A couple years back I did a Q&A with Lizzie Armanto. She was 19 and several years into her skating career. She's one of those girls you want to be. She chose a career and she's blowing the competition away. Skateboarding is normally a male-oriented sport, but that's rapidly evolving. Gender roles are not so defined. There's a whole hub for ladies in sports, especially skating. The good news: she's still aiming for success in the skate world. The bad news: she's sporting a knee injury which has kept her from practicing and competing. What has she been up to?
Photo by: Ken Hada

Name: Lizzie Armanto
Age: 21
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Location: Santa Monica, CA

Since our last chat, what has been the biggest change for you? Since our last chat, I've traveled to many more places and acquired more knowledge. I visited Japan last year and that was one of the top places I've wanted to go.

How often do you skate? Recently I have been injured so I haven't been able to skate. Before that I wast skating 4/5 days a weeks, not sure how many hours.

Where can your fans see you skate? I hope to be skating in the next Exposure event around the end of this year in San Diego. 

What was the hardest trick for you to master? It took me a while to learn how to do airs properly but that was a few years ago.  

What's been the proudest moment in your skate career? Last year, I won my first X Games in Barcelona, Spain. I was really proud to be there with my mom and my best friend at the event.

What goals do you have in 2014? Right now my main priority is to continue rehabbing my knee so I can get back to skating.

What's your all time favorite food? My mom's chicken adobo with rice is my favorite, I could go for that anytime.

What's the coolest thing to do in Santa Monica? The coolest thing to do in Santa Monica would be to check out some of their restaurants and hang out at the beach.  

Where's one place you'd love to visit? I want to visit Finland, preferably when its warm out.

What hand do you write with? I write with my left hand. 

The last few months have not been the same for Armanto, but she's working hard to grind the grip tape once more. "Recovery always seems to go super slow, but I'm really looking forward to getting back!" Armanto said.

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