ETC! ETC! Who is the man behind the music? Well, from what I can gather via our interview, ETC! ETC!, is a father first then a musician. Although his life revolves around music & touring, it's crystal clear that he adores his two children, Olive, 4, & Isaac, 1. On Father's Day Sunday, he posted the classic fridge photo of he & the kids. Cue the ooh's & aw's.

ETC! ETC! also known by his real name, Jose Guerrero, has a large following throughout his social media presence as well as in real life. His music is energetic, fast-paced, & bass-heavy. I mean, that's what you would expect from a trap & bass, moombahton artist. What is moombahton? It's a beautiful mixture of house music & reggaeton.

Who is he? What's he like? Who is he rooting for in the World Cup? Most importantly, does ETC! ETC! prefer tea or coffee? You'll see.

Name: Jose Guerrero

Age: 30
Hometown: Los Angeles
Location: Los Angeles

Where do you find inspiration for music? In everything. Other people's songs, vibes, my city. Just depends on the day and how I'm feeling that day I guess.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals? I like to go to the club early to feel it out, see how the night is going, and prepare myself mentally.

What's it like to be on tour? Going on tour is amazing, but it is stressful. It's fun because you get to be in different cities, meet tons of amazing people, see everyone's cultures, and try things you normally wouldn't in your city. Stressful because you miss your fam, it's hard to work on music on the road, and if you are alone it gets lonely.

How do you define success? Man, success is what you make of it. What you want to accomplish in your mind, heart, and soul. I feel like the only way to feel true success is to be happy with what you have accomplished, in your goals, etc.

What are you most excited about for HARD Summer? Playing on home turf. I was fortunate to be added to HARD Summer last year last minute and it was beyond amazing. Best festival I played. So this year now that I know what to expect I'm going all out.

How many languages can you speak? Two. English and Spanish.

What's one of your favorite family traditions? Hmm really don't have any. I should start some I guess.

If you were immortal for a day, what would you do? Make fun of everyone who was mortal, and do tons of stunts.

Are you a coffee or a tea person? 100 percent coffee. Tea is for old people. Coffee is my addiction. Makes me feel good.

What do you do when you're not making music? Spending time with my two kids.

Tell me something I don't know about you. I have a collection of soccer jerseys that I've never worn but one day I will.

Perhaps he'll get some use out of his soccer jerseys as he watches the World Cup. Who's he rooting for? "Obviously I'm rooting for USA. It's our team. Come on." Well I had to ask. When I informed him that I preferred tea myself, he quipped with, "Stop being old and drink coffee." 

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