This is a list of nice words. Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words? Or maybe you're stuck in a word rut? "Dinner was great. The movie was cool. She looks cute." What other positive words exist? How about adding a little zest? "Dinner was phenomenal. The movie was marvelous. She looks glorious." Oh yeah, I like the sound of that. It just sounds joyful & happy.  

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We need more variety, happiness, and positivity in our lives. Let's start with our words, our thoughts, our vocabulary. These are positive words. They are adjectives for the good things. Note: this list is draggable. Drag it from my blog to your desktop. Share it with friends. Use these words. Life is like poetry. We can express ourselves however we want. Let's enrich it. 

These are positive words you can use in everyday life or in your writing. If you're writing, you may be looking for attractive words and synonyms to use. This list may help find your way. Kind words make people feel good, feel positive. I hope you find some good synonyms in this list. Sometimes we get bored & we get in a funk, so that's there a thesaurus comes in. What nice words do you like to use?

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