If there's anything I love more than munchies, it's having munchies delivered to right to my door. How great is that? As a subscription box lover & international snack snob, I thought MunchPak would be a great box to try out. MunchPak sends you snacks & candies from all over the globe.



Boxes start at $9.95 & increase in size & price. You can customize the frequency from once a week, every two weeks, or once a month. If you want the smallest package delivered only once a month, you can do it. If you want the biggest size delivered each week, you've got it. I like that you can modify the size & frequency to make it work for you. Fred & I opted for the medium size ($19.95) every two weeks.


My 4 Box Rule

When it comes to subscription boxes, I believe in the four box rule — a rule I made up myself. Here's how it works: first box is purely trying it out. The second box gives you a better feel for products. The third box means you're becoming pretty well-seasoned with the box & have a general idea of the items included. That fourth box is the final straw to help you decide to cancel or continue the box. Due to the sheer number of subscription boxes out there, I normally unsubscribe after four boxes & try something new.


Taste Test

Take a look at my box:

Glico Pretz Pizza Flavor Pretzels - Definitely an odd flavor, but certainly worth a shot at least once. Crunchy, salty, slightly tomatoey. Country of origin: Thailand

Glico Baked Wheat Biscuit - These petite vanilla cookies are tasty & a perfect match for a cup of tea. Country of origin: Japan

Torku Favorimo Hazelnut Cream Biscuit Kremlin - This sandwich cookie is filled with hazelnut, a delicious option. Country of origin: Turkey

Bebeto Wacky Sticks Strawberry Flavor - These partially sour, partially sweet strawberry sticks were strange. The middle section had the texture of gum. Country of origin: Turkey

Torku Enjoy Kek Orange - Yum! This beautiful blend of chocolate & orange sponge cake was absolutely divine. Unfortunately, it was smashed upon arrival. Country of origin: Turkey

Jolly Pong Corn & Wheat Snack - These slightly sweetened crispy wheat snacks reminded me of  Honey Smacks, the cereal with the frog on itCountry of origin: South Korea

Bebeto Peach Rings - You can't go wrong with peach rings. Ever. However, this was the second MunchPak I received with the peach rings; I'd prefer variety to something I've tried already. Country of origin: Turkey

Morinaga Hi-Chew Suppai Chew - Yellow lemon flavored chews with a slight tang. Country of origin: Japan

Covered Bridge Kettle Style Potato Chips Sweet And Spicy Jalapeno Flavor - Delicious, moderately spicy chips. I love chips & crisps of all flavors & this is no exception. However, I received this in a prior box. Country of origin: Canada

Paskesz Ooh Chews Impulse - Although these are tasty, I received this in a prior box as well. Country of origin: Brazil



So yes, I did find some snacks that I truly enjoyed & would like to repurchase, but the other half of the snacks were underwhelming, repeats, or something I wouldn't normally buy myself. Even so, MunchPak is absolutely worth a shot. You just might find something you adore, or it might inspire you to travel.

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What's your favorite subscription box (food or not)? What do you think of MunchPak?  :]

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