of whatever you have in the house. Get more creative the better.
  68. Host a clothing swap. Each guest brings some items they want to get rid of and then friends can swap with each other!
  69. Have an indoor picnic.
  70. Have an outdoor picnic in the backyard or just outside where you can make it work.
  71. Make a snack platter or kids or teens charcuterie board.
  72. Do a snack exchange. Each person could bring a bunch of snacks and then try them out.
  73. Make ice cream sundaes.
  74. Make homemade cookies.
  75. Make some weird popcorn flavors. See what you can come up with. Chocolate chip and cheese? Might be good?
  76. Make s'mores. It's easy. You only need chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. You can microwave it to make it easy.
  77. Make an ice cream bar with all the bowls, spoons, and toppings set up. Each kid at the sleepover party can make their own ice cream bowl.
  78. Make homemade pizza. You could buy some dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings at the grocery store or Trader Joe's, or some store like that.
  79. Eat breakfast for dinner. Eggs, pancakes, bacon, all that good stuff.
  80. Enjoy the fun of a fondu pot. Make your food and eat it too.
  81. Make paper airplanes and see whose paper plane flies the furthest.
  82. Make homemade bubbles and see what shapes you can come up with.
  83. Create DIY friendship bracelets.
  84. Take a group photo or do a group photoshoot.
  85. Do each other's hair.
  86. Tie-dye t-shirts. You can buy party kit tie dye packs on Amazon - click here to check it out.
  87. Create a collage.
  88. Make a time capsule of your night together.
  89. Make ice slushies by freezing water and creating your own syrups with sugar and flavorings.
  90. Try to learn a new instrument.
  91. Talk about your favorite TV shows.
  92. Talk about where you see yourself in five years.
  93. Talk about your goals and dreams.
  94. Order food from a local restaurant. You can eat in or takeout.
  95. Talk and catch up with each other. How have you been? What have you been doing? Interested in any movies, books, TV shows? What's your current hobby or obsession?
  96. Feeling tired? Get your beauty sleep and head to bed early.
  97. Do an outdoor adventure. Walk around, explore.
  98. Play flashlight tag at night in the back yard.
  99. If there's a pool, lake, etc. nearby, go for a swim.
  100. Watch the sunset.
  101. Watch the sunrise.
100 Things to Do at a Sleepover Carmen Varner movies to watch

Truth or Dare and Other Sleepover Games

Popular sleepover and slumber party and sleepover classic games for girls or boys include Truth or Dare, 20 Questions, Would You Rather, Two Truths, One Lie, Never Have I Ever, MASH, hide and seek, scavenger hunt. You can also play good old classic board games like Clue, Monopoly, Sorry!, Life. There are a lot of apps too, such as Heads Up. When in doubt, ask your kids or teens what they are into.

Slumber Party Essentials

Not sure what to bring to a sleepover party? These are some ideas:

  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Pijamas
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Period products, if needed (pad, tampon, etc.)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Hair tie
  • Phone
  • Phone charger
  • Any needed medicine/medication

Sleepover Snack Ideas

There are plenty of good snacks available at your local store. You can buy in bulk at Costco or someplace like that, or you can shop for what works for you and your family. It also depends if the sleepover is geared for kids, tweens, teens, or just a good old-fashioned girls night.

  • Popcorn
  • Chips
  • Veggies and ranch or some sort of tip
  • Chocolate
  • Pizza (Buy your favorite frozen pizza or make it homemade)
  • Water (Bottle or Tap Water is fine)
  • Ice
  • Soda (cola, rootbeer, orange soda, etc) 
  • Juice
  • Wine / Beer (For adults, obviously)
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100 Things to Do at a Sleepover Carmen Varner games to play

Use What You've Got

You're bound to have loads of fun with this list of more than 100 things to do at a sleepover party for girls or boys. A slumber party is a great way to spend the night with your close friends, get to know each other even more, and just have loads of fun. No matter your age, whether it's a kids party or a sleepover for tweens, teens, or adults, sleepovers are a great way to make some memories that you can laugh at years from now. I remember the hilarity that ensued when my friends stayed up late make a fake music video as Led Zeppelin as teens. 

You can do a lot in a house or apartment. Plus, they're harder many many things you can do that are free and don't require any additional cost. You can use you have a house and make the most of your get-together with your besties.