Hey you, 

I know you're a little stressed out lately. I know you've been feeling overworked & overwhelmed. I know you feel like your life is passing by & you're not really sure if you're doing what's best for your mind, body, spirit.

It feels like some people post all the wonderful things of life but never post sad days, those moments where you can't find any inspirational motivation. Those days where you get a paper cut, stub your toe, get laid off, & then get rear-ended. It Doesn't feel like life does that sometimes? Everything crappy and overwhelming all at once?

You wake up to the sound of the alarm & dread the rest of the day up until the moment you can come back home again. Then deep inside you still kind of dread it because you know you have to do the same thing again tomorrow. 

Success is a series of small wins. Things don't happen overnight; make sure you chip away at it day by day. 

Life can get hard. Many days are good, some are better, and then of course there are those days where you feel like there's so much information and nothing gets done. If you're feeling completely overwhelmed, it's okay to ask for help or to get help. It may be difficult but mental health and wellness are such important parts of life.

Life is complex and it's hard to stay motivated and focused on what really matters. There's always something new, new information, new goals, new work to do. It always seems important at the time but that's where we need to take a moment to reflect. When we work all the time, it feels like you never have a free moment to learn, live, or focus on what you want.

That's why success is a series of small wins, it's not always big moments like graduating from school, getting engaged, adopting your first dog. Sometimes success is progress, making a positive change and impact on yourself, the people around you.

If your goal is to quit your job by the end of the year, what is something small you can do today to benefit yourself? Maybe it's updating your resume. Maybe it's putting $20 in savings. Maybe it's taking an online class. Maybe it's getting a certification. Maybe it's spending an hour reading industry news. 

If you want to create your own business, how can you better prepare for it? Maybe it's taking a business class first. Maybe it's establishing your top goals for each quarter. Maybe it's buying a business license.  Maybe it's taking an important first step such as setting up your website.

If your goal is to travel the world, what small step can you accomplish today? Maybe writing down a list of your top destinations. Maybe it's browsing flight deal options in the coming months. Maybe it's sending in your passport application. Maybe it's setting aside $20 each week to build your travel fund.

Remember: success is a series of small wins. Figure out your goal & move forward every day toward it. It may feel frustrating at times, almost like you're not making any progress at all. But just you wait & see.

Do something each day, even if it feels so ridiculously small. Because after a year of daily effort, 365 small things is actually quite enormous.

You can do this.

Your friend,