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Wingless || A poem

I wondered wholeheartedly
as the whiskey wooed my wounds.
I wandered within my wisdom
while the warmth of the world
washed away my worries
& the wind whispered wordlessly.
Why wish upon the stars
when I can walk among them?
Why wait for the earth to be woven
when I can weave it myself?
Why worry about worthless wars
when I am waging them within my wellbeing?
I am wingless but still worthy;
I am wild but still working,
willfully but not woefully.
Wherever I will whimsy,
I wondered wholeheartedly.

By Carmen Varner


Wingless is about the internal struggle we have within us. We wage a war upon ourselves by constantly criticizing our bodies, underestimating our power, doubting our self-worth. But we are everything & more. Why wish upon the stars when I can walk among them? Don't idolize others, when you are the star. We are stars, we are worth it. Why wait for the earth to be woven when I can weave it myself? We don't have to wait for our futures because we create it every day. We don't need others to do work for us when we are more than capable of doing it ourselves. Why worry about worthless wars when I am waging them within my wellbeing? All these thoughts & problems rise from our own minds. Change your attitude & stop the war against yourself.

What are your thoughts about being Wingless? What did you gather from my poem? I love to learn how others translate what I write. Let me know. :]

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  1. I love the poem! I understand that it is from an internal war.

  2. This is a truly beautiful poem. Well put.

  3. Amazing blog! Love your attention to detail and you are lucky to have such a talented photographer (I suspect that it's you)!
    Incredible poem! xx

    1. Many thanks. I took the photo yes; my friend is the model. :]

  4. I loved your poem! It was wonderful all "W" sounds that flowed like a song. It had that E.E. Cummings feel. I also imagined literally walking through the twinkling stars and thought that was so beautiful. BrightonHillNaughtyandNice

    1. Thanks! It's not my intention to sound like anyone but myself, but I will take that as a compliment. :]

  5. I love your use of alliteration! And I love the message of this poem. You showcase it very well. So true, we need to take care of ourselves whenever we are in the world. Gosh, this is great!

    1. I love a good alliteration. Thanks for reading, Celeste. :]

  6. Wow, you really have a way with words. Beautiful!

    Enclothed Cognition

  7. Love this :)


  8. Nice poem, it reminds me of have various perspectives in your life.

  9. Very wise words, carmen and I do agree wholeheartedly. I especially able to relate on criticizing our bodies, I struggled on and off with bulimia for many many years so that part hits home with me.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thank you for sharing, Shireen. We are powerful, amazing, & worth the world. :]

  10. It's inspirational, we need a reminder from time to time ;) xoxo

  11. Beautiful poem! <3 x

  12. Really great poem!


  13. This is great! It has a wonderful rythm.. beacause of lots of"w".

  14. Wow! This is inspirational! Thanks for reminding us that we have to win over our own battles and that we have the power to win. Lovely!

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  15. Beautiful poem, you have such a great talent. I love the title of the poem too.

    xo Angelus

  16. the poem is great! I can relate to it so much. "Why wish upon the stars
    when I can walk among them?" is my favourite part and for me it says that we should never settle and have to work hard to be a star, never give up.

    Really great poem, love that you used the words you did, just beautiful <3


  17. That was a really beautiful poem! I bet a lot of us can really relate to it! The poem was very inspirational and I definitely agree with the main thought that was in, that we are everything & more! Beautiful!

  18. What a fantastic poem. I write poetry myself however have never showed any of my pieces to anyone.. ever! I really am impressed that you share yours - and am equally impressed by this piece! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 



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