He asked her to tell him a secret, something she had never revealed to another soul. Natalie pondered this question for a while. After all, everything that goes on in one's mind is technically a secret, since nobody quite knows what's going on in there. She wracked her brain and then she thought of it.

"First I was perplexed, blissfully unaware or perhaps unawarely blissful," she began. "I had an unparalleled trust for humanity, the universe."

Natalie looked at Johnnie. His eyebrows furrowed in a look of confusion.

"A stranger offered me candy," Natalie explained. "I was going to say yes. Hell yes! I was a kid; I wanted candy," she continued.

"But the older girl next to me declined for the both of us. I am thankful for that moment now," she looked down at her hands, which were clasped together in her lap. Natalie looked at Johnnie again. He peered directly into her eyes. Did he see farther than just her face? Did he see into her mind? Her soul? Or was she just tripping?

"And what's more important is that nobody but the three participants of that occurrence knew. I've never told anyone that. So there you go," Natalie said without looking up. She hoped that was a sufficient enough secret, because she didn't trust him enough to tell him more.