What is Pinterest? 

In May 2020, I hit 1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest. In June, I hit my all-time high of 2.8 million monthly viewers. So I write this post based on my personal experience as well as the experience doing Pinterest work for clients. 

Is Pinterest social media? Is there a method on how to find friends on Pinterest? I delve into all these answers to help you understand a bit more about the platform - keep reading! So, what is Pinterest? Pinterest is an image-sharing social media platform. In order to use the service, users have to create an account. If you don't have an account, it'll prompt you to login before it'll allow you to use any of the features. You can use your Google account to log in or create an account with your email & password.

Is Pinterest Social Media? Categories Pinterest manager Carmen Varner San Diego lifestyle blogger

Pins & Boards

Photos, videos, & GIFs can be saved into what are called pinboards.  The user can create their own boards or participate in group boards. People can use the toolbar to search for what they are looking for. Click here to see my Pinterest boards & the groups I'm in as an example. Over the years I've created a range of pin boards due to my interests at the time; I've also joined many groups & been invited to participate in group boards.

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Is Pinterest Social Media?

Technically, yes. Pinterest is classified as a social media platform. You can follow people, people can follow you, you can messages users. Is Pinterest social media? It allows you to be social with others. However, you can choose to use the platform in any way you wish. You don't have to follow people or feel stress to gain followers or page views. You can use it purely inspiration. It's mainly an image-based social media service. You can easily utilize the search feature by typing into it as you would Google.

Is Pinterest Social Media? Categories Pinterest manager Carmen Varner lifestyle blog San Diego
Here's what my Pinterest profile looks like. 

What are Pinterest Categories?

Once you have an account & you're all logged in you'll see a search bar on the top of the website. Type in anything here. It'll give you some top Pins as well as some potential other related terms. For example, if you're looking for recipe ideas you could type in anything from "easy dessert ideas" to "pancake recipes" to "quick and easy dinner recipes vegetarian Indian." There are literally millions of pins, so you'll most likely find exactly what you're looking for. 

Here's a breakdown of the Pinterest categories:
Animals and pets 
Cars and motorcycles 
DIY and crafts 
Food and drink 
Hair and beauty
Health and fitness 
Holidays and events 
Home decor 
Illustrations and posters
Kids and parenting
Men's fashion 
Science and nature
Women's fashion

Each of the Pinterest categories comes with a bunch of other subcategories. For example, under the DIY and crafts section, you'll find related topics such as Hacks, Woodworking, Beadwork, Jewelry making, Quilting, among others. You can always search for other terms as well. How to tie-dye clothes with bleach. Black & white photography of Sweden. Chocolate & coffee oatmeal. 

Is Pinterest Social Media? List of Categories Pinterest manager Carmen Varner

How to Search for Images

If you don't know what you're searching for, start with something vague such as "travel tips" & then it'll prompt you if you want to be more specific. It might show Europe, Packing, Amtrak train, International, Japan, Hawaii, Solo, Iceland, etc. It helps refine the search to be more relevant for you. Now when we're talking about is Pinterest social media, this is where it's a bit different. 

You can use Pinterest solely for imagery, inspiration, or to access the search feature like you would for Google. Whereas people might use Facebook to post about their life or they might use Instagram to get followers their business, many people use Pinterest for its search capabilities & its wealth of information.

How to Find Friends on Pinterest & How to Follow People

Start by doing some initial searches. Then you might find some users whose content you really like or relate to. If you feel inclined, you can follow them so you'll see more of the things that they post. If you're trying to find out how to find friends on Pinterest, type in their name in the search bar, go to their profile, & follow them there. If you can't find them or perhaps they have a different name, just ask them for their username or their link. That's the easiest method on how to find friends on Pinterest.

Pinterest Manager

What in the world is Pinterest?! Is Pinterest social media? Is there such a thing as Pinterest training? How to find friends on Pinterest? So maybe you have read all this & you're still totally confused. That was me. I used to Pinterest for quite a long time before I figured out how it works so I totally understand the frustration. Now I've been using the social media platform for years & even work with my clients on their accounts. If you need a Pinterest manager, fill out my quickie questionnaireI'm not a Pinterest marketing agency but I'm a human being who specialized in Pinterest. As a Pinterest manager, I've used Pinterest marketing for clients such as a bohemian towel brand, a travel influencer, a fitness trainer, & even a therapy practice. See my blog post about How I Help People as a Blog Coach & Consultant.

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Are you on Pinterest? Why do you use it? What's your tip for someone new to Pinterest? :]