Blogging is hard. Whether you're trying to figure out how to make money, how to build an email list, how to create blog topics, or simply take your blog to the next level, it is a difficult road. 

My Blogging Journey

I have been blogging since 2011. I've had so many failures along the way, but I also have plenty of successes. I've worked with brands, gone on press trips, written high-ranking blog posts. I started coaching sessions when some of my friends asked about blogging & I needed to dedicate some one-on-one time with them. Since then, I've worked with over 100 bloggers and people looking to start a blog or web presence. 

Need blogging help? I'm here to help bloggers make strides & improvements to their blog. I've been a blogger coach since 2017. I also work with clients for social media services. Bloggers don't have to struggle. I spent many years unable to monetize my blog & yet there so many ways to be making money as a blogger. There are many blogging coaches out there & I guarantee you'll find someone who fits exactly what you're looking for. If you made it to my page maybe you're interested in working with me.

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A blog consultant & blog coach offers feedback, guidance, & direction.

A lot of people tend to feel overwhelmed when it comes to blogging. There are a lot of questions about it. How often should I be writing? How many blog posts should I write per month? Do I need a professional photographer or is my cell phone okay? I already have a full-time job, how do I focus on blogging?

There is never a one size fits all strategy otherwise there would be a blog post online on it and everyone would be successful. It helps to identify your goal(s) so you can specifically work toward that and identify what success means to you. Some blog coaches offer structured lessons, Facebook masterminds and groups, and all that cool stuff. Everyone is different and you get to decide what is a good fit for you. 

When working with me, ultimately, it's your blog & brand. You are free to call all the shots, execute any changes, & implement any strategies. As a professional blogging coach, I give you professional advice & guidance based on over 7 years of agency, corporate, & solo experience. I can give you tips and strategies and marketing advice, but it's up to the individual to implement them.

Take a look at my press & media page for all the brands I've worked with. Whether you're trying to create a better or successful blog strategy, trying to figure out which affiliate networks to use, how to improve your traffic, I provide insight, tips, tricks, & hacks.

My client Nicole came to me asking about blog coaching services. For our coaching sessions, we worked together for a few one-on-one video sessions. Nicole says, "[Carmen] gave me guidance and direction that I never expected! I had to be myself - otherwise, she could not help me the way I needed. She was like an anchor while I was floundering around. She kept me grounded and on track."

You ready for coaching? If you're curious to learn more about me, who I am, what I enjoy, my career background, & more, read my about me page!

What is a Blog Coach & Consultant? What is a Blogging Coach?

What is a Blog Coach & Consultant? What is a Blogging Coach?

A blog coach helps you prioritize your business & blog goals.

Whether a client wants real Instagram growth or tips for getting invited to blogger events, I work one on one with people to get them closer to their goals. I am a blog coach & consultant, which means the client is 100% in charge of their destiny. Sometimes I'm a blogging coach & cover things related the client's blog. Sometimes I'm a social media coach & we go over content for Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok. I sit back, look at the data, & allow the client to see their goals clearly. What do they want to achieve? How do they measure success? What needs to get done?

"Carmen helped me prioritize my goals for my blog and my brand as a whole. She provided me with skills to improve my decision making in everything from blog topics, gauging my audience, and making my personality really shine through in my work." says my lifestyle & travel blog client Kait of JustK8Things. Kait initially came to me for blog coaching services but we also worked on getting her podcast launched!

A blog coach helps you find your blog voice & establish your social media presence.

If you're feeling confused about your online presence, don't worry. You might be wondering how to start a blog & especially how to find a blog coach. What do you need to do? How can you stand out? Where do you even begin?!! A professional blogging coach allows you to delve deeper into your own fears & questions to discover who you can best reach & speak to!

"I reached out to Carmen a few months ago. She helped guide me by helping me find my voice and direction. She is an amazing mentor and friend. If you want to start a social media presence she is a good person to have in your corner." says Drea, my blog coaching client for over a year.

A blog business coach challenges you.

Need some help? Ready to make some improvements? It's not easy. This is a blog coach & consultant after all. As a coach, I share information with you & ultimately, YOU put the effort forward to do the work. A social media manager, however, does the work for you. It depends on what you need.

"I wasn't sure if I was going to learn much after the private blog coaching session but the challenge pushed me outside my comfort zone...The push was well worth it and much needed," says my client Stephanie.

With time & effort, a blog coach can get you results that matter (page views, event invites, income, etc!)

Blogging doesn't have to feel super frustrating. Do you want to make money blogging? Do you want to build an email address list? Take your blog to the next level. 

"I've already seen massive stat improvements on my blog (I had one post go 'viral' with over 10k+ views in the first 48 hours which is MASSIVE for me). And most of the companies I've reached out to agreed to sponsored posts or collaborations! I just received confirmation that I'll have a press pass to Dogapalooza this year and I'm friggin over the moon! Again, thank you so much for the challenge." says my travel, health, & lifestyle blogging client, Stephanie of Adventures in Aussieland.

Coaching for each blogging client is going to be different. It's based on the blogger, the money they want to spend, & what their goals are for coaching. I know this all sounds kind of odd & scary. 

Do you need a blogging coach or help with your email list? Blog coaching services might work for your website. I might be able to help. 

How much is a blogging coach?

This ultimately depends if you're looking for a one-time coaching session, coaching sessions with regularity, or are looking for a longer-term commitment. All clients should develop a money budget for a 30-day period one month period. Is it $200 dollars? Is it $500? Is it $1,000? This budget determines the amount of time I can dedicate to coaching while staying within your budget. I do accept smaller budgets but it would likely only be a 30-minute session or a 60-minute session as opposed to consistent help for the month. If someone comes to me & is serious about getting help, I try to do what I can no matter the budget. Bloggers deserve help!