CUT SNAKE. They're tan & blonde & good looking, pretty much what you'd imagine a stereotypical Australian/San Diegan hybrid to be. But the boys are also funny & friendly. Let's just say these two gentlemen are not to be taken seriously. They've got a very rampant sense of humor, more so Paul, what with his dick surfboard and all. But one thing is perfectly clear: Australia has the best waves. Sorry California, you just don't cut it for these lads from the Land Down Under.

Cut Snake's music can be best described as chill wave techno. Their jams are the kind of thing you tap your toes to, nodding your head & swaying slightly to the beat. The duo will be playing at HARD Summer on August 2 + 3, their first festival in Los Angeles.

Paul (left) & Leigh (right)

Leigh Sedley & Paul Fisher 

Leigh: 30
Paul: 28

Leigh: Sunshine Coast (Australia)
Paul: Fuck knows

Both: Los Angeles

What do you think the other person brings to the duo?
Leigh: Fish brings nudity, bad breath, and A LOT of noise.
Paul: Music, picks his nose a lot, always scratching his ass too. He also brings a shit smell with him.

Where do you find inspiration?
Leigh: I find a lot of inspiration in old music, I try to be open and listen to everything. I dig almost all styles of music, and so listening to a wide range helps me bring different elements into whatever we're working on.
Paul: The beach.

What's the music-making process like?
Leigh: Normally just us sitting in the studio for 10 hours with a carton of beer. By the end we emerge thinking we have made THE BIGGEST TUNE EVER.
Paul: Fun. Loud. Repetitive. Slow. Fast. Grooving. Dancing.

How did you two meet? 
Leigh: We met when we were 12. We had to stay together for 3 days to film a small TV surf documentary. He was an absolute animal. To this day, I don't think I'll ever see a looser 12 year old than Fisher!
Paul: We met at the beach competing against each other. From there we travelled the world, surfing, and partying having the hell time.

What are you most psyched about for HARD Summer?
Leigh: This is our first festival in LA, so I guess just getting to play such a big festival amongst so many of the artists we look up to.
Paul: Just to play in front of a crowd that loves house music and is there to go crazy and have fun. Also watching other amazing artists from everywhere going mad! I also just wanna get right amongst it and have a boogie.

What's the best television show ever created?
Leigh: The Simpsons.
Paul: Breaking Bad.

How would you describe your perfect day?
Leigh: Wake up to a big healthy breakfast in bed, followed by a long surf with good mates in perfect waves, a few beers in the afternoon watching the sunset, then hit a Jimmy Buffet concert in Hawaii.
Paul: Getting barrelled all day, coming in with all ya mates and just having beers, listening to good tunes while the sun goes down.

What's the San Diego surf culture like compared to Australia's?
Leigh: It is very similar but the waves in Australia are way better.
Paul: SD waves break once a year. Australia breaks everyday.

Do you dream in color or black & white?
Leigh: Colour of course!
Paul: Colour. I love colour.

What do you do when you're not making sweet sweet music?
Leigh: Surf, eat good food, and travel. It's a tough life.
Paul: Surfing my brains out. Hanging with my girl, friends, and family!!!

Leigh & Paul's personalities & tunes showcase their style effectively. You don't have to be best friends with them to know that they're cool kids. From Oz to U.S., from The Simpsons to Breaking Bad, from the Sunshine Coast to "fuck knows," Mr. Fisher & Mr. Sedley are good guys, good vibes. Stay updated. Stay cool. Stay positive.

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