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What Girls Wear to Coachella

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Coachella Music & Arts Festival is known for its unique street style. I went in 2015 & 2016 so I have a first-hand account of Coachella fashion. This set is kind of a mosaic, bits & pieces of trends that I witnessed over & over. Looking for Coachella outfit ideas for women? Use this formula to create your own Coachella music festival inspired outfits.

coachella outfit

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You'll need some element of crochet. A crocheted top or a crochet cover-up will work wonders.

Make sure to acquire your coolest exotic or bohemian inspired print

The most popular shoe that I saw were the ever famous booties or even a chunky booty. Booties a are a kind of a mini boot with a low cut & a low heel. Great for walking around, especially since they're close-toed.

Add some fringe in your life to get that boho Coachella music festival style. From your faux suede fringe purse to your fringe tassel jacket. I even saw some fringe booties!

Accessorize your look with a floppy fedora. I'm not sure how to describe it other than a fedora but with a floppy brim. Go for a crochet fedora or a straw panama fedora.

Get your most 70s hippie-looking round sunglasses. The more whacky the color the better, like these round retro rainbow sunglasses.

Buy metallic temporary tattoos & adorn your body with several of them. One is not enough! This was a very prominent trend as far as women's Coachella fashion for 2015.

The body chain is a simple way to have jewelry all across your body. It doesn't have to be strictly necklaces or bracelets. A rhinestone bra or a tiered thigh chain will do. Or maybe both.

What do you think about this Coachella music festival outfit? What's your favorite element? What would YOU wear? :]

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Gloomy Day // OOTD

Monday, April 27, 2015

It's a rarity to have a gloomy day here in Southern California so if I get a chance to bundle up I always do. I have too many sweaters & cardigans & beanies & fuzzy socks & tights that don't get much use because it's consistently warm here. If you didn't know, California is going through a severe drought. Rainy days are welcomed.

california ootd

On this overcast day, I threw on one of my favorite dresses; I got it in Vienna, Austria at H&M in 2010. It's a bit short & I only wear with leggings. I'm pretty sure it's on its last leg. The dress will reach retirement soon. RIP dress. You had a good run.

california ootd

california ootd

california ootd

When in doubt, reach for your comfiest, oversized cardigan. My gorgeous burgundy one hails from Abercrombie & Fitch paired with my favorite pair of black velvet boots. I wear them for 75% of my outfits & I'm not ashamed of it. Top off your head with a neon beanie if you're having a bad hair day like me.

california ootd

Beanie: Forever 21 // Dress: H&M // Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch // Leggings: Forever 21 // Boots: H&M 

That's your gloomy, comfy, casual look. What's your gloomy day uniform? What's the weather like where you live? :]

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Get the Look: Bart Simpson

Monday, April 20, 2015

Bart Simpson is my alter ego! Today's look is based around my favorite fictional character, Bart Simpson from The Simpsons television show. He is the eldest child. He is always getting into trouble. Lucky for you, it's easy to achieve his look!

Getting the Bart look is actually pretty simple. He has a basic but iconic style. You will need a burnt orange t-shirt, a pair of jean shorts, blue hightop sneakers, & of course a skateboard. This Santa Cruz Bart model cruiser skateboard is actually modeled after Bart Simpson's skateboard; that's why it looks almost identical. Cool, huh? For true fans!

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bart simpson outfit

Bart's standard outfit is actually really cute when you translate it to real clothes. He has a relaxed vibe that many people may find appealing. It's easy. It's wearable. It's effortless. I love the combination of jean shorts with blue high tops. Perfect to rock during summer!

It's simple to achieve Bart's day-to-day look, but I also included a few of my favorite Bart inspired clothes & accessories.  Because why not?! You can't go wrong with a Bart Simpson hat or a Bart Simpson tye die shirt  or Bart Simpson Funko plushie.

