GAWTBASS. Remember the name. Graham Gawthorpe, more commonly known as GAWTBASS, is an up-and-comer in the trap and electronic music scene. "For the last 10 months, I have been in my apartment almost 9 out of 12 hours in the day working on music and perfecting a style that has always interested me: hip hop and trap."

Although he's 22, GAWTBASS has done his fair share of moving around. Chicago. Utah. England. Florida. Colorado. He just wanted a change of scenery; he wanted to experience more than one place. After all, the world doesn't end in Chicago. But what's it like to move around so often? "It's depressing sometimes starting over so much, but at the same time exciting to meet new people," he said. "I look at life as having only myself to rely on." Who is he? Where is he going from here? Get to know GAWTBASS.

Name: Graham Gawthorpe
Age: 22
Hometown: Chicago
Location: Boulder, CO

Where do you gather inspiration? I usually gain inspiration by taking a walk outside to the gas station to buy myself some cigs. I just listen to some of my favorite artists or some classical piano and by the time I get home I'm ready to knock out another banger. :) 

What's the process for starting a new song? Listen to some tunes, brew some coffee, and sit there until I finish my first draft.

How have you evolved since you first started? 2 followers at the start to about 6,250 followers, features, I think almost 1 million total views.

What can we expect from GAWTBASS in 2014? Always on the grind for my music, so probably within the next week... new music wise. Shows... not for another half a year to year. I'm still working on a few aspects to my production before I play shows. But I've had offers to play some decent sized shows so I'm sure that won't be an issue when I want to make it happen. 

Where can your fans see you perform live? Not yet ;) 

As an artist, how do you define success? Making goals, planning every angle (aka the pros and cons) and just making the first step to do it. Then from there all it is, is consistincy and staying inspired and motivated. It's hard but if you look at my progress I had no idea this was possible with just those things.

Where's one place you'd love to visit? Sweden. I have no idea why, it just seems like a nice place and the accent is beautiful to me.

What do you do when you're not making music? Think about making music.

What's your all time favorite food? I love all food! 

Who are some of your favorite musicians? Luminox, Beethoven, Yo-Yo-Ma, Tincup, Kai Wachi, Ulrich Schnauss and a lot of acoustic bands.

GAWTBASS, aka Graham Gawthorpe, is a kind soul whose passion for his craft is evident, even through a computer screen. "Comfort is what holds everyone back," he said. "Once you make the step to go and do something, that's when things start happening." Things are happening.

Mini bio:

GAWTBASS started playing the cello at age 7, performing around the world with orchestras as well as solo and group concerts around Chicago. By age 13 he switched gears and picked up the guitar. He was self-taught but eventually took lessons until age 19. 

He instructed guitar for a year then moved to England to pursue a career in computer programming. One year later, he traveled back to the U.S. to attend Florida's Full Sail University in order to focus fully on music. "This didn't go too well, since I've always had a hard time in school and focusing in class, so I dropped out," said GAWTBASS.

"Life got really hard at that point, meeting some bad people and leading me down paths with bad decisions and I had to pull myself out of it and I moved again," he said. Before he moved, he went to popular clubs in Florida, Roxy and Firestone, and "would just spend hours watching the DJs wishing it was me, while everyone would get drunk and dance."

Eventually, he made the final decision to venture to a little peaceful town in Colorado called Boulder. He cleaned himself up and went hard into music. He's been there the last 10 months cranking out songs. Listen to his work and let your ears be your guide.

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