How do you convey something of extreme importance? 

Whether you're crafting a work email or writing a story, you might be trying to figure out what is another word for important? 

You'll learn synonyms of important so you can find other words with the same meaning. There are more synonyms for important than I realized. 

You don't have to search any longer. These words are useful if you are looking for new words to use in a sentence for work, an essay, a note, or whatever you need it for! There are many ways to articulate the significance of something by using these English words.  

Scroll down to see the main words related that you can use. 

Tips to help you land a job interview. Read here! It feels powerful to learn.

Writing can be hard. Whether are you are researching a 12-page paper for a class or you have to write something for your boss, there is always pressure to perform & do an outstanding job. Once you get frustrated or frazzled and then it gets even harder to think clearly. It's helpful to use synonyms if you feel stuck word-wise. 

Writing can be difficult & monotonous. A thesaurus can provide you with antonyms or a unique important adjective. A thesaurus can offer a refreshing related definition to switch up your verbiage. They even have a word of the day to help you learn a little bit each day. Use this list to influence your English word knowledge for the better.

Other Word for Important

A synonym is a word or phrase means the same as another word or phrase. Find the power in searching for a new English word, an adjective, noun antonyms, synonyms. It feels great! The search for knowledge is a never-ending hunt. I don't know every word in the English language nor do I know the meaning of every word, but that's why I use a thesaurus. 

Back in the day, you had to buy a big old paperback clunker of a book to enjoy the power of a thesaurus, but not you can just Google it or browse online. The good news is that there are plenty of synonyms for important.

Once you search other related English synonyms, it can save you significant time rather than having to Google relevant terms & waste time. These synonyms and adjectives might help you sound more distinguished or be able to better articulate if something is urgent, serious, or eminent. You can use these as alternative synonyms and adjectives day or night. These might help you sound more distinguished.

Keep reading to learn some examples of an adjective to utilize instead of important. It's always valuable to learn an adjective or two. There are plenty of synonyms for important, but some of the main ones are: Critical, Crucial, Imperative, Essential, Imperative, Momentous,  Necessary, Paramount, Urgent, Vital. Browse below for more!

im·por·tant /imˈpôrtnt/ 
Definition: of great significance or value; likely to have a profound effect on success, survival, or well-being.

What is Another Word for Important Synonyms another word for important important synonym other words for important another word for very important what's another word for important
Important synonyms list

Synonyms for important. 

There are plenty of related words for important.

What is another word for very important? Here are similar or related words to use instead of important:

Big League
Utmost importance

These dictionary synonyms for the word important basically come from the thesaurus, so it will help you find relevant words for what you need. Use this list for examples of related words to add to your speech or if you want to figure out a way to articulate an important matter, something of great consequence. There are plenty of synonyms for the word important. These are pretty similar words.

What is an Antonym?

Synonyms, antonyms - what does it all mean? Antonyms have the opposite meaning of a synonym. For example, the antonym of "big" would be "small."
Antonyms for the word important could include:


Ways to Use Other Words for Important in a Sentence

Please call me when you have a moment. It is crucial that you respond as soon as possible.
Listen up because this next step is essential.

What is a Noun?

There are a couple types of nouns. A common noun is a word used to identify people, places, or things. A proper noun is used to name a particular person, place or thing (such as Mr. Rogers, Florida, or IHOP). Never underestimate the value of learning a new English word, discovering a new meaning or a noun or an adjective. Did you learn a new adjective or synonym for important? The dictionary & thesaurus are great resources to learn more English.

Cheers to Learning: Synonyms Antonyms

Here's the great news: you can always learn more & improve your writing & grammar. I know I'm always learning something. English was never my favorite class, I was never particularly great at it either. It's not like it can define the nuances of grammar but overall I know the difference between a noun for an adjective. If I'm at a loss for the meaning of a word or need help with synonyms, antonyms, etc for important, I can always consult with the thesaurus. 

Sometimes playing word games can help you learn new words, whether it's Scrabble or the crossword puzzle. Take your grammar to the next level. Learning is powerful, it can influence you throughout your life. You can even quiz yourself or quiz your friends.

More Vocabulary Help

If you want more vocabulary inspiration, read my blog post List of Nice Words to Use More. Learn new words such as dulcinea & natter in my Vocabulary Time series! Which synonym of important do you use? Is there one word I missed? What are your tips for writing or coming up with new words so you don't keep using the same thing over again? What are your favorite important synonyms? Did you sign for the word of the day? Hopefully, this post was useful! 

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