Would you ever wear Bart Simpson's standard look? Are you a fan of The Simpsons? What was your favorite childhood television show? Leave a comment & share your thoughts. :]

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Coachella Recap // Day 2

Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekend 2 of the Coachella Music & Arts Festival is already in full effect! But don't worry. I went last week, so I have all the details & inside scoop on what went down, the fashion trends everyone was wearing, the scrumptious food, & of course the music. If you didn't read it, check out my Coachella Recap for Day 1.

coachella recap
A typical sighting

We spent the morning making breakfast & drinking a couple beers prior to heading out. Beers & alcoholic beverages run about $11 inside the venue, so unless you want to go broke after a drink or two it's best to have your own at the campsite.

coachella recap
My adorable boyfriend, Fred :]

perfume genius, coachella
Perfume Genius singing his heart out

On Day 2 we went into the venue a little later than Day 1 because we were so exhausted from the day before. We went to Perfume Genius at 1:55 - 2:35 pm at the Outdoor Theatre. He was sporting an over sized black t-shirt, black mini shorts, fishnet stockings, & booties. His voice was smooth & buttery like a blanket warming you up on a cold day. His set was a pleasant surprise; my boyfriend & I both loved him. Definitely a top act from the weekend.

temporary tattoos
Metallic temporary tattoos were a HUGE trend at Coachella

The next set we saw was Bad Suns from 3:20 - 4 pm in the Mohave Tent. They played their classic hit song Cardiac Arrest. I'm a little ashamed to say this but we were so busted from the day before spending all day in the sun, dancing, & walking around that we went back to our campsite after Bad Sun's performance to take a nap.

coachella lunch
Our little (expensive) lunch

Although it was a time waster & we didn't see any artists, it was absolutely vital for us to be able to survive the rest of the day/weekend. We went back inside after our nap under the canopy & picked up some lunch: vegetarian gyros & fries. The gyro was a great disappointment since it was literally naan bread, lettuce, onion, & some sort of tzatziki sauce. Not worth the $11. 

hozier, coachella
Hozier at the Coachella Stage

We trekked to  the Coachella Stage for Hozier's performance at 6 - 6:55. His audience was pretty packed. We sat down in the back munching on our food, bobbing our heads to the music. At 6:55 - 7:45 we went to see Run the Jewels back at the Mojave but left a little early to go back to the Coachella Stage to watch Alt-J at 7:30 - 8:30. See what I mean about a lot of walking? 

alt-j, coachella
The setting sun at the Alt-J set

Their set was exciting, colorful, & the crowd was clearly thrilled to be there, singing & dancing along. I particularly enjoyed watching the woman doing sign language on stage. She was signing & dancing; it was a performance by itself!

cherry bomb, coachella
Tyler the Creator's graphics

At 9:15 - 10:05 at the Outdoor Theatre we caught Tyler the Creator who was surprisingly pleasant & cordial. Although he did call out the VIP section for being boring & not dancing. Guess who was in the VIP section. Kendell Jenner. Tyler jokingly personally called her out on stage as well.

coachella, margarita
Hello $11 margarita 

Due to all the water drinking to stay hydrated (& some alcohol drinking) in the desert heat, I had to leave Tyler the Creator's set early to use the extremely gross bathrooms. We sat down in the back, recouping for the rest of the set then head over to see Jack White at the Coachella Stage. His crowd was enormous so once again we sat down letting the music sink in. 

target trainers
Our Target trainers that kept our feet alive for the weekend

Boy could Jack White shred on that guitar & he sounded magnificent live. His voice is golden. We hung around a little bit more after Jack White's set for The Weeknd who was supposed to start at 11:25. He ended up beginning about 15 minutes late. There was no intro. There was no beginning. He just started singing. And damn, he was marvelous as well. His solo performance was everything I imagined it would be, just wish I could've seen it better.

We bounced from The Weeknd's set slightly early to kick it at our campsite. The music is loud enough that you can hear every word from the tent anyway. Well well well. That wraps up Coachella Day 2. Stay tuned for Day 3, fashion trends, & more! :]

Who do you wish you could have seen from the Coachella lineup? What's one Coachella aspect you'd like to experience? :]

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Coachella Recap // Day 1

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Well, I'm back from Coachella. I went to Coachella Music & Arts Festival for my birthday this year. The fest, held in Indio, CA, is three days long & runs for two consecutive weekends. My boyfriend & I were able to catch Weekend 1 (April 10 -12, 2015) just in time for my 25th birthday. Since there was so much music, so much food, & so many people, I'm going to break up my recap posts by day. Follow along & enjoy the Coachella experience with me. Hopefully next year we can go together!

