NAME: Lizzie Armanto
AGE: 19
LOCATION: Santa Monica, CA

Photo by: Ken Hada, used with permission

How long have you been skating? 5 years.

Why do you skate? People tend to do what they like and for me skateboarding is one of those things.

What do you having coming up? There's two contests coming up this month, one in Portland, Oregon and another in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Schools coming up and filming some more. Hopefully getting to the beach and surfing more. Other then that, lots of eating and sleeping.

In terms of skaters, who do you look up to? I look up to my friends but I mostly look up to Pat Ngoho. There's tons of people who can skate and do tricks but not everybody has a nice style. Pat's got it down, without trying. He's rad.

What do you do when you're not skating? Well, I'm probably eating, sleeping, or on my phone. Other then that I like cooking. I am learning how to surf and getting driving down. I finally got my license this year. I have a blog that I share with two of my close friends []. I sometimes draw. Film adventures/trips and edit videos.

So you were in Thrasher. How did that feel? It's just a building in the sketchy part of town, so pretty good.

What's the next step? Forward.

What advice do you have for the skaters reading this? Do what makes you happy and have a passion for whatever you do.

What's one unknown fact about you? If I told you it wouldn't be unknown.

What's your favorite TV show, musician and movie? Don't watch TV enough to have a favorite show. My favorite musician is Kate Nash/Katy Perry, I like them both. For movies I'd have to say the Original Pink Panther Series.