As most of you likely know Clueless is one of my all-time favorite films everrrr. That said, it would make sense to feature Clueless's main character, Cher Horowitz, as a Halloween costume idea for women. I dug through some stills from the movie & created a hybrid outfit to emulate her style.

To start off this look, you're going to layer a white sleeveless top or turtlenecl & a lacy black tankThere is leeway with the white shirt -- in the film she wears a basic white tee & in my costume it's a sleeveless turtleneck. You can do whatever makes sense for you, it's mainly about the black and white aesthetic.

Next we definitely want some sort of yellow plaid to mimic one of Cher's most notable looks: her black & yellow plaid ensemble. This plaid yellow skirt is a great way to keep your Halloween costume modern. We don't have to be so literal when dressing up like a character. :]

Lastly, we want some cute silver heels paired with some knee-high or thigh high socks. Once again, there is freedom with your socks. Throughout the film, most characters wear knee socks at some time or another. The color is up to you. To accessorize the look, get a small transparent clutch to hold your necessary items like your ID, cell phone, & credit card. Now you're ready to be totally clueless.

This Halloween costume idea based on Clueless's Cher Horowitz is actually pretty simple to achieve & you'll look super awesome while wearing it. Clueless is a timeless film & Cher is the perfect person to be if you're out of Halloween costume ideas this year. As if!

Stay tuned for more Halloween costume ideas for women! Stay cool. Stay positive. Stay updated. What do you think of this costume idea? Would you ever be Cher? :]

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