Note: This post is long (somewhat informative) & photo heavy! :]

Car Camping

coachella ferris wheel
The ferris wheel & the setting sun from within Coachella 
coachella ferris wheel
A view of the ferris wheel & car camping from the NRG tent 
coachella camping
Resting at our car camping site

Before I actually get started on Day 1 (Friday), I should preface by going over Thursday. We got to the polo fields early Thursday, around 8:30 am because we heard people start lining up for parking & that was absolutely true. We got there a little before opening (9 am) & were waiting in the long car camping line for about 90 minutes. We were thankful to have made it to Lot 8 which is the closest to the Coachella grounds, making traveling from the campsite to the festival much easier & faster.

coachella camping
Panoramic view of the car camping lot 
coachella camping
Panoramic view of our little camping home

We immediately got to our campsite in Lot 8 & started unpacking. By this time it was around 11 am & the rest of the campers were setting up their canopies to shield them from the scorching sun. After set up we explored the area. Since the festival was not yet open we ventured to the NRG solar charging station where you could charge your phones -- this place became increasingly busy as the day went on.

coachella camping
Within the NRG area
coachella camping
The NRG area brightly decorated
coachella camping
coachella camping
Can I Live flag spotted at the car campgrounds
The NRG area was perfect to start off your day in the shade. The inside was air conditioned & ideal to cool off. There was seating, speakers, & little hammocks to hang out in. This was a prime choice for campers to chill after set up.


coachella camping

coachella art
Big Bear by Don Kennell

Coachella is an arts AND music festival. One of the wonderful aspects is taking a look at the enormous art pieces. Big Bear by Don Kennell had a swing in his left hand where Coachella-goers could take a mini ride & in his right was a disco ball lantern. This steel-plated beauty pays homage to the California state animal & can be found in the camping area. 


The large caterpillar is called Papilio Merraculous by Poetic Kinetics. By Day 3 it turned into a butterfly (photos to come)! It's supposed to symbolize the ever-changing nature of earth: always growing, adapting,  & evolving. Located within the venue.


coachella art

coachella art

Now this piece is called The Corporate Headquarters by Derek Doublin & Vanessa Bonet. The installation is a mock office building with 3 functioning floors (over 3 1/2 stories or 38 feet tall) & a full-size Jet Ranger helicopter on the roof. You can see many cameras staring back at you. On all three stories are corporate associates "working" with a hippo masks on. 

It was fun to check back throughout the day(s) to see what shenanigans the hippos were up to. I thought there was going to be some sort of climax but this was the gist of the whole art piece. I believe it was meant to show corporate sponsorship & how it affects workers & the outside world. 

the ghost of a saber tooth tiger
Sean Lennon of The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger
the ghost of a saber tooth tiger
Charlotte Kemp Muhl of The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger 
the ghost of a saber tooth tiger
Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl of The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger
And now for the music. Boyfriend & I first ventured off to see The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (The GOASTT) with Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl at the Outdoor Theatre from 12 - 12:40. Yes, Sean Lennon is John Lennon's son & his voice sounds strikingly similar. I even shed one tear -- then I shed 12 more tears because my first tear caused the sunscreen to drip into my eye. The GOASTT was amazing live & gave off an eerie psychedelic vibe. Lennon's guitar shredding skills were superb. Kemp looked like a gorgeous bohemian bass-playing princess. Definitely a top favorite act from Coachella.

vic mensa

Next up was Vic Mensa at the Coachella Stage from 1:20 - 2:05. His set was upbeat & personal. Although I was far back, Mensa gave a killer performance & engaged with his audience. I didn't know much about him prior to viewing him live, but I'm glad I went.



Torn between Lil B or Ab-Soul, boyfriend & I opted for the latter. We saw hip hop artist Ab-Soul at the Gobi tent from 3 - 3:50. The shaded stage was decorated with a red ceiling & several chandeliers. Quite chic. Ab-Soul is part of the Top Dawg Entertainment label with Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, & Schoolboy Q.

azalea banks

azalea banks

Prior to seeing Azealia Banks, I witnessed Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires. He brought so much soul to Coachella. I don't have any photos but he did hand me a rose at the end of his performance; I'm trying to find the footage.

At the same Coachella Stage as Charles Bradley was Azealia Banks who performed at 5 - 5:45. Banks' performance was energetic; I'm excited to have finally caught her live. Her backup dancers brought a little extra oomph. Her beats were on point & she ended her set with crowd favorite, 212.


Later on Day 1 we saw Interpol, a little bit of Caribou, Tame Impala, & AC/DC. As the night wore on, the crowds grew. Getting up front was a laborious task so to save energy we ended up off to the side or sitting in the back.


