Want to visit one of the most enormous & gorgeous cathedrals in the world? It's a work of art! If you're looking for things to do, take a trip to see the Cologne Cathedral in Koln (Cologne,) North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Koln Cathedral / Cologne Germany Cathedral

The Roman Catholic cathedral is also referred to as the Kölner Dom in German. The Cologne Cathedral is the cathedral (Episcopal Church) of the Archdiocese of Cologne; it is under the patronage of St. Peter. They have masses, devotions, choir performances, and organ recitals. In 1996, the cathedral was declared a UNESCO Heritage Site. You will adore its splendor & beauty. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about this stunning cathedral. There are plenty of day trips from Cologne too. 

Address: Cologne Cathedral, Domkloster 4, 50667 Köln, Germany

Cologne Cathedral, Kölner Dom History of Cologne Germany

History of Cologne Germany Cathedral

The construction of the Cologne Cathedral began in 1248. Goodness gracious; that's a really long time ago! The cathedral itself is 474 feet tall (144.5 meters) & 283 feet wide (86.25 meters); the towers are 515 feet tall (157 meters). It's enormous. It's difficult to get it all in one photo. In fact, the history of Cologne Germany is that Cologne Cathedral is the largest Gothic church in northern Europe.

Cologne Cathedral width is 86.25 m (283.0 ft). It has two spires and eleven church bells. The spire heights are 157 m (515 ft). The nave has many 19th century stained glass windows. The address is Cologne Cathedral, Domkloster 4, 50667 Köln, Germany. There's always restoration work or maintenance work to keep this remarkable cathedral in great condition.

Significant works include:

  • Gero Crucifix, circa 970 
  • Shrine of the Magi/Shrine of the Three Kings Wise Men, circa 1190-1220 
  • Milan Madonna, c. 1280/90 - Located in the Sacrament Chapel.
  • Altar of the City Patrons, c. 1442
  • Open Choir Stalls from Southeast 
  • Design of the Floor Mosaic, 1887 
  • Plan F, End of the 13th Century 
  • Altar of the Poor Clares High Feast Day Opening 
  • Window of the South Transept, 2007

Cologne Cathedral, Kölner Dom History of Cologne Germany

Cologne Cathedral, Kölner Dom Koln Cathedral / Cologne Germany Cathedral

The gothic-style cathedral features two huge spires, flying buttresses, a black marble High Altar, Three Kings Shrine, art treasures, immense stained glass window, and more. Visitors can climb up the spiral staircase of stone steps to a viewing platform. The Cologne Germany Cathedral is genuinely gargantuan. It is one of Germany's most famous landmarks. You have to back up pretty far in order to get the whole thing within frame for your photo. Spot it from outside & gasp with surprise. Head inside & see what riches lie within. I like to think of it as a history of Cologne Germany museum because there's an abundance of beautiful religious art inside. You can travel nearby since there are day trips from Cologne. 

UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996

Throughout the entire construction period, the original blueprints were not changed. The Ottonian Gero Crucifix on the altar in the cathedral is the oldest monumental sculpture of Christ still in existence. While the Cologne Cathedral is not dedicated to Three Kings, relics are said to be located there, making it a site of pilgrimage. Let's start with the exterior. It's the first thing you see. Take a look at the main entrance with its 19th-century decoration. There is plenty to look at, that's for sure. You could stand around browsing each statue, each figure, but a photo lasts longer & is less time-consuming. So that's what I did.

The Criterion for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site includes (i): Cologne Cathedral is an exceptional work of human creative genius. It was constructed over the course of more than six centuries. The last Criterion is that Cologne Cathedral is a powerful testimony to the strength and persistence of Christian belief in medieval and modern Europe. People will often travel there for the Shrine of the Three Kings. The cathedral is a place of great religious significance.

Cologne Cathedral, Kölner Dom

There are furnishings, windows, tombs, monuments, floor mosaics, & cathedral bells at the Cologne Cathedral. When I went back to the Kölner Dom website, I was surprised by just how many significant works were held within its confines. A lot. If you can't make it to Cologne, Germany, you can do a virtual tour on their site. It tells you about every piece & where it's located within the gothic cathedral.

Cologne Cathedral, Kölner Dom Koln
Cologne Cathedral, Kölner Dom Koln

The entire cathedral is massive. Don't feel bad because you're not the only tourist there. It's one of the biggest tourist hubs in Cologne. Many people were there taking photos, praying, & enjoying the glory of Cologne Cathedral. On another note: I couldn't help but be captivated by the creepy looking door handle. It's truly creepy no? It's sad. It kind of reminds me of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

You could spend all day occupied as you look around the interior. It is a walk-in masterpiece, a celebration. Have you visited Germany? How about the Cologne Cathedral? What's your favorite gothic cathedral, church, religious structure that you've ever visited? Do you have any ideas for day trips from Cologne? Do you know the history of Cologne Germany?