DAVID HEARTBREAK. This Brooklyn-bred electronic dance music (EDM) artist has his eye on the prize. What's the prize exactly? To make music? Sure. More specifically, he wants to contribute to the art form known as music. He doesn't want to be a humble musician. He wants to be an artist, to make art to last a lifetime. To be a legend. Despite the lofty goals, he is down-to-earth. Given the opportunity, Mr. Heartbreak could eat a Double Double from In N Out on any given day. He realizes perfection isn't attainable & likes those little quirks which make us human. My interview with David Heartbreak was pretty fun. He's cool, chill, & kind. You'll see that too. Read on, friends. Read on. 

Name: David Heartbreak
Age: 28
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Photo from OWSLA

What is the music making process like? Walk me through how a track is made.

Honestly there's not enough paper, but in short it's different each time. I write a lot of different music that most people would never imagine I do, but I'm pretty all over the place. It's different each time. I use a lot of different DAWs*. If it's a melody based track it's logic. If it's some choppy shit it's Ableton. It's different each time. I also don't force myself to make music. I only write when I'm inspired, and that can be on a plane, on the couch or sitting in my backyard. It all depends, ya know? 

Editor's note: *DAWs = digital audio workstation

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

You deal with it and move on. I think the beauty is in the imperfections. Everyone wants to be perfect. I like the gray area. I think you have to capture the crowd's emotions and sometimes that comes from playing in the moment thinking ahead, and having happy accidents. 

Which artist would you like to collaborate with & why?
I like a lot of artists, but I like to work with people that are as passionate and as crazy as I am. I'm not really into the names, I'm more into the passion that people put into their music. That's how great songs are made, from vibes, relationships, and visions. This is why sometimes two dope artists collab and make a whack tune, because the vibe isn't right and it's forced.  

How did growing up in Brooklyn affect your music style? 
Brooklyn taught me the grit of everything. Brooklyn was always the grimy shit for some reason. The dirtiest reggae, the dirtiest acid, the darkest house music. Beautiful but weird place, even though it's changed now. But Brooklyn made my music aggressive, and other skills I learned made it soulful and ambient, so now everything is a mixture of that, I guess sexy aggressive music, with a splash of dub. 

What are you most pumped about for HARD Summer?
I'm just ready to rage and have a good time. I love LA, and I love the crowd. The crowd at HARD appreciates different shit, and that's what I bring, different shit, so it works. 

What is the best snack for munchies?
Haha, that depends on what city you're in and what you're doing, and why you have the munchies, but honestly the answer regardless is In N Out, Double Double once a day homie. 

Do you think any kind of afterlife exists?
Yeah I'm sure it does. We're all forms of matter if you really think about it.

What did you do for your latest birthday?
Last birthday I don't remember. It wasn't anything too big or I would remember, but this year I'm going hard, no pun intended. 

Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?
I want to travel to Tokyo and Australia, those are the two places I have yet to experience and I want to sometime in the near future. 

List 5 goals on your life's To Do List. 
I don't really live off goals to be honest, but if I have to have a goal, it would be to live forever, and  that's why I put so much passion in my music, because I want to be remembered for contributing to the art form we know as music. 

David Heartbreak has come a long way from Brooklyn. LA is pretty far right? He still has dreams & ambitions to keep moving forward. His music is energetic; it cannot be defined into one genre because his tunes contain traces of trance, dubstep, dancehall, electro, & more. It tells a story. In time we will see how the story plays out.

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