Restrooms were atrocious. Waiting 15 minutes to pee when you feel like you're about to explode is not fun. It's less amusing when there's actual feces on the toilet seat (likely because there were masses of people -- some of whom were very drunk or on some sort of drugs). There were several bathroom areas within the venue. Most of which were Port-O-Pottys. This year Coachella debuted permanent bathrooms with actual toilets, doors, sinks, & best of all soap! Day 1 was the busiest day for bathrooms, with lines up to 15 minutes long.

Alright y'all. That's it for Day 1. Stay tuned for more of the Coachella experience. What have you heard about Coachella 2015 so far? What looks the coolest to you? :]

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25th Birthday + Coachella

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hello! I sincerely hope you're having a wonderful Friday! Today is my 25th birthday & also day one of Coachella! Woohoo! So I'll be out enjoying my day in the hot Indio, CA heat. I've been counting down to this moment for about 11 months since I bought my pre-sale tickets last May. I'm glad it's here & to be honest, I am thrilled to have made it to age 25.

hotel selfie

After being alive for 25 years I'd say that life is extraordinarily precious. We only realize how much we value it & the lives of others until it's taken away. Relish those moments. Enjoy those memories, photos, family, friends fondly. Life is filled with trials & tribulations but it's all a part of the big picture.

As for today, I'll be out exploring the polo fields, listening to many of my favorite artists, discovering new ones, eating delicious food, meeting fellow campers, & celebrating 25 years of life & hopefully more to come. Have a great day! Right now...I'm off to have a really exciting three days. 

Have you ever been to Coachella? What's your #1 piece of advice that you would tell someone? :]

Life & Death: It All Happens So Fast

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Death. Is there an afterlife? Is there a heaven? Do our souls find a new home? Are we reincarnated? What is the difference between life & death & how does it work? 

The reason I'm all philosophical today is because I just learned that someone I went to high school with was murdered in a suspected attempted murder-suicide. She died, he lived. However, the case is still open & detectives are still trying to piece together what truly happened. 

There is a definite difference in the real world versus crimes we see on Law & Order or CSI. On the television shows, they magically catch the guy every time & justice is served. In the real world, it could take months & years before the truth is understood & sometimes it never is. And sometimes justice or closure is never served.

life & death

I didn't know this woman very well. I'm not entirely sure I ever met her but I did know who she was. We went to school together. We were even Facebook friends for some time. I met her brother at a party once & we had a conversation which I can't even recall. She was really into fitness & kickboxing & softball; she'd lost a lot of weight & was a positive body image role model. 

I stumbled upon a Facebook post about a death right in the city I live in. So close to home & most definitely close to my heart. Right now I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that she's gone. Her mind, body, & soul cease to exist on this earth.

I feel sad about this person whom I hardly knew, so I couldn't imagine what her family is going through. How they reacted when they first got the call. How they're coping today. How empty their home must feel. Life & death: it all happens so fast. Cherish every moment because you don't know if it's your last. Be kind to others. You never know who is hurting or struggling or needs the light of your kindness. 

In honor of those whose lives are cut short, hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight. Send your love to your family & friends. Contact an old friend. Do something kind for a stranger. We only have one life. What will you do with yours?

My questions to you are: have you ever dealt with the death of family, friends, or even someone you hardly knew? What are your thoughts on death & the afterlife? What is one positive change you'd like to make during your lifetime?

Thank you for reading.

▲ March on Instagram ▲

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Well another month has come & gone. That's month number three of 2015 & it seems to be going faster with every passing day. I wish there was more daylight; I wish I were accomplishing more. There never seems to be enough time. Anyway, I shared some of my life & experiences on Instagram. If you haven't seen them, you ought to follow me!

Berry smoothie bowl topped with dried apricot, almonds, blueberries, & cinnamon 

The only one at the pool

tan boots
New kicks: Timberland look-a-likes

drinking beer
Celebrating my lover's birthday

March was all about style. Trying new things. Buying some fresh clothes to survive in the warmer months. Here in San Diego it's gotten hotter & hotter. An evident preview into the future that is summer. I've already made several trips to the pool -- both to tan my pastiness & for some fun exercise, swimming casual laps. 

moth man
Moth man & me
dank & sticky
New attire from Lost Abbey 
Trying on kimonos. Which one do you prefer?
arm candy
Arm candy
I made a new friend & his name is Mr. Enormous Moth. Although he was dead, it took me about two weeks to finally get the courage to go near him. I was able to take some beautiful photos & honor his life. Isn't he pretty? Instagram was quite lovely this month & I have to say March did me well.

How was your March?  Do you prefer the left kimono or the right kimono? Which photo is your favorite? :]

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